EVENTS| My GTBank Fashion Weekend Experience

My GTBank Fashion Weekend Experience, thisthingcalledfashionn

Hello Fashionistas, Welcome to a New Week

Finally all the Fashion week/weekend buzz is over and i’m back to living my normal life(not like I was living an extra ordinary life then but..).

My GTBank Fashion Weekend Experience, thisthingcalledfashionn
Caption this?

You might ask what makes the GTBank Fashion Weekend different from The LFDW? Keep reading and you just might find out 🙂

But first Here’s what I wore

A Look!

Day 1 

My GTBank Fashion Weekend Experience, thisthingcalledfashionn

Shirt Dress@ShopmajuWhite sneakers– @Champion, Choker– @asos, Mini Bag-@ailyofficial, Sunglasses@olaidebabystores

Day 2

My GTBank Fashion Weekend Experience, thisthingcalledfashionn

White Shirt– Thrifted, Skirt@Oncenout(Styled it previously here) ,Sunglasses@olaidebabystores

What makes GTBank Fashion weekend for me?

For Me it’s more about the Masterclass than the runway shows. Tbh i’d only attend the runway shows if I had a reserved seat or I was invited because its a free event there’s always a lot of crowd. For the Masterclass I got to attend two of it One on Day 1 and the other on Day 2.

Day 1 Vanessa Kingori; A former fashion manager at Esquire Magazine, She recently became the Publishing Director of British Vogue (her appointment takes effect in January 2018) and also the first female publisher of GQ Style and British GQ. I learnt quite a number of things

-Who a Fashion Publisher is “Turning the magazine into revenue, making profits for the magazine” simply put “like the bread winner of the family”

-Always stay in contact with people you meet cause you never know.

-Be nice to people you never know who you might help or might help you along the way.

-Don’t focus on color

-If not me then who

My GTBank Fashion Weekend Experience, thisthingcalledfashionn

Day 2 Vanessa De Luca; is an award-winning journalist and the Editor in-Chief of Essence Magazine, the leading magazine for African American women. I learnt quite a few things here too:

-Learn your craft,

-Go back to your roots (educate yourself),

-Do the hard work (understand every piece of the business),

-People feel the need for Insta gratification,

Qualities she looks out for when interviewing for a role:

How influential, how much are you in the conversation.

What’s your voice on social media asides the soft skills.

-After reading an article think of three things that article dint tell you.

-Thinking from a different angle

-Using each platform to support each other in your business

I’m totally glad I attended this two classes, it was quite a hustle getting into each one of them although I got an invite but eyy.

My GTBank Fashion Weekend Experience, thisthingcalledfashionn

Suggestions for improvement? Yes Plss

It is neverrrr easy planning a large event as this one and  I must commend GTBank on doing a good job but eyy here’s a few improvements I noticed

-If we can’t all go in to watch the show it can projected live outside (I noticed a wide screen outside and a few screens inside) they can use these screens to showcase the runway shows live would reduce the rush.

-Those who won utility cards on social media via Giveaways, a few where not contacted as was stated in the messages sent by the Influencer and the ‘Get your utility card” stand wasn’t so noticeable. I know someone who did not get hers but eyy I got mine because I made sure I reached out to the Influencer again + I was lucky enough to spot the utility stand, 🙂

-A few Photographer friends of mine actually said to me in a very casual discussion on the not so good lightning at the Runway shows and funny enough I sorta noticed that watching videos and seeing pictures on social media.

-You know how much I loveee food so i’d definitely notice the insufficient food vendors. I literally stayed away from buying food cause of the unending line and wait which I ended up facing on Day 2 (all because I was trying to use up the money in my utility card)

What I Loved?

-The retail area was packed and of course with a lot of discounts going on

-The toilets were kept clean with the constant supervision of the cleaners

-Water was free and readily available and that’s major key

-The utility card is actually a Prepaid ATM card (Forward thinking) what you call at the fore front of digital marketing

-The line up of International Fashion Industry Experts for the Masterclass and Runway Show

-They actually kept to time for the masterclass

-The Lit backdrops outside

My GTBank Fashion Weekend Experience, thisthingcalledfashionn

Who had the most fun at GTBank Fashion Weekend?

Just out of curiosity who would you say had the most fun? Vendors, organizers, designers, models, the crowd, Influencers etc.

I couldn’t help thinking it was the models, following Cassie daves & Tiffany’s Insta stories.


-They got to stay together, connect with each other, make new friends

-They had a one on one experience with the designers

-They were always there earlier than others enjoy the retail space with less crowd

-This caught my attention, the free food Lol don’t judge me

-They got to wear banging outfits

I know it was stressful & it is work but all the same if you love your work it would be fun.

My GTBank Fashion Weekend Experience, thisthingcalledfashionn

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|Thanks for reading|

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Till next time keep sitting Pretty/Handsome



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