How I Edit My Instagram Pictures |FAQs

how i edit instagram photos, Thisthingcalledfashionn

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

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Welcome to the second week in August. Time goes by so fast and i’m slowly realising 24hours isn’t enough for me anymore. Am I the only one who feels this way?



Starting My Blog a few months back, Todays Blog Post has to be the number one question I’ve been asked. I get compliments about my instagram feeds, how i’ve gotten so good at curating a very lovely Instagram feed (Hint: Might be my next FAQ, Stay Tuned!) over a short while. It all balls down to having quality pictures that look good or atleast gives the illusion of looking good. I mean it wasn’t easy I did not start of this way but thanks to my passion & research I found my way & I’m definitely still growing and learning.


Tips on editing your instagram pictures? Yes Plssss..


how i edit my pictures


First Step:

You have to know what you want

-What theme you want, makes it easier to figure out what filters to use on your editing app & it guides you on how to edit your pictures

-How you want your instagram feeds to look like e.g. white backdrop, black backdrop or colorful theme

-Do you want a mix of food & fashion, do you want mirror selfies of your outfit or just a documentation of whatever comes?


Instagram: @thisthingcalledfashionn
Lissyroddy, thisthingcalledfashionn
Instagram- @Lissyroddy
serrabellum, thisthingcalledfashionn
Instagram- @serrabellum

Whichever theme you decide always ↓

Keep it clean & crisp.

It captivates the eyes & people get attracted to your page.


How I Edit My Pictures

Step 1:

Taking good pictures would help a lot- We all know editing is the key to all Instagram baddie accounts but still the fundamental is ensuring the picture is good enough (good lightning, quality image, nice background)

Good Lightning- If its outdoor make sure you are standing opposite the sun & the person taking your picture stands opposite too, That way the sun shines towards you radiating more light. If its indoors then the lightning inside has to be banging or the photographer might just use their lightning tool.

I take my pictures outdoor (Afternoon) so we hardly ever make use of a lightning tool




Quality Image– This balls down to the device being used to take the pictures If its not a digital camera then it better be an iphone or Samsung s8, s7 & s6. Please do not be offended if your phone isn’t mentioned but I speak or in this case type the truth.

I make use of camera shots for most of My Instagram/blog pictures. Other times like a selfie, flat lay or a random OOTD pictures I make use of My friends s6 or iphone (Since I have none for now) 



Nice Background: This is quite important, go scouting around you and find locations worth shooting trust me they are a lot more than you think. Check out My Blog Post on the Perfect Locations for Your Pictures

I can’t really give a certain location but the search never ends 



Step 2:

Editing Apps- Yess this comes in now. Before starting my blog I did a lot of research on how i wanted my pictures to look like came across a few bloggers i’ve always admired found out how they edit their pictures, what apps they used and I played around a bit.

When I first started I used quite a bit from Adobe lightroom, vsco to Adobe photoshop. I wasn’t able to pay for facetune just yet but after a while I stuck with just Two Apps “Vsco & Facetune” Truth be told they’ve worked really well for me

VSCO: With vsco after downloading please be sure to download filters & you’ll be required to buy a few filters (Don’t worry they cost close to nothing), they come in Presets usually more than one filter in a Preset. The highest amount I’ve ever bought a Preset 1,300 NGN. The theme you choose would determine what filter you go for.


I make use of the A6 Filter & most times I reduce the intensity, then I adjust the picture a bit if it needs more exposure or a little contrast & a few times I sharpen the Picture (If i want the objects in the picture to standout more). What I love the most is I can Copy the edit on one picture and Paste on the rest. Saves me so much stress of doing each one at a time. But mind you might have to adjust a few cause the exposure (brightness) on one picture might be a little to bright for the other picture.


shoe vsco tool
Taking with Samsung s6


Facetune- Oh yes! you have to pay for this in dollars, I could not pay for this with my Nigerian Master card (Most people can’t) So I had to get someone special to me with a dollar account to pay for me. Viola! My adventure with facetune began, Be rest assured you get more value compared to the little token you pay for getting this App. Please by all means Buy it!

PS: There’s now facetune2 which I do not have yet, I think its only available in Apple store for now.



how i edit instagram pictures
Before Editing
After Editing

I use facetune after vsco to whiten the background & smoothen all the imperfect perfections (My skin & any part of my outfit that looks a little to folded) Lol. You have to zoom in, take your time and use each tool. I had to play around the first time to discover what each tool was meant for. Do not over smoothen every part of your skin it makes the picture look over edited which we do not want.

One more thing, The only sad thing about Face tune is you can’t copy and paste your edits so you have to edit each picture one at a time.

After all of these next stop → Instagram, Post & watch the likes come in.

how i edit instagram pictures, Thisthingcalledfashionn


With Apps there is always room for change & Improvement so keep researching and when you find something different you love don’t be afraid to transition.

Note: With Editing Pictures there is no stamped way just guidelines to help you through and the more you keep editing the better you get. Its always advisable to have a blogger you admire instagram pictures be your guideline.


Disclaimer: Please do not use editing apps to transform your self from what you actually look like in reality. Self love is very important, Embrace your Imperfections or Nobody will! But y’know if that works for you by all means 🙂


That’s all the juice I have for now.


|Thanks for reading|


Till next time











Did you find this post useful? What apps do you use in editing? Please share by leaving a comment below ⇓

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35 thoughts on “How I Edit My Instagram Pictures |FAQs

    1. I’m happy I could help out, oh sorry I left that out okay. First of all its available on both android & iOS and it cost 1,200 NGN. There’s FaceTune 2 now but I think it’s available only on iOS (for now)

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      1. Thank you so much boo, nice blog any how! I particularly only got to realize blogger themes and it’s necessity when you mentioned. I don’t have an organized theme as of yet but I’m more street style and would like to go with that. Do you think i should start all over with my Instagram or go straight from here?

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      2. You do not need to start all over. Just go from there people would see your progression. But if you wish you can always start fresh (it’s your decision). Street Style is good MicahGianneli is Street Style & also StyleConnaiseur. Thank you So much for stopping by ❤

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    1. Of course Yetunde, you shouldnt stand under the sun but in a direction opposite so the light rays from the sun hit you. This would Give you a perfect lightning for your pictures


    1. Oh Wow, it can’t be the same VSCO I use 😱. The highest amount on mine for a Preset is 1,300 NGN, I recently just got the minimalist collection


  1. Facetune, vsco and snapseed are baeee ❤️❤️ but about the picture part I used to have a tecno camon cx it was my everything. with 16mega pixels front and back the only thing was I had to find good lighting it actually served me really well before I started using an iPhone. Love your blog 👌🏾
    aestheticallycookie – Fashion, beauty and lifestyle

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  2. Wow….! so i took out time to read the post and comments. Lovely write up dear, from instagram to wordpress naso i just dey follow you. Please help out, i use a s7edge and i still dont get a good picture. could it be the settings? if yes, please help me with settings suggestion. Thank you.

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