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#Lifeasweknowit is about living my everyday life, what I get up to,  events I attend, how I spend my weekend, how I handle situations life throws at me. Basically just living life the way we know it.

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As much as I’d loved to be an early bird, the duties of a last child living alone with her parents won’t let me. Besides Saturday mornings are meant for cleaning and that’s what I did coupled with making breakfast. I was going with a friend so I had to stop over, pick her up and head out Lol someone reading this would think I actually drive. We already knew we were late but yknow we were going to get there anyways. We took our ever stopping at every bus stop bus ride then hopped on an uber for easy location of the venue.



Finally we got there just in time for item 7 🙂  (For those who don’t know item 7 in this case refers to Lunch break). Got on the line took a few pastries and a cup of zobo. Sadly the salad had finished but since we were meeting up with another friend who got there a few minutes earlier we hopped on his salad, okay that sounds like we were hungry let me re phrase ‘we politely tasted the salad’ and went on to do a few Insta/Snapchat stories cause that’s the new craze with our generation. We headed back in, but before the next session began I and Fola aka Selfie King went over to the photo booth area to take a few shots and Boomerang. While Uchechi was securing our sits (ssshhhh guys Uche doesn’t know this, Atleast not yet 😂) . Sadly i can’t post boomerangs on here. But here’s a look of what I wore:

A Look!


Good Vibes Tee– A friend gave me (Tosin cause I love her and she loves me)

Sequence dress worn as Skirt: Seen before HERE

Sneakers: Had them for so long Mum got it when she travelled

MIni Bag: Thrifted

My Outfit decision was totally last minute when I say last minute I mean “getting out of the shower with no clarity on what to wear” But i’m happy i was able to whip up something nice and I did not even have to iron 🙂


Okay back to #LAWKI….


The Next session begins and it was a panel consisting of Ezinne Alfa of #Beautyinlagos, Model/Fashion designer Nwando, Dodos of the D’artiste by Dodos and Mary Ohobu The General Manager of Zaron Cosmetics. It was quite an interesting session cause it was a mix of brand and bloggers talking from their own perspective. They each gave us their stories as to why they started what they do now and a few tips to tackle blogging in recent times. After this lovely session.

lifeasweknowit, Creatives connect, Thisthingcalledfashionn

Photo credit: @Stylvo_


Noble Igwe was up next and this was the part I had been waiting for and it definitely was worth the wait. He gave us an overview of who he was,  where he came from and how he started which I found quite interesting cause in recent times people think you must fake an accent to be somebody. But Noble is 100% proud of who he is,  where he came from and what he does and his confidence level is 101% high at the same he is easy to approach and have a conversation with.

After all said and done his main message was ‘BE YOU’.


A few other lessons learnt??

-Trust your work

-Do not sell yourself short

-Working with a brand as a blogger? Be sure to add value

-Never sell yourself short

-Consistency and Good content is Key

-It’s alright for a brand to turn you down

-Having a manager is a good idea

-It’s okay to reach out to brands but be sure to Create a media kit of yourself you can send so they get to see who you are, what you offer and why they should work with you.

-You’ll always have haters don’t let it stop you from shining

-Good work pays

I am really grateful to @Stylvo_ for putting together such an interesting event, I’d definitely love an invite to the next one

PS: I might have ,missed out on a few or maybe alot of lessons learnt, I came half way through.


lifeasweknowit, Creatives connect, Thisthingcalledfashionn


I was happy to see the bloggers who came through for the event For example @ValerieEgbuniwe, Mary @Lagoscitychic, Ifeoma @Thesvnflwr,  Tuke @Tukemorgan@Ifysmusings and a few others, though I took no shots with any of them. Thanks to my lack of an iPhone, oh yhh I waas having too much fun. Connected a bit with a few people and guess what I, Uche and Fola did next?

You guessed right 🙂


lifeasweknowit, Creatives connect, Thisthingcalledfashionn

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That’s all from me, apologies for my lack of consistency but i’ll be back with a few DIY’s and Style Posts next week.

|Thanks for reading|

Till next time




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    1. Thank youuu Tuke, really appreciate your comment. Ohhh yhhh we should have but my shy self dint let me approach. But next time definitely 💛


    1. Hey dear, A media kit (relating it to a Fashion blogger) is a quick summary about who you are as a brand, what you offer. Basically highlights who you are and why a Brand should work with you


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