What Makes an Outfit? | A Fashion Question Answered

It’s been a while but I have come to realize how much I want to publish content that adds value. On that note I will not be in a rush to publish any type of post just to meet up with a pre planned posting calendar

What makes an outfit to you? What’s the basis of your decision when purchasing an outfit? Asides the price, lets just say you’re not limited by price what then incentivized you to buy that piece of fashion item ? I was a bit curious and decided to ask a few bloggers/creatives, here’s what each person had to say:

A few responses I got …

  1. All of the above; Color, Style all matter to me- Cassie Daves
  2. For me it’s really how you accessorize it, Mostly color I would most likely go for anything black and burgundy – MikaElle of Elleestblessed
  3. For me it’s the color and style. The style has to be flattering on my body and the color has to compliment my skin – Chi Chi of TheRealChi
  4. Getting to the store, it’s the colour and design that determines whether I buy or not. Sometimes I shop by color but most times by design –Zichat of Zichatduniya
  5. For me it’s the vibe and the color. I love color so I like to feel like I’m wearing “art” – Amin of EverythingnaArt
  6. The style, I think I have a total understanding of my style. So, just seeing it, immediately I know if it’s my style which influences my purchasing decision. – Maryam of ItsMaryamSalam
  7. Style 100%, Or the compatibility of the piece with another – Chloe of TheChloway
  8. Think color first then style and fit – Derin from IsaleEko
  9. Sometimes it’s my mood what makes an outfit is my mood – Grace Alex of t2pitchy
  10. Accessories and Everything – Sharon Ojong


What makes an Outfit, Thisthingcalledfashion



Top: White Thrifted Shirt

Skirt: Ako Africa @Ako_africa

Woven bag: Fran Asemota living @fran_asemota_living

Sunglasses: Online Store @olaidebabystores

Location: @12gloverikoyi


Editor’s Response

For Nay it’s a mix of everything.

Some designs look more flattering, and in a particular print or fabric if the design is available in various colors a particular color might look most attractive to me. So I can say “The Style” comes first then I find if it’s available in a color I want or the color that makes the style pop more.

What makes an Outfit, Thisthingcalledfashion

For very basic styles the color comes first either a color I set out to buy or a color I find flattering to my skin color.

For this basic hi-low Ako Africa Skirt I was most attracted to the color/print before the style. What do you love more about my skirt the color, print or style ?

  • What makes an Outfit, ThisthingcalledfashionWhat makes an Outfit, ThisthingcalledfashionWhat makes an Outfit, ThisthingcalledfashionWhat makes an Outfit, Thisthingcalledfashion

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Do you love the way I styled my Ankara Hi-low Skirt? And would you ever wear it? Do let me know by leaving a comment below 👇🏽

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15 thoughts on “What Makes an Outfit? | A Fashion Question Answered

  1. For your skirt, I fell in love with the colour at first glance before the print. I loveeee that you styled it side ways. Beautiful as always


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