Black Friday Shopping like a Pro|Tips

Hola! Fashionistas,

The end of the year seems to be catching up on us pretty fast and as much as I love the Christmas holiday, it’s the sales I live for and it’s the perfect excuse to add some new new to your closet.

Black Friday Shopping like a Pro, Thisthingcalledfashionn


Ever thought about snagging the best deals on Black Friday without stressing out so much? Well here’s a list of tips to help you through the Madness! called ‘Black friday”

Time & Efficiency and obviously money is all you need to snag those deals. Black Friday is technically Nov. 24, but your planning and shopping should begin well before that and after cause some stores have a month long black friday.

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This steps are more inclined to online shopping cause in Nigeria we’re just embracing the Black Friday culture, I doubt you’d see a lot of stores packed up on a particular  day knocking out people for sale (although last year Shoprite had a mega sale) i.e you get better deals online via international shopping sites who have completely embraced this culture and have more deals to offer.

Make a Budget, It’s Important

As always it’s advisable to make a budget and make it Now. Decide how much you can afford to spend on shopping. Figure out what you really need, make a scale of preference(must-haves) list, items you’ve been saving up for and wanting to buy. It must not be a certain amount but have a limit if not you might be spending more than you need too.

Black Friday Shopping like a Pro, ThisthingcalledfashionnBlack Friday Shopping like a Pro, ThisthingcalledfashionnBlack Friday Shopping like a Pro, Thisthingcalledfashionn

Update All Online Shopping Accounts

You know that expression “Easy peasy” Yep! This step is quite easy & it’ll save you a lot of time maybe not a lot but does few minutes count a lot (as far as black friday is concerned) cause lets face it there are other people looking out for that same deal, so spending a few minutes now to take care of this ahead of time could be the difference between snagging or losing out on a great deal.

Download Apps for Extra Savings

Sometimes I notice how you get some deals on the app that you do not see on the site. It never hurts to download a few of your favorite store apps (If available).

Not everything is really a deal

You might be surprised not all package deals are actually a deal. The package deal might just be the same price as buying each item individually. So try and do a bit of calculation before jumping on a bundle deal.

Black Friday Shopping like a Pro, Thisthingcalledfashionn

Prepare Shopping Carts Ahead of Time

This is one Tip I’m on top of consciously and unconsciously *Lol cause one of my hobbies happens to be online window shopping I add items to my cart on all shopping sites I visit (don’t laugh at me, I find it amusing). Who knew this would come in handy so here’s why you need to do this. First, Are you shopping to find Black Friday deals that you might want? Or are you waiting for Black Friday deals on things you already want to buy?

know what you want? By all means fill up your online shopping carts with those items. That way, when Black Friday deals start going live, you won’t have to circle round the site. You can simply check out or navigate for like products via the products in your cart

Waiting for deals before shopping? Then take this time to sign up for sale alerts and email newsletters across all of your favorite brands. It’s way easier than surfing through the site a day, looking for which items recently went on sale. This Leads to my next Tip

Sign up for emails

If you are not already signed up to your favorite store newsletter what are you waiting for? It’s the best way to get ahead of any deals coming in before and after black friday. Visit each website and Start signing up for email newsletters Now! The earlier the faster your name comes on the list to receive the juicy details & discount codes.

Black Friday Shopping like a Pro, ThisthingcalledfashionnBlack Friday Shopping like a ProBlack Friday Shopping like a Pro

Disable Browser Location Tracking

Hmm I just found out about this and I’d be trying it out this year cause apparently some retailers use browser data to determine your geographic location, and using this geographic information, will display different prices to people in different areas. So yhh, you might actually be paying more for the same things just by living in a certain place.

You can get around this by disabling location tracking in your browser:

  • In Chrome, go to Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Location > Do not allow any site to track my physical location.
  • In Firefox, type about:config into the URL bar, search for the geo.enabled option, and set its value to False.
  • In Opera, go to Settings > Websites > Location > Do not allow any site to track my physical location.

Do not be afraid to walk away empty-handed.

You might win some, lose some or lose all whatever the case prepare your mind because online retailers also experience the digital problems like server overload, inaccurate in-stock numbers, erroneous deals, etc. It can get hectic. You never know what could go wrong, so always expect the worst.

Black Friday Shopping like a Pro, Thisthingcalledfashionn

Black Friday Shopping like a Pro, Thisthingcalledfashionn

Extra Tip: Remember its the holiday season, retailers do not have to offer their lowest prices until closer to December 25. That means sales might increase from 50% to 60% off the closer you get to Christmas i.e. there would always be sales on other days



Black Friday Shopping like a Pro, Thisthingcalledfashionn

Note: I am no shopping expert but these are a few tips I have tried myself and I came across while surfing the Internet. Hope you put it to good use cause I will 😉

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8 thoughts on “Black Friday Shopping like a Pro|Tips

  1. The budget & list is such a wonderful idea! I wish I would have read this prior to me losing my mind buying so many things! Definitely using next year!

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    1. Haha! 😂 I mean Black Friday can get a little overwhelming. It’s never too late and yhh if you need to get rid of any of the “so many things” I’m right here Lool. Thank you so much Amina 💛

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