OCEANS 8 Movie Premiere |Events

For the first time I got my own special invite to the Premiere of the Oceans8 Movie in Lagos, Nigeria.

Theme: Met Gala

Why: Because the movie was all about robbing a historical diamond necklace worth $150,000,000 from the Met Gala.

I was pretty excited not just because of the invite but because it meant they were people watching me who thought it fit to invite me (Shoutout to Somesoultions; The PR Team).

Asides that a themed party is pretty exciting to me I was looking forward to what people would wear and at the same time I was a bit nervous cause all I wanted was to wear a pair of joggers & slides to see my movie (Ps: I tend to tuck my leg & sit on it while watching a movie). Well I knew that wasn’t happening.

Let’s just say I have amazing people around me who helped me out including the designer who let me pull out from his collection. I bought the neckpiece from one of my fave online accessories store @all.thingschic. I tried my best to go for A Look that was Stylish but Comfortable for me & I was able to strike a balance, till the food went it and the corset was…. well you know what it was doing 😂

The Day Came ….

Did my makeup myself (No biggie takes me 5 mins 😂). I arrived 6pm or maybe a few minutes after at The IMAX Filmhouse Cinema. Most people were outside getting pictures of a few people that had arrived who could be termed “theme-worthy”.

I tried to take a few pictures but for some reason the right shot didn’t come through and at this time it rained for a bit, we all went in but by the time we got out again it was getting dark & I finally found my Pose but Day Light was gone.

I also had to take a lot of Boomerangs of the Fashion Looks on the Red Carpet for My Takeover with StyleMeAfrica (Click here to catch a glimpse of you missed it). Okay it was 8pm and I was getting tired and all I wanted to do was WATCH MY MOVIE & GO HOME! But that wasn’t happening people were still arriving, taking pictures at the official photo stand and eating free food, small chops & ice cream or maybe it was yoghurt.


By now you must have seen a TON of looks on Instagram. If you haven’t here’s my list:

1) Shaffy Bello: It was more than the headpiece, it was the fabric, prints, color & style. It was a whole package for me. LOVED IT! + she was on time.

2) Osas Ighodaro: I have no idea when she arrived but she looked like a Black Swan and I loved it.

3) Toke Makinwa: All I can say is Harvella did a nice job styling her and I felt the All Black Look.

3) Nonye: The Cross detail on her neck was everything & more.

Outfit: Nigerian Designer; Mai Atafo (@MaiAtafo)

Neck Piece: Online Store (@all.thingschic)


1) Idia: It was far from a bad look but something wasn’t going to make it a Best Look, Maybe it was the earrings.

2) Miss Vimbai: Asides the volume of the dress, I’m not sure what else was amazing about it.

Movie Finally started at 8:30pm and everyone had popcorn and a drink on their seats. It was a full movie theater.

But I did not stay till The End, I’ll be watching it again soon.

The PR Team did Great, because it’s one thing to set a theme event, it’s another for people to follow through 👏🏽

|Thanks for reading|

Till next time



Did you enjoy reading this? If you were invited to The Met Gala what would you wear? Whose Look did you love the most?

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22 thoughts on “OCEANS 8 Movie Premiere |Events

  1. I love toke’s dress and I knew you would so kill it effortlessly when you posted the invite on your insta story, I would have loved it if there were more pictures of you but then it’s not all bad….❤️❤️

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Smoking!!! You got styled by Mai Atafo that’s super huge. I love your outfit, can’t say I have a favourite but I think I liked Vimbai’s dress because it came off like something done by Elie Saab.
    If I was invited mehn I’d probably go in shorts, lol…tough question.
    NayfortheSlay sure rocked the show.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Nonye 😍❤️💕😍😍. You look amazing . Mai Atafo??😍what?!? Too bad you didn’t take pictures 😭 I loved osas and shaffy Bello . It’s hard to text in class whilst writing 😭😂

    Liked by 1 person

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