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Hey Fashionistas,

It’s been a week into 2017 and I feel very optimistic about this year, it’s going to be a year of self discovery, fun and a lot of hard work for me and I’m ready for the grind. What’s your year saying?

Okay now let’s go into today’s style post Plaids x flannels; I have always had a soft spot for plaid flannel shirts for as long as I can remember. It might not be trendy trend right now but I believe everyone should have one of this in their closet ;The Plaid flannel shirts are definitely a surefire way to add pops of color and intriguing prints to your shirt collection.

Here’s how I wore mine:



Plaid flannel shirt- Thrifted

Bootcut Jeans- Asos (also Thrifted)

Cuff earrings- Diva accessories

White Sneakers- NYSC (Lol I had to put it to use y’know)

Instead of the regular tucked in shirt look I went for something more revealing and edgy which I came across on a few Fashionistas on Instagram who mostly implemented the style on a white cotton shirt.


I noticed most people usually mix up both terms ‘Plaid’ and ‘flannel’ (I used to be one of them). I remember arguing with a couple of friends over which was the right term then I got fed up (I’m not much of an arguer) so decided to have a little Google time and beep beep Pop! I got the answer to all the time consuming unfruitful arguments.                   (Moral lesson: If you don’t know something Google it!)


Going on, Plaid and flannel are two things that go perfectly well together. They have been coupled with each other for such a long time and this has been a source of confusion to many people.

Plaid is a fabric pattern with vertical and horizontal stripes which intersect and are at a right angle from each other. Red and black are the usual colors of the pattern, but they also come in several different colors while Flannel is a soft cloth made of wool or cotton (simply put Flannel is the fabric used)


This is so me and I would definitely rock this out. Is this your style? If not I dare you to leave your comfort zone and try something different.

Salute to a new week of endless possibilities

|Thanks for reading|

Till next time fashionistas, be creative and stylish



What do you think of this style post? and how would you be styling your Plaid shirts?

Feel free to leave a comment below ⇓, would love to hear from you

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