STYLE|Queens Slay in Maxi Dresses Can You? (4 Tips on how…)

How to wear maxi dresses in 2017, thisthingcalledfashionn

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Have you ever noticed how Queens are noted for wearing Maxi dresses either with a free flow or snatched at the waist? Well I do, I also associate this particular shade of color “Royal blue” with Royalty (like dahhh Nonye thats why it has royal in front of the blue) Lol like they say “the obvious isn’t always obvious”

how to style a maxi dress, thisthingcalledfashionn

Dress: @kairosshoppers

Shades: @olaidebabystores

Head Wrap: Mum’s old ankara

Arm cuff: Locally bought (that’s why I tagged @localstreetstore)


Today’s Post is quite simple and straightforward, I’ll be giving a few tips on how to look Simple and yet so Elegant in a free flow maxi dress.

-The color matters: Have you ever noticed how the color of an outfit can make it pop more or not? You’ve notice how you prefer a dress in a certain color (let’s say black) than how it looks in white? well that’s what I mean and if you want to standout in a maxi dress go for certain shades of structured colors royal blue, yellow, emerald green, Golden rod or floral prints/asymmetrical stripes.

Told you, see how happy I look in Royal blue

How to wear maxi dresses in 2017, thisthingcalledfashionn


Make a Statement: With your accessories of course! It could be your bangles, neck piece or an embellished belt. I went for an arm cuff cause I’ve always wanted to wear one and this was the perfect excuse.

How to wear maxi dresses in 2017, thisthingcalledfashionn


No heels just Flats: Love my flow so I don’t need anything elevating me and taking inches off the length of my dress that’s why i’d advice you stick with flats. Let the flats be plain & fancy at the same time. Could be flat strappy sandals, mules, embellished sandals, lace up flats or chucks/sneakers. I went for a fully stoned flat thong sandals.

How to wear maxi dresses in 2017, thisthingcalledfashionn


Your hair or head-wrap? You decide: A lot of people might not think your hair’s a part of the whole look but I think otherwise. Your hair can either make or break an enter look depending on what you’re going for or what particular outfit you’re wearing. That’s the same with this look I decided to use a head wrap to achieve an elegant African Queen look + it’s kinda trending.

How to wear maxi dresses in 2017, thisthingcalledfashionn



Where can you wear a Maxi Dress too? 

A lot of places its the easiest outfit to wear either to church, casual outing with friends, to a wedding depending on what fabric was used or the color and how you dress it up or down. I’d honestly wear this out on a weekend to a lounge with my friends or an event.

I’d definitely be styling this differently with a cropped denim jacket & sneakers stay tuned to my Instagram so you don’t miss this 🙂

That’s all the chilled strawberry smoothie from me this week 😉

Go therefore and Slay like Queens do!


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Till next time, Keep sitting Pretty/Handsome


Always remember, BE YOU!






Did you find these styling tips useful? Would you be getting yourself this maxi dress? How would you style yours? Please let me know by leaving a comment below ⇓

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28 thoughts on “STYLE|Queens Slay in Maxi Dresses Can You? (4 Tips on how…)

  1. This colour and dress looks so bomb on you…I haven’t tried any maxi dress because I always think i’ll drown in it as i’m quite skinny but you’re serving major inspiration and goals right now..definitely cant wait to get a maxi dress .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nah hun you won’t drown in it as long as you wear it with confidence. Can’t wait to see you in it do tag me when you do. Thank youu 💛


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