Building self confidence, Thisthingcalledfashionn


Building self confidence, Thisthingcalledfashionn

Hello fashionistas, finally its the end of May and I still haven’t achieved my goal of a 1000 followers on instagram but its fine anyways cause the amount of comments and love being shown to me on my blog as kept me going and willing to create better contents till I get to the best. So if you are like me and you were not able to achieve all your goals for May dont quit just push harder and smarter you’d get there.

Last week wednesday I published a post giving tips on how to be an Instagram Baddie. That led me to todays post ‘Self Confidence’ How to build self confidence and what it truly means to me. Google cause i’ve got my google shirt on, it boosts my confidence level 100.



There was a moment back at the University, it was a defining moment that made me realize the true meaning of Self Confidence.

Oh no this story isn’t about me but a friend of mine back In school. It was in 100 level on Matriculation day. During special occasions like Matriculation and Convocation there was usually a huge crowd outside waiting to either cheer or boo! you depending on your outfit, (guys it was Savage out there)

. You’d do so much to look good not for yourself but for the hungry crowd outside who would devour you if you dint come to slay. You needed a next level form of self confidence to not break down out there if you wore crap. For the purpose of this story let’s say my friends name is ‘Céline’. At this time in Célines life she had little say on what outfit to wear, her mum got her a dress and shoe which she sent over the previous day. Let’s just say the dress was major boo! factor, the shoe wasn’t helping either. I could tell from the look of Céline face she wasn’t loving it, neither were we but we couldn’t say that out loud that would make her feel worse so we tried our possible best not to say anything negative.

Next day came we all dressed up and did our makeup (Atleast what we thought was makeup then Lol) to my surprise Céline went out and Strut her stuff like no one was watching, there were alot of people boo’in and following her but she dint let it get to her, She walked on, held her head up and walked… at that moment I started noticing the beauty behind the dress and how good she looked in it.


Inspirational quotes to keep you going?

Regardless of what you wear when you walk with Confidence people start seeing the beauty and they have no choice but to accept it.- Nonye

Its alright to doubt yourself every once in a while, the main task is picking your self up.- Nonye

Remember we are only human! No one is perfect, and we are all special and talented in our own unique way. Everyone feels insecure and afraid from time to time and that is O.K. as long as it doesn’t destroy your sense of who you are. Finding the beauty within yourself (and we are all beautiful) will make a major impact in strengthening your self-esteem and confidence to be the best person you can be– Louise Ganey

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A few tips on building self confidence? Yes Plss..

-Act the Part: Like the saying goes ‘Actons speak louder than words’ you have to Hold your head high, sit up straight, bring your shoulders back and maintain good eye contact while someone is speaking to you.

– Say stop to your inner critic: We all have an inner critic, It can lead you on to get things done or to do things to gain acceptance from the people in your life. But at the same time it will drag your self-esteem down. Don’t let it.

-Take a 2 minute self-appreciation break: This should be a very simple and fun habit. And if you spend just two minutes on it every day for a month then it can make a huge difference. I do this but not as often, I’d definitely make this a part of me now. would you join me ?

Speak assertively: The next time you listen to your favorite speaker, be mindful of the way he or she delivers a speech. Adopt an assertive, but not aggressive, way of speaking that indicates your self-confidence. This helps even when you seem to be saying a whole lot of rubbish Lol. Fact!

-Replace the idea of perfection: Few thought habits can be so destructive in daily life as perfectionism. It can paralyze you from taking action because you become so afraid of not living up to some standard. There’s no such thing as perfect (tell that to Bey! Lol)  but seriously don’t go looking up to instagram hot shots living the life, Girl! you’ll get depressed.

-Take action and Be prepared: There’s more to being confident than just how you look. You must act the part. Walk up to a stranger at a networking event, or accept a project you’d normally reject.

That’s it guys, Top 5 tips I have compiled from research and from Me as a person. Hope this helps you live a healthier life.


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2 thoughts on “TIPS| BUILDING SELF CONFIDENCE with Google

  1. Learning to love oneself is a big thing we need to teach our teenagers and growing adult. I wake-up everyday to people that are not productive of their status or body. The emergence of social media trends aren’t helping matters too that’s why this post is so timely. Thanks for the story because it drove the point home for me. Well done girl.

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    1. Yess social media doesn’t help, that’s why we need to be satisfied with what we have as individuals. You’re welcome dear. Thank you so much for always stopping by ❤

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