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What is an event without food? Most people would call it “a Lagos event” but beyond popular belief and mine I was astounded by the four course meal served to us over brunch hours at The Launch of Luxury Model Search Nigeria.

It was a Thursday morning and as always I was running late but that didn’t stop me from having a little breakfast before leaving the house. On arriving at the venue I was already in love with the outdoor setting and inside wasn’t less attractive. I had been seeing this restaurant on a few people’s Instagram stories but I can confidently say no one ever brought out the beauty of this space.

It was a long table setting with everyone sitting around the table, We started off with a glass of Chapman and everyone introducing themselves (this may or may not have happened a bit later). we were served with the first dish everyone immediately dug into it due to uncertainty of another meal being served. To everyone’s surprise we got served a few other dishes while ‘Suzzie D’ the founder of ‘The Luxury Model Search Nigeria’ gave a brief speech on what it was about, benefits a model gets from wining and how people could start registering on their website (HERE)

What we ate

Each dish was served in a mini platter placed strategically on each section of the table.

N’s Meal

First Dish: This was more of a tasting for me than an actual meal because I’m not a fan of seafood

Crispy calamari and gold prawn nuggets : 3,000 NGN

There was an extra serving for this dish after the Second dish was served, it had a bland taste but the mayo & hot chili dipping gave it so much life.

Second Dish:

French Fries, Sweet and Spicy Chicken wings: 3,500 NGN

Extra fries was served. Obviously this was my favorite dish served because I am a sucker for chicken wings and it was quite tender and easy to dig into in public.

Third Dish:

______ Naan Bread served with smoked chicken: 3,800 NGN

I love the chicken barbecue sauce that came with it, I poured it on each slice I had and it was a match made in food heaven.

Fourth Dish: You can call this desert

Asun  (Peppered Goat Meat): 3,000 NGN

Was not a fan but I ate it still cause of how much I love asun, it lacked the regular peppery taste I always want my asun to have. This would not be a first choice restaurant for asun at least for now.


Is it Affordable?

No it’s not as affordable as a few other restaurants, I cannot say what their lowest price is as breakfast might be slightly cheaper.

Where is it Located?

2 Kola Adeyina Close, Off Jerry Iriabe, Lekki, Lagos Nigeria. If you are an IJGB by all means you should go here.

Is it aesthetically pleasing?

Yes it is, I literally can take pictures at a few spots.

How’s the Customer Service?

The lady was nice & always asked before taking out my plate (unlike some people who would assume I was done just because they thought I was done). The whole ambiance of the place is very appealing, love the bar space and how there’s a long table outside you can dine with friends on a cool evening

Would you be going there again?

Yes I actually would, I’m interested in tasting their Chicken alfredo just in case anyone wants to take me out soon.

What I wore ?

Pajamas Set: Unreleased Collection from #LivandEve

Neckpiece: Balogun Market in Lagos, can get same from @haute.signatures

One more thing there was …

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Would you be trying this restaurant out? Have you tried it before? Do let me know by leaving a comment below 👇🏽

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