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Hello everyone, welcome to my blog were I share everything fashion, lifestyle and some of My crazy little DIYs I get to record.


Before I go into todays blog post, I’d like to draw your attention to how fast this year has been and Yess guys its Fashion week season and I’m NOT so patiently waiting for #LFDW (Lagos fashion week) & #GTBfashionweekend, Not because of the runway shows(cause they bore me a lot) but because I can’t wait to see the street style game can already guess a few trends I’ll be spotting.



Okay so back to Present day, Today’s post answers a few questions about where I shop on a budget. Asides Physical thrifting at My local market or foreign sites (which I hardly ever do these days except I have a friend coming back or any of My Siblings) in any such cases They end up buying for me :). I haven’t actually shopped from a lot of online stores because when it comes to budget (for me at least) I’d rather go physical thrifting  cause it provides me with a wider range to search from at once i.e. I get more items without paying for delivery charges. Then again if I see what I love/really need and its on a budget I go for it especially when i might not have the opportunity to visit a local market anytime soon. This is me listing a few:

OncenOut: I look out for everything here, tops, bottoms, play-suits any fashion item really. I always look out for items here cause they never have more than one. If you see what you like do not hesitate to DM. 


Top & Jeans(river island) – Thrifted, Converse- Brothers old sneakers, Hat- Local street vendor

VintageDenimm: For Everything denim I go here. Okay well maybe just Mom Jeans. This was one of the thrifted stores via instagram I ever both an item from.

DSC_0997 Recently shopped from here, I got a frayed denim skirt which i’ll be styling very soon for my fashionistas to see. Think i’m interested mostly in their denim skirts, i’m still figuring this store out

Haute.signatures: Gradually becoming my go to store for handbags mostly mini bags, don’t get me wrong they sell midi bags but i’ve got a thing for mini bags now.

Thenalegirl: I haven’t gotten anything from here yet but I plan on very soon. I’ll be getting this woven brown bag cause for some reason its trending now and has become quite pleasing to the eyes which happens most times when it comes to trends. It retails for 4,500 NGN.




Extra Store: @Olaidebabystores Yes this is my extra extra well more like my top top store where I get most of my shades, sunglasses take your pick whichever you call it. If you follow me on Instagram you know this already, If you don’t then that’s where I get my number one accessory. I love the fact they usually have new & trending designs over time, the packaging is tight(nothing extra) but it keeps the glasses secure. My delivery gets to me in time so i don’t worry.


Before shopping from these online stores be sure to;

-Know your actual body size not the one you want it to be but what it actually is because most of these stores don’t do refunds.

-Be sure its legit, there are a lot of scammers these days. So review the page make sure you see a few customer reviews also need to check if these customers are real. Can also check who & who follows the store.

-Pictures can be quite deceitful so look well before you purchase.

-Feel free to ask questions for clarifications when talking to a personnel from the store.

Asides all of these yhh you’re good to go. Happy Shopping!




Note: All stores are via Instagram + this is not a sponsored post just me generously sharing where I shop. I hear some people hide this but eyy i’ll be here sipping my coffee cause its none of my business but you should know

“Be proud of who you are, that includes the clothes you wear too”

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Creative Genius, Fashion Enthusiast, Digital Marketer, Personal Shopper, Economist and Philanthropist living in Lagos, Nigeria.

14 thoughts on “TOP 5|Budget stores I Shop

  1. I love reading your blog, I always look forward to your post. Thanks for being real.

    I will check out those stores as I like affordable shopping options. I recently just discovered and another one I can’t remember (I will reply this post once I get it). I’ve shopped with them and I love shopping with them

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Debbie, yess to more shopping stores I’ll check them out cause apparently you can never have too many stores to Shop from Lol. Thank you once again


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