Turning Content to Cash + Building a Global Brand, All the Tea from #SlayFestival2018 |TIPS

Guess who arrived just in time for Slay Festival 2018, Yes I did 🙂 Okay I got there 3:00pm but that was the perfect time for me I had not missed out on any of the classes I had planned to be in.

Turning Content to Cash + Building a Global Brand, All the Tea from #SlayFestival2018 , Thisthingcalledfashionn

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Before I spill all the tea I just want to do a quick analysis of that ticket price.

Ticket Cost- 5,000 NGN

Although I did not pay for a ticket, I wasn’t sure what exactly this amount was covering cause hardly anything was free or goody bag given. I mean if water was free I’d have felt the money was being put to good use y’know. I guess the knowledge being imparted by the various speakers at the masterclass/tech village session was what we were paying for or maybe the “5,000NGN” was a way of curbing demand & the type of people who would have access to the event.

The answer to this question;

Was it worth My Money?

I’d say this varies according to each individual depending on what & why you wanted to be there and what you got out of it.

Turning Content to Cash + Building a Global Brand, All the Tea from #SlayFestival2018 , Thisthingcalledfashionn

Please Spill ALL the tea…

Keep scrolling to read all the tips I learnt/re-learnt from the Panel “Turning Content to Cash” with Marcy Dolapo Oni, Ink.eze  and Sisiyemmie

-You have to invest in yourself before others will: You have to start out by spending money to create quality content & with time brands would come into the picture.

-It takes time & consistency to grow: Both Ink Eze & Sisi Yemmie let us know it wasn’t till 3 years later they both started money from their content.

-Know what you want & what you love:Don’t do it cause someone else is doing it

-If you do not have the passion it would show after a while

Turning Content to Cash + Building a Global Brand, All the Tea from #SlayFestival2018 , Thisthingcalledfashionn

-Your audience has the power of letting you know what to focus your content on: Sisiyemmie gave an example on how she started vlogging for fun and had no idea what to focus on all she knew was she kept on publishing lifestyle videos which included food, it was the people around her & audience who kept commenting about her food posts and right there she knew her main focus had to be ‘Food vlogging” while also dishing out other lifestyle posts.

-You have to be focused & work hard if not someone else doing the same thing might seize the opportunity not because he/she is more talented but was willing to work hard enough. Ink Eze Founder of Asoebibella gave an example of how she was in the club and also posting on Instagram.

Trademark your idea/business: Ink could not emphasize how important this was for a business/brand

-Don’t share everything, but just enough: Helping others is good but be wise.

Turning Content to Cash + Building a Global Brand, All the Tea from #SlayFestival2018 , Thisthingcalledfashionn

It was Bonang Matheba’s (South African Presenter & Fashionista) time & of course she brought life to the stage with her stunning appearance & amazing voice. Truth be told I was hooked on her from the beginning to the end. The Curator of the session Founder of SheLeadsAfrica “Afua Osei” was always very engaging with the way she asked each questions while drawing out quotes for a “Pre release collection of SheLeadsAfrica Tees” inspired by Bonang. I would write out all the tea but then this post would be too long so here are a few points :

-The easiest way to show respect to someone is keeping to time (she couldn’t stress this point enough): If you have a meeting be there on time, or an interview be there on time.

-The universe gives you what you give it

Personality goes a long way

-Those who make it are those who hold on a little longer, those who want it badly

-Buy Property, invest your money don’t splurge on designer bags. Let the men do that for you Lol

-To make it as a woman, you need to be Strong & keep pushing

-God gives us opportunity so we can give others opportunity

-The most successful & focused people in the world are the ones who write their dreams, objectives & plans down.


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I love how truthful she was when she said this:

Some people are born with the “wow” factor. which she really can’t explain

This was her answer to a question asked by the audience I think it was “What is that thing about you that makes you Bonang”. I was happy about this response because unlike other answers she did not say “she buried her head in books” or whatever (I’m not saying reading isn’t good on the contrary it broadens the mind).

Two Quotes I left with

“Respect the money”

“Kill them with kindness, then bury them with your success”

For Bonang it was all positive energy, I’m so glad I got to hear her speak cause her voice & speech is one major thing I fell in love with + I hope to actually sit down with her one day & have her mentor me. Till then these tips above would do.

Turning Content to Cash + Building a Global Brand, All the Tea from #SlayFestival2018 , Thisthingcalledfashionn

That’s all the goodness and realness from me today

|Thanks for reading|

Till next time

Keep being “YOU”



Did you learn something new? Would you be trying out any of these tips? Please let me know by leaving a comment below

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32 thoughts on “Turning Content to Cash + Building a Global Brand, All the Tea from #SlayFestival2018 |TIPS

  1. I honestly thought the event was free didn’t even get the point behind the slay festival when i was seeing posts about the event.
    thanks for sharing your honest opinion. at the end of the day consistency is key

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    1. This kinda event is sorta supposed to be free but it’s not lol I’m sure they have their reasons why. Thank you dear for reading


  2. Great advice. Thanks for sharing! I really like the tips Afua gave. It is such a small world! A friend of mine from college in the US recently joined She Leads as the head of business development :). I saw his post about the event this weekend.

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  3. Thank you so much for this post Nonye. Even though I couldn’t attend, you just made it feel like I was actually present with these tips. God bless. Would definitely put them to use. By the way you’re instagram stories really give off lit vibes and inspire me. Thanks a bunch and may God continually bless the work of your creative hands. Love, the_brownieeeee.

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  4. We can’t over emphasis timing. It’s the simplest way to get to my me. It shows how respectful and dedicated one is to the business and to the business owner. This post reinforced my knowledge.

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