IF I HAD MONEY, WHERE WOULD I SHOP ? (A Fashion Narrative)

Hola Fashionistas, as always it’s good to have you back here reading & sharing your thoughts on Fashion & Blogging Topics.

Todays Post is a Fashion Post which I find quite Fun. I’ll be dishing out this post with some mustard yellow goodness and Here’s a short backend story on how today’s blog topic came to be:

I was having a conversation with my newest IG friend via DM and of courseee it was a fashion clip of a Store filled with Gucci on her Story that led me to starting up a conversation cause I could definitely relate to lusting over Luxury Goods I can not afford. After sharing our love and lust for these items. She goes on to say “But Deep down in my heart I’m saying even if I have the money I will not buy it”.


How much is too much money to spend on a luxury item?

Before we go into this, Here’s What I’m wearing : Nothing luxurious but definitely Stylish, Eye Catchy and Summer Worthy


Mustard Dress: From Marymai.com

Sandals: Local Street Store at Lagos Market

Basket Bag: Sold by @Thisthingcalledfashionn



(A Fashion Narrative)

This Post is coming from a Fashion Perspective. It’s quite easy to lust over any luxury brand/item you see online that appeals to your sense of style or taste but this post is about which of the items you would actually spend your money on if you had enough money to ?

FOR FASHIONThis is quite easy for me cause I already have a few luxury brands whose style appeals to mine. These brands include:

Versace Outfits, TomFord Perfumes, AlexPerry Dresses, Jacquemus Shoes, Balmain Outfits. Céline Bags, Gucci Bags.

If I had the luxury I would definitely purchase a piece from these brands but then again with luxury goods most women would rather be gifted with these items than spend their money on it.

The amount of money you’re willing to spend on a luxury item is dependent on each individuals

  1. Sense of Reason: Some people are of the believe that no matter how much money they have they won’t bring out a certain amount of money to buy a luxury item.
  2. Shopping Budget; I’d love to believe we all have a shopping budget we set aside monthly. A few people actually set out money to invest in a luxurious item either once in a month or every quarter in a year.

That’s all the juice I have for today.

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Till next time


Keep sitting pretty/handsome







What are your thoughts on Luxury Shopping? would you ever buy these items if you had the money too or would you rather just wait to be gifted these items? Please join the conversation by leaving a comment below 👇🏽

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