Don’t follow Me, I’m Lost too but I have something you might not and that’s Faith & Hope.

If you know me then you should have noticed One Quote I live by is

“What’s Life without Hope”

We all question our purpose on earth but the first step to a happy living is having Hope for a better tomorrow regardless of what’s happening now.


One day someone said something “Why do these people keep coming up on stage to give motivational talks” I know this isn’t the solution to our problems in Nigeria but then again My reply was “Sometimes Some People need to here those words to stay motivated and keep pushing” Leads me to this:

-Words go a long way, Please be mindful of what you say to others. Words have a lot of power. That’s why you can either convince or confuse someone with words.

Hence if you do not like this weeks style post be kind with your words/comments. I am not saying you must like it but Be Kind,

On that note here’s todays Style Post, Its a bit different in the sense that I’m living in Nigeria and black ankle boots (Blacks socks x Shoes giving that illusion) would not be appropriate considering how hot the weather is. But this is Me channeling the other Me not in Nigeria getting ready for Autumn.

I can’t really give any link to shop what i’m wearing cause I’ve had this skirt forever My mum got it for me and I never wore them till recently hmm I wonder why + Alot of DIY’s in this Look starting from the top to the shoes:


Top- Wearing the back as the front

Shoes- Black socks x Black Zara Shoes to give an illusion of an ankle boot

Mini Sling Bag- Perfume Pack turned Mini bag Click Here to see how

I’m not certain what vibe this look gives its not completely vintage(that’s not me) neither is it completely Modern. I would call it a Modern Vintage Look. The Skirt gives the vintage touch cause of the material & how it looks. The cut & style of the top & boots respectively add the modern touch to it oh yes the sunglasses too.

What do you think? I’d Love to know your suggestions. Please leave a comment below ⇓


That’s all the juice for today

|Thanks for reading|

Till next time

Keep sitting Pretty/Handsome



Love it or Hate it or Not your Style? Leave a comment below ⇓

Published by Nayonde

Creative Genius, Fashion Enthusiast, Digital Marketer, Personal Shopper, Economist and Philanthropist living in Lagos, Nigeria.


    1. Thank you dear, but the top is more like a camisole so the back (front Lol) was a bit lower and had a bit of sequence and it looked sorta odd that’s why I couldn’t or rather dint take a shot

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  1. This is quite nice. I love how creative you were with the outfit, and this is my first time reading your blog. Looking forward to more posts…. Great work’!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss always nice having a first timer, thank you so much for stopping by. Yhh creativity is what I was aiming for 😊


  2. Love the outfit but I’ll do it without the socks. Great message BTW. We’ve got to keep believing!
    My mantra these days is “My strength for the future lies in trusting the one who has control over it” .
    It saves me from a lot of worrying and what ifs

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