Perfect poses for your blog, Thisthingcalledfashionn

Hello Lovelies, Sorry i’m posting this hours later. This should have gone up Wednesday 9pm Nigerian Time but due to a few setbacks it couldn’t happen.

Perfect poses for your blog, Thisthingcalledfashionn


A few people really wanted me to do this post and finally I have. Did my research, combined this with what I know and my journey as a blogger (which is a few months anyways). One more thing thank you so much, I finally hit a 1000 followers on Instagram. Next goal is 2000 in a month’s time *Fingers crossed.


Location, Location Location!

Cant over emphasize how important this is, a while back I wrote up a post on Perfect spots for your blog pictures. How you feel when your shots are being taken is quite important, as it often reflects in the photo. For the best results, try to be as comfortable as you can.

For example: Do you ever realize how dope your shots come out when you take photos around your friends or your friend is the one in control of your phone/camera?  Now compare those shots with the photos you take when you ask a random stranger to help you out. Well I haveeee and it’s perfectly normal except you’re rihanna or nicki with a 200% I don’t care who’s watching me attitude Lol


Find your angles\poses

This is something I do before/during my shoot day, In front of your mirror you’re alone so feel free move that body and find the perfect poses for the outfit. Easier said than done? But when you get a set of poses down, that you feel are realistic to the way you move and your personality, then you are set. Again it took me so long to get comfortable actually Nah! I always watched “America’s Next Top Model” ever since I can remember so this helped.

posessThisthingcalledfashionn, How to style a full skirt


Get Inspired!

It never hurts to get inspiration from various places/people, especially when they are people you look up to so have a look around at your favourite magazines and models. How do they pose? Replicate their style, facial expressions and movements in your mirror first to get used to how they do it. Then head out onto the street and start strutting your stuff!

homemakerangelina jolieelle fanning



Cross your ankles
One tip that works well for me⇒ cross your legs, starting at the calf. This would make your hips look narrower and your legs look longer, plus it looks a bit more casual. It’s worth noting that the pose also works when you’re sitting. I also noticed this stance looks more flattering when wearing a fitted outfit as it brings out the structure.

Thekatiewangcompany ankara midi dress, Thisthingcalledfashionn

Thisthingcalledfashionn, Perfect blog posesperfect blog poses2


Run your hands through your hair

This is quite self explanatory. just act like you tucking your hair behind your ear or just adjusting it.

20170327-1038674424kryayda, Perfect blog poses


Look to the skies like your lover’s calling your name

As funny as this sounds, it works 99.99% of the time and you should totally try it, preferably when you have shades on cause you dont want that sun making you uncomfortable (Lagos sun is super hot btw)


Walk that walk

Strut your stuff down the road and be sure to blur the background and set the camera  on burst mode.

Perfect poses for your blog, Thisthingcalledfashionnstrut20170509725463544 (1)

Fake a laugh

A genuine laugh would be much better but y’know you gotta fake it to make it Lol for someone like me whose smile looks fake 99,99% of the time I  end up looking like I’m over smiling.

Thisthingcalledfashionn, Perfect blog posesThisthingcalledfashionn, Perfect blog poses


Smize at your shoes

This works best if your shoe is lit! and your fit has a slit, or maybe it could work for other kind of fits IDK yet.



Lean on something

Could be a wall, railing, poll whatever is around you that’s safe, lean against it not so much though.

Margaret zhang, Perfect poses for your blog, Thisthingcalledfashionnlean


Close up shots are important too!

inthefrow shoeHow to style a kimono, Thisthingcalledfashionn201705221166184332


There are so much more poses but I did not want this post to be longer than it should. After all said and pictures posted as you get more comfortable finding your poses be sure to notice your signature pose, we all have one.


Perfect poses for your blog, Thisthingcalledfashionn

Picture credits: Mine, few bloggers I love & Pinterest


That’s all from me,

Go therefore and strike some killa poses!


|Thanks for reading|

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    1. Lool a bit silly? Why? Glad you found it relatable Atleast I know I’m doing something right. My fave is walking and looking up lol


    1. This means more to me than I can actually express, I wasn’t expecting this and your support is everything to me ❤ Thank you


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