GUCCI Snake Embroidered DIY Jeans, thisthingcalledfashionn

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GUCCI Snake Embroidered DIY Jeans, thisthingcalledfashionn

First of all would like to apologise for moving this weeks Thursday Post to Friday. I had a bit of a hitch with the DIY. Todays DIY was meant to be a “Christian Dior” inspired Dress but there was a last minute glitch as one of the items I needed had to pull a disappearing act on me, You know those moments when you keep seeing an item around the house then when you finally need it *Poof! its gone. Yep! that was it for me.

With all of the above and not having anything to post I had to come up with an easy DIY which led to todays Post which was inspired by “The GUCCI Snake & Floral Embroidered Jeans” which retails for €775. Early this year with the whole embroidery trend I decided to get the snake and floral but ended up getting the snake and few tiny badges from @crafthouseng which I finally used for this post.

I’ve always wanted something GUCCI but My bank account won’t let me which is fine cause I am on a Life Journey and with time i’ll get there. Anyways it was the perfect excuse to get Gucci ‘fied’ (if there’s a word like that).

What you need:

Appliqué (of course) Go for the Gucci Snake & flower (if you desire)

-A pair of jeans (Denim Pants or Denim Skirt)

-Fabric Gum


Note: Glitter gum not needed I just added something extra to the picture


Step 1:

Get your pair of jeans figure out how you’d love to place your appliqué either on the left, right, if you’d love to slant it a bit or just leave it straight.


Step 2:

Take out your appliqué, Spread a thin coat of fabric glue and place the Appliqué on the jeans. 


Step 3:

Let it set for 10 minutes


Step 4:

Here’s were the iron comes in handy, Press jeans and applique together using light pressure for 10 seconds



Step 5:

Allow it to dry for 24 hours before use (Which I dint adhere to btw cause I had to take pictures that same day)


Step 6:

Put on Your Pair of new Gucci’fied’ jeans and Slay


GUCCI Snake Embroidered DIY Jeans, thisthingcalledfashionn

Denim shirt– Ex boyfriend, Denim Skirt– Sister, White sneakers– Champion, Red baseball cap– Lagos market street vendor  Applique@crafthouseng (got it for 1,500 NGN)



-Do not wash jeans or fabric only wash after 7 days

-Gentle machine wash would work fine

-Iron on the reverse side for durability



Something Extra…..

Why you shouldn’t throw out your ex boyfriends shirt? keep scrolling

GUCCI Snake Embroidered DIY Jeans, thisthingcalledfashionn


They make for really nice oversized shirts which I Love btw (Ps: if you’re as slim as me its a ++ Lol). I’ve rocked this denim shirt nonstop tbh and just thought I’d make it different so I decided to add a tiny badge at the top left side and a double arrow badge at the left arm.

GUCCI Snake Embroidered DIY Jeans, thisthingcalledfashionnGUCCI Snake Embroidered DIY Jeans, thisthingcalledfashionn


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That’s all from Me

Stay Tuned for More, Don’t forget Posts Go Up Monday & Thursday.

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Till next time keep sitting Pretty/Handsome







Did you like this Post? Have you ever rocked the embroidery trend? would you be trying this DIY out? Please let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂

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9 thoughts on “MY CRAZY LITTLE PROJECTS|DIY GUCCI Snake Embroidered Jeans

    1. Yesss thank you, I mean its mostly Gucci Denim Pants you see with the snake ish but decided to use a Denim Skirt instead. I’m glad you like it


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