TIPS| THE MILLENNIAL LADY (How to be a Lady in the 21st Century)

Milennial lady, How to be a ladylike, Thisthingcalledfashionn

Hello Fashionistas, Welcome to the 7th Month of the year. It’s funny how the year has gone by so fast. Guess what? Its My month and I can definitlely wait to be a Year Older, cause I mean who doesn’t want to stay young forever (Even Jayz does)  Lol.

Before we go into what today’s Post is all about, Its only right I define what or rather who a Lady is:

According to “A Lady is a woman who is refined, polite, and well-spoken”

That’s the basic definition we all have in our heads, right or right?

So I came across this on my research and I’m not sure I totally agree with this logic of being a Lady, What do you think?

“My mom always used to say that a real lady never calls a boy. That a true lady never chases a boy but lets the boy chase her. Young ladies I want to challenge you, don’t call the boy you like, let him call you. If you do this, the ball will always be in your court.”

I get the don’t chase a guy aspect cause tbh it’s not something I’d ever do. If a guy truly likes you he would but lets face it Men chase everyone these days, even the so called married ones they do it better and with no shame these days, they don’t try to hide it anymore, Most of them just sum it up to “It’s Complicated”

Tips on how to be a Lady ? Yess Pls….

I personally believe Being Ladylike is more of an attitude and you should too.

Milennial lady, How to be a ladylike, Thisthingcalledfashionn

-The physical aspect goes a long wayy so you definitely have to ACT THE PART

-Dress the Part: What’s that saying? You can tell a lady by the way she dresses? I’m not saying you should judge a book by its cover but at the same time “First impression matters”. In those days wearing a skirt or a dress almost always paints the perfect picture of a lady, but now you don’t have to wear a dress to be ladylike! Tailored Pants & Jeans work well too.

The main Tip is to Dress like you care, putting care into your appearance.

Milennial lady, How to be a ladylike, Thisthingcalledfashionn


-Serve Others: I know what you’re thinking but don’t conclude faster than you read. I just think a lady willingly serves others and extends a hand to those in need. She manages her priorities and time well – understanding that she can only serve others after she has taken care of herself.

-Your mood should never influence your manners: No matter how bad your day was, don’t ever take it out on those around you.

-Etiquette is Important! Eating with your mouth closed is very important, especially when you are around others. Nobody wants to be around somebody who chews loudly.  It ‘s pretty distracting and NOT Ladylike. The least you can do is take smaller portions. Oh yh! don’t be messy while eating Except you’re devouring that mouth watering Shawarma, Let’s face it gets pretty messy.

A lady should be gracious as she competes for whatever job she wants. She should know how to answer rude questions without insulting someone. This is  major key cause it gets to the other party. After all the rudness all they get back is a smile or a not so pleasant reply but dished out in the nicest way possible.

A lady should be well-spoken and also a good listener. She knows how to communicate her message effectively. Her words are kind, tactful, and free from gossip. hmm tell that to people these days  ‘No Gossip’ that doesn’t even work anymore LOL if you don’t gossip the internet would do it for you.

– A Lady is content with the life she has now and everything she has in it. They may be a few changes she wishes to make.

Her posture and body language communicate a strong personal presence.

A Lady understands that her beauty doesn’t come from Over priced/regular Makeup, She accepts her self and body regardless of what society thinks.

A Lady isn’t afraid to splurge on a little luxury as long as it’s within  her budget NOT because she’s competing with what she sees on Instagram.



What I Genuinely think…?

Being a Milennial Lady comes with more than the Basic Idea of a Lady, You have to be all of that but you also need to be strong, confident and not afraid to show your emotions. You need to be strong willed cause they are so many things to influence you right now. It’s major work maintaining the standards of a Proper Lady, cause no good thing comes easy. You need to put in as much effort until it becomes a daily habit.

The easiest thing to do? Dress the Part. I Do or Atleast in these Shots!

Take a Look!

Milennial lady, How to be a ladylike, Thisthingcalledfashionn



Top (Bodysuit): RhbStyle Sold on or Here

Skirt: Eky ruffle Skirt by Belangelique Sold on

Lipstick: Safari by @Nubanbeauty (My current fav)


The Perfect place to Shop for All things Lady like?

Thank Me Later 🙂


A few DONT’s I came across… (What society would say in recent times + My thoughts)

Do not be rude and abusive towards others. (They’d say its standing your ground)

Do not swear continuously. (hmm what would they say? Nothing coming to me now)

Do not have lots of tatoos (They’d term it as being herself?)

Do not wear overly revealing clothes that reveal your cleavage or bottom. (They’d call it fashion or trending)

Do not talk loudly and laugh raucously when with others. (Lool well, no comment on this one)

Do not get overly drunk (They’d term it as relieving stress)

Do not smoke, take drugs (they’d call it a smoke break)

As much as all of these are actuallly true, these days there seems to be an excuse or a way from deviating a bit from what is.


Note: These are just my thoughts coupled with research, feel free to not agree with a few things or maybe all of it but be sure to let me know your thoughts


Milennial lady, How to be a ladylike, ThisthingcalledfashionnMilennial lady, How to be a ladylike, ThisthingcalledfashionnMilennial lady, How to be a ladylike, ThisthingcalledfashionnMilennial lady, How to be a ladylike, ThisthingcalledfashionnMilennial lady, How to be a ladylike, Thisthingcalledfashionn


|Thanks for reading|


Till next time


Keep sitting,standing and walking Pretty/handome





What do you think about this post? Would you be Shopping all things ladylike anytime soon? What are your thoughts of being a Milennial Lady? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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