Instagram Famzing 101 + A GIVEAWAY |TIPS

Hello Fashionistas,

Asides my usual Style, Blogging tips & Collaboration Post’s once in a while I love to deviate and create something fun First it was “HOW TO BE AN INSTAGRAM BADDIE then “HOW TO CAPTION YOUR INSTAGRAM PICTURES”

Famzing is a Nigerian Slang formed from the English word “Familiar”

It depicts the act of a ‘normal’ citizen trying to act familiar, suck up or even pretend to be close to celebrities.

Note: This is NOT a post on bugging or flooding a human beings Social media platform but a way of getting noticed amongst a large number of following (even when you think they don’t).

Getting people to notice your brand or Instagram Feeds in this case.

Read On for Tips:

-Be one of the first people to comment on their post increases your chance of being noticed

Ps: don’t over do this cause then it becomes creepy

Don’t just drop smileys most times drop an honest comment that has to do with what was posted.

Take note of the persons tone of voice ( yes we all have a tone of voice even via our text messages) this helps in knowing how to reply.

When he/she asks a question or help! Situation via their insta story feel free to respond with a solution or opinion.

-Okay with time he/she now takes note of your IG account because unconsciously the mind captures things & then the name feels familiar so as long as you create and post great/interesting content once in a while this person would like/bookmark your post, or leave a comment.

Wait till night & reminisce: When your IG finally gets noticed & they drop a comment on one of your pictures do not reply in micro seconds cause it just makes you seem thirsty Lol, take your time give it hours or maybe the next day at a time when you know he/she is active then reply. Feel free to reminisce this moment by sharing with your readers on InstaStory

What do you do when they leave a comment?

Don’t do this 👇🏽

That’s a little bit too much famz just leave a casual reply or one/two smiley.

Note: All these are Tips to Good Famzing 😉. I’m not an expert on this 😂 but you should know these have worked for me unknowingly at that time. I have gotten physical compliments from people I admire online, invitation to the coolest parties from one of my WCW 😉, Invites to private parties/launch event and so on….

Never Look down on yourself, as long as you are in the creative space there’s always something you can offer you joined this space for a reason so Stand Tall & Confident & Most Importantly BE YOU!


Who would I be if I dint show some Love by doing a Giveaway? Today’s Giveaway is with a New African Skincare Brand Get to be one of the first people to try out this brand for FREE.

I can’t tell you how much I love the Ankara detail on the body (makes it unique & different). I’ll be reviewing two of their products while One of My followers wins the other two. One major part of #SelfLove is Skincare 😉


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