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Cheers! To a New Month

The Good Things in Life, ThisthingcalledFashion

In the midst of work, taking pictures for my blog and trying not to run out of money I forget to take time out to enjoy myself & live a little. To most people living a little means a night out with friends to the club or a dinner date but for me living a little is simply remembering to do those little things you love to do that you’ve somehow stopped doing/forgotten to keep doing due to the delusional act of chasing tomorrow that we forget to live in the now.

The Good Things in Life, ThisthingcalledFashion

I once was struggling with not having enough money to go through a month, with time I have been able to analyze my means of income & set a goal of how much I would love to make in a month which is okay, at least for now (this is a whole other post on its own and if you would love to know how I have been able to maximize my income stream please let me know by leaving a comment below). Now its not about how much but how well, “The act of managing money”. The point I am trying to make is “Life keeps evolving” and there will always be an issue to address and in all that never forget to “Indulge in all the good shii that makes you feel good”. It might be something as little as sleeping longer etc.



All these led to |Spoil Myself Thursday|

A day of unapologetic enjoyment doing the little things I had stopped indulging in.


Latte macchiato x Chicken Panini simply put Coffee x Sandwich

For a coffee lover who intently loves the smell & taste of it, it had been over several months I had a decent cup of coffee, chicken panini included (this wasn’t a must but I love having something to go with my coffee it can either be this or a Bagel or just a plain croissant)

The Good Things in Life, Eat Angelos, ThisthingcalledFashionThe Good Things in Life, Eat Angelos, ThisthingcalledFashion

Location: Eat Angelos at Ebeano Supermarket Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria


This was not part of my made up itinerary for the day but I got a free Makeup session & I fell irrevocably in love with it. I am far from a makeup girl but I generally have a great taste in things and I appreciate a good work of art when I see one, here’s me blessing your eyes with some brown girl magic (Okurrrr girl)

The Good Things in Life, ThisthingcalledFashion



I’ve got a confession, I’m a staunch movie lover and the easiest way for me to distress is to munch on soul food while watching a movie. I decided to take myself on a movie date on a larger screen surrounded by food. Don’t get it twisted, have friends who I could have reached out to but I enjoy watching a movie at the cinemas alone.

Movie Watched: Dead Pool 2

I am not a huge fan of Dead Pool as a superhero movie but that’s another story for my InstaStory


I wasn’t alone Zara was with me

Shop Bag Here

The Good Things in Life, zara, ThisthingcalledFashion


Would you take a day out to do those things you always loved doing?

Would you give yourself a day to breath?

Would you show yourself some self love?

Would you stop for a second and enjoy the now ?

I hope you do, cause I did and I have no regrets.


Disclaimer: Please DO NOT go over board and be dead broke the rest of the month, because Self Love isn’t Self Ignorance¬†


|Thanks for reading|


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