For these past years I’ve always seen a lot of people relishing in their success which is a good thing if I might add but Here I am sharing a few failures I had this year and trying to analyze why, trust me this post is for myself too.

Decided to write this post for anyone and everyone whose year was not so great or had an overall great year with a few or a whole lot of setbacks.

It’s easy for everyone to write out what they succeeded in because let’s face it you only see the lush life on Instagram I mean that’s what the App is about, we sell you a glorified lifestyle but I mean that’s literally judging a book by it’s a cover (a really nice picture in this case).


Losing a job: Most times people tend to view losing a job as a bad thing, I wouldn’t blame anyone it leaves you feeling vulnerable not knowing what you are going to do next but sometimes especially for me it’s creating the space to let me receive my next blessing, move on to a better stage of my life. Honest truth I made more money out of work than in it, made me realize the power of determination and a saying my mum always says “as long as I have life/hands I would never be hungry”. I also realized “being broke is a state of mind” most importantly for me was a sign from something bigger than me saying “Nonye you can do it regardless of what anyone thinks”

Actionable Step(s): Create a Plan & Breakdown how I want to achieve it while I intentionally find something that sticks long term could be freelance or more structured.

The adventure continues in the new year and I cannot wait

Not Getting My Drivers License: This is honestly a failure because laziness took a great role with this. The amount of money I’ve spent on Uber/Taxify this year not saying maintaining a car is any easier but there’s nothing like living in the comfort of your own and it would make planning my shoots soo much easier. My actionable step might be funny to a few people myself included cause I’ve been saying it for a long time but I mean it now.

Actionable Step(s): Just do it, get the darn license. First, Learners permit and start driving out on Sundays.

Saving more: This is quite important for me this new year. I saved this year for sure, was able to get myself a new laptop but I honestly believe if I was more self disciplined I could have gotten it earlier than I did and thrown in a new phone.

The failure was not saving monthly according to the percentage % set aside for my income.

Actionable Step(s): Be more Self disciplined, Use my Piggybankng account more, Get an offline piggybank, Account more for my spendings, gross income & net income.

Piggybank NG is quite helpful, I would advise anyone who wants to step up their saving game to use it. CLICK HERE and thank me later!

Charging Less: I would not really call this a failure but I felt partly used on a project and if in my head I said to myself ” Should have known better” then I definitely have something to work on, nonetheless it was a fun campaign and I was glad to learn a lesson from it but the igbo girl in me always feels it when I lose money 😭

Actionable Step(s):

• Ask more questions,

• Do more research,

• Sharpen up on my bargaining skill,

• Get a Manager (People tend to take you more seriously if you have this from my research at-least)

How to charge a brand?

Analyze your costs/expenses when creating content, include your time, your numbers count too (Engagement rate, followers etc.) but always ask yourself if you are genuinely adding value to the brand or just trying to extort them for your own gain.


I would share this in bullet points, direct and straight to the point no bs.

• Living more

• Earning more

• Learning more

• Creating more

• Giving more

• Plan more

It’s that simple, I want to look back at this post and know I did something right.


For following me through another year of my blogging journey it’s been amazing, an eye opener and without you this space would be a vacuum of nothing. ✨

Cheers to 2 years of blogging 🥂

See you in 2019

You’ve had the privilege of reading mine, I hope you have the confidence to write yours too privately or publicly.

Did you learn anything from this post? Do you appreciate this post? Would you write yours?

Published by Nayonde

Creative Genius, Fashion Enthusiast, Digital Marketer, Personal Shopper, Economist and Philanthropist living in Lagos, Nigeria.

14 thoughts on “MY 2018 FAILURES + WHAT’s NEXT

  1. Secure the bag in 2019! I also have been severely underpaid – and it’s all been my fault. I need to see more value in myself and what I am capable of creating. Las las a creative must eat, right?!

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  2. I remembered my online piggybank few days back too and I’m so determined to use it well this year. I can relate to getting the license. I was so scared of driving myself even after going for driving lessons but today, that fear is totally conquered.

    One particular thing I’m dealing with this year is the issue of being taken for a ride. No more taking of jobs without proper documentation.

    Great post.

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