An (ABF)All Black Fit is the easiest combination to pull off and most people term it ‘Safe’. As safe as an ABF is, it can also be unsafe.

Over the last weekend, rearranging my closet by color made me realize how much Black I have, I get that I’m Black and all Lol BUT I guess you can never have too much black!!

This look is quite simple. I did not plan on shooting this look, then came the black hat over my head making me look like some bad ass country girl and I said to myself why not shoot it. So here goes nothing.

I’m basically on one of my every week tank top; it’s such a major essential (black and stretchy, Perfect for every girls closet). Have had it like forever, sadly I do not remember where I got it. One more thing I’m rocking the back of my tank top cause I love the high neck (I do this  sometime).

The ABF Effect:

20170509725463544 (1)

Top: Basic Tank top

Skirt: Mini Skater Skirt from Zara

Shoes: Zara of course!

Hat: Gift from a friend

This fit looks quite plain right? Thats the effect of not adding a little accessory called a bag/purse. Just a touch of that would have made this look Perfect or maybe close to Perfect, Oh well! Perfect is boring anyways. Don’t tell Beyonce I said that Lol!

Why I opted for a Mini Skater?

I know Pleated skirts are soo HOT! right now and I’m absolutely in love with them but the reason i shot this anyways? Short Flare Skirts do flatter my legs and this all goes down to knowing what works for you asides going with the trends. which is quite important these days. Always keep in mind when going after the trends ‘Would this trend look Badass on me’ or ‘Would this outfit look flattering on me’? Before purchasing it.

PS: This fit would have been fully badass if I had on a pair of boots with fishnet socks (Not tights). What do you think?


20170509-1015103094 (1)20170509-173850187420170509725463544 (1)20170509889380691

As always whatever outfit you decide to rock never forget to add that special element ‘YOU’

|Till next time, keep sitting pretty/handsome|

|Thanks for reading|



Would you be adding the ABF Effect to your style game? What do you think about this fit? I’d Love to know what you like and what you disliked by leaving a comment below ⇓

Published by Nayonde

Creative Genius, Fashion Enthusiast, Digital Marketer, Personal Shopper, Economist and Philanthropist living in Lagos, Nigeria.

5 thoughts on “OUTFIT|CODE NAME: BLVCK

  1. lovely post but i doubt I’ll be able to rock a short skirt, I think for bigger people pleated midi or a little above the knee skirts will be a safer option.

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    1. True, a pleated midi would be perfect on you and more classy. Although a few bigger people I come across are daring enough to pull off a short skirt. The most important thing is being comfortable and confident in whatever you decide to wear. Thanks Uzzy for taking time to leave a comment

      Liked by 1 person

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