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I finally went to the Middle East for a day, If you’re thinking “Finally she left the shores of Nigeria”? Think again. It was a lunch made in Nigeria but felt different; the scenery, the music, my outfit not excluded had me feeling like I was on a vacation in the Middle East with a close friend to enjoy & document the day with.

At this moment you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about? It was an impromptu lunch date on a very sunny day to a middle eastern cuisine restaurant “Arabesque” 

What we ate

N and O’s Meal

I honestly forgot to write out what exactly we had, it was a combo dish sufficient enough for two. It includes;


Chicken and

Lamb chops

Side: Comes with a plate of salad (also sufficient for two)


We both had a glass of fresh mango juice

Mango Juice: 1,500 NGN


Is it Affordable?

The drinks are more affordable than the food cause the drink was a lot for 1,500 NGN compared to other restaurants I have been too which I enjoyed and wasn’t able to finish.

Where is it Located?

225 B Etim Iyang Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos

Is it aesthetically pleasing?

Yesss it is, I literally can take pictures at any spot both inside and outside (the bathroom not excluded)

The vibe is really nice and although my friend “O” doesn’t fancy the food she still goes there just for the lovely scenery.

If you love your taste buds to go on adventure then you should definitely go here with a friend or on a date but if you really just want to take nice pictures with your phone Also feel free to go here with a friend and have a glass of fresh juice.

What I Wore

Dress: @anikeologe


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