OOTD| My Current Situation…


Is it just me or is January moving too slowly or am I just anxious for that end of the month credit alert? Lol I am definitely not alone on this one.

Okay so it’s been a week and I haven’t posted anything up on the blog it’s not due to lack of inspiration or ideas (oh! I’m full of it) but I want my next style post to be as Lit as possible and for that I need high quality images for you guys. Hence, this is not an outfit/style post it’s just one of those days OOTD as the name implies.


There’s this perception about bloggers living the lush life well I’m not there yet but tbh (to be honest) they are all just human beings who are working towards what they want. So if you have a vision, go after it. No matter how little you have start from somewhere and with time things would fall in place. Let me use myself as an example

I always wanted to have a fashion blog but I kept pushing it with little excuses like; oh when I can afford an Iphone 6s+, okay maybe when I get a camera, then it was I need a makeup artist, finally it was I need a photographer. I got to a point and I told myself Nonye if you do not start now just forget about it. I had none of the above but I started anyways. Had my first shoot thanks to my lovely friends (Tosin and Faith) I love you guys.


My first shoot was 3 months before I finally started my blog. It’s still a work in progress, working my way up. Lol guys TTCF isn’t even one month yet and I already got a job and collaboration. I’m currently loving this job.  These days I am always anxious for Mondays and weekends seem like a drag Awkward right? That’s what happens when you go after what you love. My Goal in Life is “Never settle for less” and I am just laying the foundation for my Mansion.

What’s that saying “Slow and steady wins the race”? Or “Patience is a virtue?




|Thanks for reading|

Till next time Fashionistas



What is the current situation in your life right now that you are loving?

Feel free to share by leaving a comment below⇓, I would really love to know

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Creative Genius, Fashion Enthusiast, Digital Marketer, Personal Shopper, Economist and Philanthropist living in Lagos, Nigeria.

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