3 Must Have Apps for a Creative + A GIVEAWAY| TIPS


Even before I termed myself as a “Creative” I have always been attracted to the following apps and over time each one came to be & it made my journey as a creative easier saving me more time & creative juicy. You must have come across one if not all but I’ll be sharing just how relevant these 3 are to Me & how it can help you too and ease your journey as a CREATIVE


Canva is my holy grail here

canva app

One major app I had to discover as a creative & make use of very frequently not just as a blogger but my role as a digital marketer requires me to make use of this App a lot. There are a number of Apps that let you create graphics but I’m totally addicted to Canva now it has a lot of features & templates I’m yet to make use of.

I know the App is currently available in Apple store but I use it mostly via web on My Laptop. A few of my works below:



Google Photos- This one is more specific to fashion bloggers. As a creative you’re constantly creating content for either yourself of your client. Sometimes if not most times you create your content ahead of time. To be on the safe side and avoid touching stories of lost photos Be sure to backup your photos on your phone or laptop. Google photos is one I just started using it which was recommended to me via Uchaychy. You’re not limited to this App alone, you have Dropbox, Google Drive etc.



Pin it baby!

Everyone knows how much I love Pinterest(You can FollowMe Here). This has always been my space actually it started from TUMBLR then Weheartit now I’m stuck with Pinterest. You can literally find anything creative here from Quotes, Fashion looks, Editorial works, Inspo for your next shoot as a brand (shhh I have a whole board for this), Runway, Pictures of your favorite celebrity etc.


These are just a few apps that I use, hope you enjoy using them as much as I do 🙂

Note: You must not use the exact same apps but the functionality stated above should help you make a decision

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That’s all the juice from me today

|Thanks for reading|

Till next time




Yesss Another One!


GIVEAWAY WINNER is @itzheych, thank you so much for participating 💛

Win this pretty black purse handmade with Love by @ceepplered. < strong>RULES ARE SIMPLE!< strong>-Must be following The Brand @ceepplered and @thisthingcalledfashionn on Instagram

-Leave a comment under this Post answering this question “What is your favorite Nigerian Brand” (they don’t have to be based in Nigeria)

-Please be sure to add your Instagram Handles so I can check if you did step 1

GIVEAWAY ENDS WEDNESDAY, 17th 9pm Nigerian Time, Winners would be announced THURSDAY, 18th  !

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Creative Genius, Fashion Enthusiast, Digital Marketer, Personal Shopper, Economist and Philanthropist living in Lagos, Nigeria.

30 thoughts on “3 Must Have Apps for a Creative + A GIVEAWAY| TIPS

  1. Hello nayonde
    Quick question. How do you use canva from website?
    My best Nigerian brand is beautybyad their lippies are one to die for,you should try them out.
    IG @stylingyourway

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow. Great tips dear. I use canva and Pinterest already. Didnt know google helps too though.
    P. S. My first guess when I saw this post’s update on IG was whether you spilled how you create your bomb instastories… Well, we are definitely waiting on that too. Lol (asking stylishly).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’d have to say it’s A rami Essentials @aramiessentials. Why? For a moment forget about the rave of their products; let’s talk about growth. I have watched the brand grow from humble beginnings, not only socially but physically. I have witnessed the betterment of her beauty products at every release. Its one of the oustanding brands that have reached the limelight in such a shirt time. When you talk about growth, think AramI Essentials

    Liked by 2 people

  4. My favourite Nigerian brand has to be FBCosmetics, their highlighter and eyeshadow palettes are the best and they recently just dropped a glitter liner set😍😍😍.
    Thanks for the post, I recently started using canva myself and in all honesty it’s really great and so easy to understand and no technicalities like the other ones I have used and trust me I have used a lot. I use google photos mainly because I never seem to have enough space on my devices so I just back up and delete then just access them from google photos. Then mama Pinterest, I have a Pinterest account but I don’t know the mains of it, you know how every social media has their strategy and way around them , I haven’t gotten to that point yet…… I.G- @jumii_ee

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  5. Hi Nayonde, thanks for sharing. I already use Canva and Pinterest. I’d like to know if Google Photos work on iPhones?
    My favorite Nigerian brand right now is Lola Adeoti. Apparently her real name is her brand name. I only recently found out about Lola Adeoti and I can’t get over how much detail goes into her bags and how beautifully crafted they are…
    IG handle: @jasmine_jolie

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  6. The only app that I currently use among the ones you mentioned is Pinterest and it does give inspiration. My favorite Nigerian brand is TheNaleGirl. I’ve never been able to get any of their outfits though but I absolutely love them! IG handle: @theafricanlily

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  7. Nice post, I use canva too, although there’s still a lot of features I haven’t tried out. Never really understood Pinterest, maybe I should try again.
    My favorite Nigerian brand is the5kshop.
    I.g: @sweettooth.lagos

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  8. Hi☺, my favourite Nigerian brand is a clothing brand called somobysomo. Somobysomo is a brand that is girly, chic, flirty, beautiful and at the same time sexy😍. I love❤ the brand so so so much and I’m sure you’ll love it too…lol I one day want to own my own clothing brand and somobysomo is a brand that inspires me as beautiful designs are brought to life each day. Thank you for this giveaway platform and stay blessed ❤
    IG – _lightskinnedmami

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  9. I didn’t have a favorite brand until today. I went through Ceeplered and I loved what I saw. Most people don’t know how to make Ankara stay on the body. So my favorite brand would be ceeplered 😊
    IG: nkem__i

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  10. My favorite Nigeria brand is Shop Maju. I really admire their work plus they help ease the struggle of getting nice quality stuffs at affordable prices..
    IG: @tz_dijah

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