Collaboration| Matching Snake prints with Uchaychy

Hello Fashionistas,

Despite unpopular believe, I’m always happy starting a New Week and with this new week comes my first collaboration of 2019 an interview with a good friend Uchechi Ihuomah; Co-founder of YDT digital, Contributor on TheDigitalTinker & Lifestyle Blogger of Uchaychy.

It’s quite insightful getting to know your friend on a more professional level, We both got a snake-print fashion item late last year at the Shop Maju x Revlon Shopping Party and I thought to myself what better way to do a Collaboration than to have a theme set around it?

Knowing Uchaychy owned a snake-print skirt I curated an entire look in my head on how she would style it and a few days later I styled myself and uchaychy, we took pictures and OUR COLLABORATION came to life.

I Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I loved putting it together.



Collaboration| Matching Snake prints with Uchaychy, thisthingcalledfashion


Hey dear, Introduce yourself to my readers

  • My name is Uchechi Ihuomah. A Blogger, Content Creator and Digital Experiential Marketer

Think I have an idea but do describe the defining moment you decided to be a Creative ?

  • Well, I wouldn’t say there was a moment I decided to be a creative rather when I started my blog was a huge step for me in being creative and also when YDT was started.

I hear you Co-Founded a brand called “YDT” what’s that about ?

  • YDT, my baby…Lool YDT (Your Dream Team Digital Agency) is a social media event marketing company. My business partner & I saw the gap most companies and individual have which is proper social media marketing. People put great effort into event planning, PR and media but always forget their social media which in fact has the power to control the narrative of your business during an event or not. 

What’s the typical work process for a YDT job ?

  • Content strategizing, content creation, social media management and finding clients 


Collaboration| Matching Snake prints with Uchaychy, thisthingcalledfashion

What does being a Social Media Manager entail?

  • To be a social media manager you have to be a creative thinker, a planner and creator. You have to be able to spot great content and ask yourself ‘How was that done’ and figure it out instantly.  


Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

  • The easiest question, I see my brand constantly breaking grounds and adding value.


How do you balance blogging, content creation and social media management ?

  • Honestly, I still struggle with this as I have YDT, my blog and social media management but one thing that helps is structure and planning every day. Balancing my blogging, content creation & social media management is still an on-going process for me. 



What was the last good restaurant you tried for the first time?

  • The Metaphor 


The last stamp on your passport is from?

  • Lol! The next passport stamp will be S.A


Who was the last person you texted?

  • My business partner Tutu 


If you had to swap clothes with one person for a day, who would it be?

  • Tracy Nwapa 


Collaboration| Matching Snake prints with Uchaychy, thisthingcalledfashion

What Current song do you have on repeat? Knowing you I’ll say it’s trap music

  • 7 Rings (By force)


Can’t do without?

  • My phone 


Always in your bag?

  • My phone 


What was the last thing you spent your money on?

  • An app 



Collaboration| Matching Snake prints with Uchaychy, thisthingcalledfashionCollaboration| Matching Snake prints with Uchaychy, thisthingcalledfashion


Uchaychy’s Outfit:

Snake Print Skirt: ShopMaju 

Turtle Neck Top: Online Store @Cocosglam

Black Pumps: @KokokandyFashion


Nonye’s Outfit:

Snake Print Bodysuit: ShopMaju

Black Cycle shorts: DIY

Animal Print Pumps: Atmosphere

Sunglasses: @Olaidebabystores


Read up on My interview with Uchaychy on her blog HERE


|Thanks for reading|


Till next time




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5 thoughts on “Collaboration| Matching Snake prints with Uchaychy

  1. Uche is a very good blogger I read her blogs often.I know you and uche have been friends for a long time and I think the collab is long over due.Nice outfit and nayonde I love you pose and everything. Well-done.looking forward to more collaborations with uche

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