Mini Research on Shopping in Nigeria

When you live in Nigeria, integrating fast fashion into your wardrobe can be a tad stressful— so while multitasking on my phone on a very calm Saturday I stopped to think about ways to help make shopping in Nigeria easier for people over here and it occurred to me I needed to confirm a few notions, This led to asking a few questions via My Instastory about shopping in general & One question was focused more on Nigeria.


Outfit: Mono strap Jumpsuit from Kimvee

(Definitely worth your money)

Can be worn to:

  • Evening outing
  • Cocktail party
  • Dinner date





The ratio of ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ is a tad bit higher and I wouldn’t blame them cause the Nigerian Economy makes it a tad bit hard to splurge a little on clothing cause I’ve noticed shopping in Nigeria is based more on occasion (i.e having an event to attend) rather than the need to decongest & update your wardrobe.


Shopping in Nigeria, ThisthingcalledFashion


Apparently there’s a percentage of your salary that can be spent on shopping/travel which is a totally good idea helps you work around a budget or save towards a good splurge cause self love is also important.


Shopping in Nigeria, ThisthingcalledFashion


A lot of people have the problem of matching the prices Nigerian brands fix on their products to the quality well this question was one of my main reason for all of these in the first place, I’ll be your weekly/monthly fix on getting your money’s worth when it comes to shopping in Nigeria. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter cause I’ll be dishing out some exclusive news soon



You can tell the discounts given are never juicy enough to induce people to shop but the likes of Fashion Nova, Shein and Shop Maju always have a jaw dropping % off sufficient enough to make you want to Shop.



I would like to genuinely say that affordable is relative to your income but then again I think there’s a standard price range for affordable products globally.

This is all the juice My Fashionistas took our time to spill and I am so grateful they did cause all these information would help me and a few brands. Thank you and …

|Thanks for reading|

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17 thoughts on “Mini Research on Shopping in Nigeria

  1. This is a well put together assessment, love it. I disagree with the some of the responses on the pricing, someone even wrote 500 (loll) fear God. Let’s not forget Production in Nigeria is expensive and fabrics aren’t cheap either since they are mostly imported. Nice one Nonye

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    1. Yess I saw that I’d like to think she was referring to Thrifted clothing, that’s the only way I can explain it 😂. Thank you so much for reading 💛


  2. I think it’s a bit absurd when people say they can’t shop in Nigeria due to the quality or the prices but are quick to jump on the sales wagon!


    Also it’s only normal to #Buynigerian and support the brand! I know of alot of Nigerian brands with great quality and very minimal price.

    It’s a beautiful post, it shows how people view Nigeria as a whole, thank you Nonye for sharing.

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  3. Hi, Nonye this is really insightful especially for someone like me that’s just starting up a RTW fashion brand.
    Most of the feedback shows that some people are willing to spend an average amount of 5k on a piece of clothing and are willing to spend even more if it’s quality – which is good.

    It’ll really be nice to know the type of outfits they prefer or look out for.

    Thank you for conducting this and sharing.You’re awesome!

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  4. Enjoyed this. I agree with some answers. I definitely believe shopping is expensive here and i get it when considering the cost of materials, however why will i sweat to ‘buy Nigeria’ when i can get quality and cheap outsit the country.

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    1. To be honest, buying Nigerian because it’s easily accessible and would get to me immediately for me shopping outside is more long term, I save for it then I buy more at once and try not to be in a rush to receive them.


  5. I think the main issue with shopping in Nigeria is actually the availability of the kind of products people actually need and maybe not necessarily that people don’t want to or don’t plan to shop.

    A lot of people need some of the most basic items and they realise this on a daily basis, e.g. I might be looking for what to wear today and find out that if only I had a black long sleeve top, I could pair it with X trouser or skirt for a banging outfit… but now, the issue is, where can you readily go to and find a long sleeve top that will not only be your size, but also be of good quality…

    A lot of the Nigerian fashion houses and fashion brands we have produce items that are mainly built for occasions (weddings, ceremonies, church, etc) and not day to day activities. There’s hardly a store were you can go into and know that you will find a white shirt in your size if you need one, or a pair of mum jeans, etc etc… So maybe, just maybe, if we had more brands that produce clothing for everyday life, people will not complain about shopping in Nigeria…

    I’m done now #haha – Such a long comment right?


    1. I totally support this, a basics shop I’ve always thought about this too. I guess most nigerian brands tilt to what they feel would generate more income for them

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  6. For me, the price range and availability is a major problem with shopping in Nigeria. Most times, when I have enough money, I rather visit aliexpress, Asos or other pretty shops to buy. I mostly get them shipped down for free, except nipost won’t let me pick up for free. It’s really easier for me, I don’t have strength to bargain and I’m never in a hurry. Besides, they always arrive.

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  7. This post was really an eye opener. I really enjoyed every bit of it …. I’ve really learnt lots of new stuff and I can’t wait to implement them..Your blog is so amazing

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