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Hello Fashionistas, it’s almost the end of May hope we’re all checking out to do’s from our goals for the month of May. Tbh I did not set any concrete goals, I did not write them down but I had a few in mind mostly about my blog, think I’m making progress. One goal you must have noticed is staying consistent with blogging, others? Getting to a 1000 followers on Instagram, driving more traffic to my blog(My stats are actually doing better and it’s thanks to my Fashionistas reading this right now) I truly appreciate you.
To relief all the stress we’ve all been going through due to ‘thisthingcalledLife ‘ decided to write on a Topic I find quite exciting and that’s ‘How to be an Instagram Baddie 101’ I had fun getting contents for this, came across fun stuff on Google, also the fact I came up with so much fun facts from what I know and I’m not even trying to be ONE.

First of all, what would you define the term ‘Instagram Baddie’? Well Urban dictionary has a lot to say about this and I couldn’t agree any less;

A Baddie who is instagram famous for being a baddie. Famous for being beautiful, spreading trends, having on point brows, and an unspoken confidence.

A baddie is a girl who is always on fleek. Her makeup is effortlessly flawless, she’s up to date on every trend, and she never ceases to slay. A baddie will usually follow the basic clothing color schemes of nude, mauves, beiges, plums, and browns.
Her style is a mix of classy meets bad ass. She is the type of girl covered in nike and adidas streetwear, at the same time sporting designer watches and versace jeans.

She seems to be the Queen of all Baddies on Instagram Lately!

kylie jenner baddie1

Top Tips? Yes please..

A) MakeUp & Skincare : This definitely comes first. YOU’VE got to have makeup on 99.9% of the time. If you’ve got no makeup don’t post it up.

-Eyebrows on point,

-EyeLiner got to be sharp,

-That glow gotta GLOW like Sparkle yo!

Like the definition said everything has to be on fleek but not necessarily flawless, so be sure to get it right.


B) You’ve got to master the art of taking good pictures: This goes a long wayyyyyy and the first step

-Must have an iPhone if you’ve got android don’t bother.

– Learn the booty tooch, whether you are taking a mirror selfie or just a face selfie you still have to push that booty out. If you don’t have it fake it.

-Your pouting game must be 100. OMG! This is really important.



C.) Fitness: You’ve got to join the fit fam or Atleast seem like you are in the fit club.

D) Captions: When posting up on Insta with that badgal pose or just a selfie. Then you’ve got to drop a bomb caption, like a one line caption when you read it you’re like ‘yassssss girl…’ or better still just drop one emoji or nothing atall

captionssquotes baddie


E) Outfit: Posting a picture of you heading out? You’ve got to dress the part there’s just a standard tbh you do not need to be a Fashionista. It could just be a bodysuit and jeans with court shoes x chain sling/mini bag. Extra points if your shoe/bag designer. The luxury designers I mean.

F) Confidence level & Self love: You might be wondering how you can tell just by looking at pictures but trust me a picture tells a thousand words so Its important to have self love literally, if you don’t your pictures would definitely tell. One thing most instagram baddie’s have learnt is how to love who they are despite their flaws (they make their flaws right) and how to be confident.

You might be wondering how do I know all these and still not an Instagram Baddie, I have no interest in becoming one. All I really want is to turn what I love into a career, My daily source of existing– Nonye

glowprincessglowprincess2kylie jennerbb4bbbbbadd


‘The only way to become instafamous, especially if you are in this baddie category, then your life has to look perfect. Your skin, hair, boyfriend, food- everything your touch is perfection’. – From my research

You should know Social media as taken over alot these days and the term baddie was coined as a result.

Disclaimer: This is just a fun post compiled from what I’ve come across and research. Please don’t go chasing Instagram fame and get depressed Don’t DO IT. Just be yourself   (If yourself is Instagram Baddie by all means go for it)


|Thanks for reading|

Till next time



Hope you enjoy reading this, well I did, you’ve got more to add? Please feel free to leave a comment below. Would you love more fun topics like this? Do let me know ⇓

(Style is an excuse to make Fashion Comfortable and yet so Stylish)

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  1. Hahaha this post was fun to read! If this is all it takes to be an instagram baddie then i don’t think i want to be one😂 the stress of keeping up. Fam! I can’t deal. Nice post👍🏾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Chidinma, I had fun writing it too. It’s too stressful. I can’t even keep up with the makeup..😂😂 I’m happy you had fun reading it, I’ll be sure to write up more exciting posts. If you have any suggestions pls do share.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lade, Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by 🙂 if you have any suggestions for more interesting posts pls feel fre


    1. I’m glad you found it interesting 😉. Knowing who you truly are is key, cause when you do it’s harder to get lost in the sauce. Thanks for stopping by Dami ❤


    1. 😂😂 it has too, if not you’re not in the game. Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you stop by more often 😊👑


    1. Thank youuuu Sheila, oh most definitely. All you have to do is subscribe to my blog and you’ll get an update on any new post/update.


  2. Hahahahhahaha!
    I love this post.
    After reading the first point I was like, chill is she serious.
    Then when I saw the iPhone or don’t bother and booty tooch, I burst out laughing.
    Truly a fun post

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I actually think this helped tbh fun for pictures. The one thing I dislike ab being a ‘baddie’ is you have to be skinny which I’m not fat but I’m not a stick.

    Liked by 1 person

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