LOOK 2| Wear with a Denim jacket draped over your shoulders

Two major stylish factors here; Denim x Draping.


Denim isn’t just a piece of clothing it’s a way of life and you gotta ask yourself, are you living it right?

First I want to apologize for the late post I lost my blogging vibe for a bit, guess I need a vacation from the Lagos stress. Okay down to business, this style post is quite easy and straight to the point.

Here’s how I styled my 200NGN white shirt this week:


Top: Thrifted (200 NGN)

Denim Jacket: Also thrifted (less than 1k) can’t remember exact figure tho

Ripped Jeans: Thrifted too

Sneakers: Click here to find out where

I went for denim on denim look because white is always flattering on denim especially blue denim. One of the easiest look to pull off is probably “White shirt x Blue denim” it’s quite stylish and classy. Whatever shoes you decide to wear would go perfectly with it too. I’ve had this thrifted denim jacket for a long while and decided to put it to good use asides from consuming space in my closet + I plan on customizing that piece to, so next time you see it finna abouta be Lit! Lol


I find it hard to ever actually put on a jacket, I’d rather drape them over my shoulders I find it more comforting and it definitely has a way of boosting your style game cred. You just wonder how a little effect like this makes you look more stylish, like I said before “The little things matter the most”


From the various shots you’ve seen how I styled mine and like I’ll always say do not limit yourself to this create something more of your personality. For example a more girly girl would opt for a denim skirt(long, short, flayed or frayed) or ditch the sneakers for heels. Whichever works for you keep it stylish and 100!20170311-186318904320170312-163142307120170312-195977223720170311-180922611920170312-93240560120170311-731402648

That’s all from me for now, be sure to check back next week same time! For another style post on how I wear my 200NGN white tee.

|Thanks for reading|

Till next time



Do you like how I styled the white tee? Which do you prefer Look 1 or Look 2? and how would you rock a basic white tee? Please let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂 ⇓

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