3 common mistakes brands make in Influencer Marketing

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In Today’s Post I’ll be highlighting a few mistakes brands make especially here in Nigeria when it comes to Influencer Marketing. If you want to know more about what Influencer Marketing is and how to go about it you can read up on my previous post HERE




Top: Ankara tied as a top (DIY)

Pants: Mustard Pants from an online store @k.tdavids

Straw Bag: @Thisthingcalledfashionn

Straw hat: Locally bought

#3 Common Mistakes …

Sending sample pieces to the Influencer: Whether it’s a paid collaboration or not please be sure to send the regular piece of clothing you’d send to a customer. Do not send a sample piece or prototype.

Sending in “No Package”: No matter what always package your product well let it look appealing cause the honest truth is you’re not only trying to get the Influencers audience but you’re also trying to leave a lasting impression on the Influencer themselves. They also have the purchasing power to buy from whatever brand they want asides the collaboration.



Approach: Your manner of approach is everything, it determines if you pay or not, the amount you pay, what you get, the way your brand would be perceived. The relationship you build or “not” build.

For example;

Email 1

“Hello Nonye,

I would love to send you designs from my brand in exchange you take pictures and post, we repost on our page which would help increase your exposure”

The manner of approach in Email 1 is quite unappealing and as a blogger I would be reluctant to work with this brand (except you’re a very well Established brand I stand to get exposure from and not sink into your feeds without getting noticed ) then you’re literally demanding through out the email and no one likes being told what to do.

3 common mistakes brands make in Influencer Marketing, ThisthingcalledFashion



Email 2

“Hello Nonye,

You are one of our favourite bloggers! We love your work and would love to send you some of our pieces. If you are interested, kindly have a look at our website or Instagram page and let us know 2 items you would like. We can send them to you & if you like them you can post it and tag us on Instagram. Totally your choice! Looking forward to hearing back from you. Xx

Email 2 above is a much better approach, you’ve thrown in a compliment and left the space open for the Blogger to make a decision. This does not guarantee a free blog collaboration but even if you do not work with said blogger you have left a very welcoming impression.

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Do you love my Mustard Pants? And would you be getting one ? If you do how would you rock yours? And what’s your opinion on Influencer Marketing ?

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13 thoughts on “3 common mistakes brands make in Influencer Marketing

  1. Love the outfit, love how straight to the point your content and I completely agree with you on this. In the influencer world we constantly come in contact with different brands from different regions and learn the best way to respond to each one. We learn and grow everyday and I’m so proud of how much you’ve grown as a blogger in the past year. Well done babe!

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    1. Thank you Izzie, for the constant support I’ve watched you grow too and it’s quite interesting. I have a question tho, do you UK brands do any of this ?


      1. You’re very welcome..Thank you hun! I’m growing slowly but will get there soon 🙂
        To answer your question, yes, from my experience there are a number of brands that make 1 or 2 of these mistakes mentioned. However, I’ve noticed this more with smaller/growing brands, I think it’s important that as an influencer, you know your worth. It’s okay to say no if the brand’s offer isn’t good enough or if they offer nothing in return.

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  2. This is so true. I’m an aspiring designer for women’s wear and I tried doing a collab with a blogger but today I haven’t even seen the pictures yet. Why? Well, I sent samples, bad packaging and my email wasn’t as cool as example 2 mail you stated. I felt really bad and I’ve learnt my lesson, I’d improve on it. Tnx for reminding me again. Love your outfit btw

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m happy you learnt something from this, and always feel free to reach out to the blogger and find out why. It’s okay to ask for feedback


    1. You first need to build yourself as a brand then brands always have their contacts readily available, construct a good email and send to them


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