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Being a Blogger in Nigeria can be quite overwhelming, its comforting to know there’s a growing community devoted to bloggers, helping bloggers grow and connecting us to brands. It is a great idea & they are doing it quite well & I appreciate that.

Wondering who “they” are its The Blogger Point the first Nigerian Bloggers Agency

The least I can do is to support them by getting a ticket & showing up for the TBP Bloggers brunch Lagos which held yesterday 20th August, 2017 at BAR BAR Restaurant Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria.

You know what I loved the most? It was an ALL WHITE themed party. I mean who doesn’t love an “ALL WHITE” themed Party? I was proud to see 99.99% of the bloggers were all white ready. We were like the

“Angels sent from above to set your souls free from the Tyrany of what humans think blogging is” and we were all packed up in one room.

I wouldn’t dare enter that room if i were you LOL. Tbh (To be honest) I got there quite late 3:50pm (nah don’t judge me) as opposed to 12:45pm when the event started.

At this point you’re wondering, “what did Nayonde wear?” Okay here it is:

A Look!

TBPBloggersbrunch2, thisthingcalledfashionn

White Shirt- Thrifted (Marks&Spencer)

Pants- Online (Can’t remember what site)

Black Pumps- Zara

Hat- Street Vendor at the Market

Sunglasses-  OLS @olaidebabystores

Photo credit; @Whatdamisaid ,  MakeUp;  Myself @thisthingcalledfashionn



What I loved about the Event? Yes Plss….

-The ALL WHITE Theme

-The Blogger Point Team kept to time (No Nigerian time)

-The Event was orderly & well organised

-Everyone had the opportunity to meet with the Panelists

-Packaging was Lit! From the TBP panelist invite to the goody bags

-The contents of my goody bag (which i’ll be sharing with you on my Insta Story so Stay Tuned!)

What I loved NOT so much? 

-Space wasn’t enough, it was quite stuffy (A more spacious location would have been so much better).

Okay that was about the only thing I wasn’t feeling. Oh! yes A little birdie told me the small chops wasn’t nice (Only one person said this so the probability of it being true isn’t high), well I wouldn’t know I missed it (Yh that’s what I get for coming in fashionably late).

Asides that it was a great event. I might have been late but here’s a few words I got from the Panelists:


TBPBloggersbrunch2, thisthingcalledfashionn
L-R: SocialPrefect, Deola(Omogemura), Akin Faminu, Sharon Ojong, TG Jonah.

SHARON – “Don’t sell yourself short,if you have something great to offer. Be confident & charge for it” “Presentation is key” – How you approach and present yourself to a Brand when reaching out is very vital. “Be Unique” – Always try to distinguish yourself from others.

TGJONAH– “Whenever we reach out to influencers /bloggers we stay true to their style not just gifting them any item”

DEOLA – “Blogging takes Patience & Consistency to achieve growth” “It’s never easy at the beginning, but hardwork pays off”

AKINFAMINU added “Prayers too” to what Deola said above.

“He had no idea what he was doing when he started” in other words you’re allowed to be confused at the beginning.

“Make your Niche more specific to YOU” Eg If you’re a male African blogger and you love suits then add that Afrocentric vibe to your style people would appreciate it.


SOCIALPREFECT – “Always have something else doing asides blogging”

“Take blogging as a business “

MARYAM SALAM – Okay she wasn’t part of the Panelist but She’s the Founder of The Blogger Point. She also dropped a few lines of wisdom;

” It’s also good to show your audience the hard side of blogging not every time rosey chilling on a beach”

“Make sure you have proof of what you can offer a brand before charging for it”


These are just a few things I took with me from the Panelists, I might have been late but I still got to know quite a bit. I hope these few points help your journey as a blogger.

Note: Some of the quotes I wrote in my own words/ according to my own understanding of what each Panelist said, while a few were the exact words spoken.




I finally put a face to a few of My fashionistas & I met new bloggers. As Bloggers we all came to Slay but here are a few Looks I really loved & would definitely rock myself



TBPBloggersbrunch2, thisthingcalledfashionn



TBPBloggersbrunch2, thisthingcalledfashionn



TBPBloggersbrunch2, thisthingcalledfashionn



Couldn’t get Modupe’s picture but trust me it was quite simple the hands of the dress was made of denim. I’d put up the picture by tomorrow. Okay I finally did 🙂

Em_rolo, Thisthingcalledfashionn


Okay Fashionistas that’s all from me



|Thanks for reading|


Till next time


Keep sitting Pretty/Handsome





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12 thoughts on “EVENT|TBP BLOGGERS BRUNCH 2 (All White Themed)

  1. Seems like you guys had a lot of fun. Networking and meeting all your Instagram faves would be wonderful. This is the second brunch I’m missing 😩😩, you always look so fly Nayonde. Love you for that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yess dear it was, taking pictures too I find it quite fun. Why did you miss it tho? Would have been nice to see you. Thank youuuu Danie 😘


  2. This is so great! I’ve never attended a bloggers connect event but I’d really love to. Here in South Africa I think most of such events are in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Capetown not so much in my town so I’m thinking of starting up one once my blog & audience have grown well enough. Meanwhile in Cameroon , my home country…I also havnt heard of a bloggers connect event. Hoping to see this being replicated back home 👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s good, if you can’t have it you can at least create your own. I’ll be looking forward to you starting. Thank you for leaving a comment 💛

      Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s always a next time Ore, don’t be sad. I’m one to believe everything happens for a reason. Thank you hunnay


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