STYLE | How to Slay the “ONE TONE TREND”

Hello Fashionistas,

For the longest Time I have wanted to try out the One Tone Trend (Which means wearing a particular color from head to toe) asides black which I wear most times, I had it all planned in my head to either wear an all blush pink look or red and I’m sure you now know which it was:


One tone, Trend, Thisthingcalledfashion

Top: $15 fromBoohoo (Shipped to Nigeria with @Mallforafrica)

Pants: A gift from

Neckpiece: 2,500 NGN from@olaidebabystores


99% of people who love this look actually thought I was wearing a set, I was happy about this cause it meant I totally nailed the One Tone Look.

One tone, Trend, Thisthingcalledfashion

Tips on how to Wear the One Tone Trend:

1) Go for the same shade of color you decide to co ordinate (in this case I went for the same shade of red ). Gives the whole look a more uniformed Vibe.

2) The color of your shoe doesn’t have to be the same color except you’re wearing a Dress and no accessory to match the color you’re co-ordinating then by all means match your red dress with a pair of red shoe.

3) If you’re going to layer the look then you can do so using various shades of the same color. For example: If I was going to wear a tube top & blazers I could decide on a different shade of red for the tube/jacket.

That’s all the juice I have for now. Would you be shopping any of the fashion items I have on?

One tone, Trend, Thisthingcalledfashion

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#Stay Blessed


Have you ever tried the One Tone Trend? Would you be trying it ? Please let me know by leaving a comment below 👇🏽

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7 thoughts on “STYLE | How to Slay the “ONE TONE TREND”

  1. I definitely want to try the one tone thing it’s been a trend for long now. And I genuinely enjoy reading your blog. Well done ❤️

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