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Today’s post is highly requested and although I try to reply everyone’s DM on my Instagram that ever asks this question “How I Edit My Instagram Pictures”. I’ve decided to finally share a video tutorial and its FREE with every app and tool mentioned FREE to use.


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Calling All Classics | CROCS EFFECT

Embrace The Crocs Effect and join in the CROCS Calling All Classics
campaign to celebrate inclusivity and self expression in 2021

People say it’s an obsession, that you’re crazy, when slowly, but surely, Crocs
infiltrates your life. We like to call it, ‘The Crocs Effect’.

Once you’re in, there’s no way back. From the moment you slip on your first pair,
you’ve made a life decision – you’re now a Crocs lover. It starts with you wearing it at
home then you find yourself going grocery shopping, going to the beach and
everywhere in between. It’s a healthy addiction and I am here for it.

Crocs iconic Classic Clog has long been the ultimate canvas for self-expression and
Calling All Classics will introduce new silhouettes of the icon in trend-focused styles
that give you the ability to express yourself in more ways than ever before!
Calling All Classics is the story of inclusivity and Crocs is a brand that believes
everyone should be comfortable in their own shoes. Crocs believes that comfort and
style are in the eye of the beholder and that personal expression is an inalienable

Personally believe Crocs set the trend and we follow it!

Find your Classic favorites at Garmspot or Shoppersgate, or head to the Crocs
Nigeria Facebook page or Crocs Nigeria Instagram Account.


We believe that comfort is the key to happiness and our legendary Crocs comfort
makes the world a happier place, one pair of shoes at a time.
We are tireless in pursuit of new comfort technologies, developing revolutionary
materials that are lighter, softer and more flexible than ever imagined.
Everyone should be comfortable in their own shoes.
In 2002, Crocs introduced the world to one of the most unique brands that anyone
had ever seen: we were different and it made some people uncomfortable. Now,
hundreds of millions of shoes later, we make the world more comfortable.


What do you do when you’re stuck indoors due to a worldwide pandemic? Get Creative or Stay Bored You decide! Thanks to Asiyami Gold i’ve gotten better with my self-timers and truth be told the more you do it the better you get, consistency is truly important in all aspects of life. Anyways fast forward to 1 week into social distancing and I’ve been getting a lot of positive reactions to my 10 seconds self-timers hence the desire to share with other creatives and brand owners who want to keep their content interesting, learn something new during this period as well as grow through this season, THIS POST IS FOR YOU.


  1. Good lightning
  2. Tripod/DIY Tripod
  3. Props


  • Have a mood board or an idea of what you want the Pictures to look like
  • Take the setup of your room into consideration for example: Mine’s white & brown & sort of vintage & modern, whatever outfit I wear has to vibe with my room because the honest truth is not all outfits would work well photographed in your room outside just works better.
  • Work with the props you have at home
  • Clean your phone camera & make sure its in the best quality for iPhone users Go to settings —> Camera —> Formats —-> Make sure “High Efficiency” is ticked
  • Edit your pictures to perfection i.e: realistic perfection lol. I make use of the vsco c8 filter, add a bit of sharpen & brightness then facetune2 to smoothen my skin & add a bit of glow.


If you have no tripod with a bluetooth remote like myself or NOT, these are a few things to ease the stress of taking self-timer pictures

  1. Set your Phone & Tripod First at the angle of your room with the most light i.e: where do the windows face? figured it out? open up your window blinds & window if need be for more light to come in (for a country in Nigeria you might need to do this if PHCN decides to take the light) but if there’s light you can work with the lights in your room. Alternatively that instagrammable spot in your room might not be susceptible to light (for me that’s my bed I cannot stand the light from outside) so for this part of my room I would definitely NEED a ring light/studio light to brighten up the place. Let’s see these two samples one was taken with natural light (Light from outside) the other was taken with artificial light (ring light & room light)
Taken with Artificial Lights
Taken with Natural Light

2. Set your Props and use your phone camera to see how it looks: Before you start running from one point to another make sure you’ve set your props to you liking and have taken some test shots.

3. Remove all obstructions: This sounds obvious but be sure to take out that sit or table or shoe that’d disrupt you moving freely from your phone to your picture spot

4. Before you start taking your self-timers make a video doing the different poses you have in mind with your props, feel free to play around with your props. Watch the video, see what poses work & facial expressions work for you. This made my last self-timer session faster & easier

That’s all the juice I have for now. With more sessions comes more knowledge till then.

Stay Safe




Honestly I’ve gone from one post every week to one a month, maybe it’s the new year but I only want to share relevant content to my audience, it’s quality over quantity or maybe i’ve found the perfect excuse for my lazy ass lool! Okay lets get into today’s blog post:

One problem most brands, creatives and businesses face is consistently creating content that engages their audience on social media. I can tell you creating content can take up resources i.e: Money & time but the truth is being successful is possible no matter what your budget is. What I mean is you don’t need a high budget to create content. Probably wondering how? Here are a few tips i’ve learnt as a Content Developer & Social Media Manager for SMEs in/outside Nigeria.

Relevant Post: Build a content strategy to increase business sales for your brand with this E-book


  1. Know who you are creating for
  2. Create a Content Strategy for the month & year
  3. Track the results of content created
  4. Create a content budget for the year
  5. Collaboration is key
  6. Use your smartphone

Know who you’re creating for

The ultimate way to reduce miscellaneous spending on creating content is knowing your target audience, what they like, the type of content they’d respond to, their age range, what platform to focus on and create for. When you know your target audience you can also determine your competitors who are also engaging the same audience, go through their pages, see what content is working great for them, find a way to make it work better for your brand, tweak it and make it YOURS!

Also you have the ability to source for new ideas from your team members or hire a fresh mind to join the team.

Create a Content Strategy

You’ve figured out your audience now its time to do some research, write out the content ideas, types your brand would like to try out in the first quarter of the year. It advisable to give it some time to know if a type of content is working or not.

For example: As a Content Marketer for a brand you decided to introduce the use of GIFs in the brands content layout but in the first month the content isn't doing as well as you thought. 

It might either be because:

  • The social media page might still be adjusting to the new content, try using new hashtags and working with the best times to post
  • Give it more than a month and see where it goes

My point here is with planing out a content strategy you try something new, analyze the results and try something new again till you find what makes your brand standout. Sometimes it takes 3 months, a year or 3 years ti figure out what sticks but the key is to keep growing, trying and remain consistent in your messaging.

Track the results of content created

If you do not track it how do you know if it works? The secret to effectively tracking your content is setting a SMART goal, figuring out your KPI and Creating a Social Media/Content Report weekly or monthly.

Relevant Post: Get a free downloadable template for “social media analytical reporting” in the Content Marketing & Strategy E-book

Like I said earlier this would help you know what to tweak or do going forward or what new content ideas to adopt.

Create a Content Budget for the Year

This would help you know what main content and minor content your brand would be able to comfortably produce and release through out the year. You are able to tell what content would be created in-house and which you’d need to outsource to a creative agency. You are able to Plan ahead, stay consistent, research ways for alternative ways to create shareable content, and also when to repurpose content that was created earlier in the year or previous year.

The goal is for you to create a realistic budget and stick to it, this would help you brainstorm ways to cut down costs like collaborating with relevant Influencers that fit your brands target market offer he/she a percentage of sales; this way you cut down on ‘model fee’ and a bit of ‘marketing fee’.

Collaboration is Key

Most times brands think the only way to go grow and standout is solo but why not collaborate with other brands who share your values?

For example: Hair brand "Trayciees Pieces" collaborated with Lingerie brand "Sshhh Lingerie" for their Valentine’s Day Collection featuring their muse Influencer @dabotalawson. 

This is good example of a B2B (brand to brand) collaboration, why collaborate?
  • You get to share the cost with the other brand i.e cost of creating the content for promotion
  • Create more awareness for your brand through the other brand’s audience
  • Get to build a new relationship
  • Get to reach more potential customers who fall in your target audience

Use Your Smartphone

Chances are, you already have the best device needed to create content “your smartphone” Current-generation smartphones have high-quality cameras that will meet all your picture, video needs. The only thing limiting you is yourself. You can literally download different apps to help you create content, all you need is the willingness to learn how to use the apps needed. If you can’t then hire a savvy iPhone content creator who can create videos, take flat lays, create short form videos, product pictures etc and pay for the services which would never be as high as paying for a high-end production of content.

To make it easy if your store isn’t aesthetically pleasing, create a spot for pictures, buy props etc. This would save you the cost of constantly hiring a professional photographer or videographer to create every content.

So one question, Do you think you can ‘Create Content Consistently on a Budget”?

Relevant Post: Content Marketing and Strategy E-book for Brands

6 tips to creating content on a budget, Thisthingcalledfashion

Did you learn something new from this post? Would you be trying any of these tips above? Do let me know by leaving a comment below

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Getting your work mojo back after the holidays

Hello Fashionistas,

It feels like forever since i’ve been on here and an ancient thing to write on a blog, I honestly feel like a lot of people are losing interest in written content and are more focused on fast consumption of content like videos which I may be tilting more to but I’ll definitely be sharing it on here. I can’t promise when but it’s part of the plan for the year *fingerscrossed.

Over the holidays I got a direct message on Instagram asking how he could get back into the grind after the holidays surprisingly was able to share a few tips, hence today’s blog post “Getting your work mojo back after the holidays”

Getting your work mojo back after the holidays, Thisthingcalledfashion

VISUALIZE THE END RESULT: Visualizing the end results of your goal makes the journey worthwhile. It works for me actually but its not long lasting I have to keep reminding myself consciously.

WORK AROUND PEOPLE WITH SIMILAR INTEREST: This helps to boost your focus and puts your mind on the right track seeing other people setting their goals and doing the work.

MIND WHAT YOU SAY TO YOURSELF  Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Especially when you’re down, you may judge yourself harshly and speak internally to yourself in terrible ways. No hunnayy you need to stop!

Do you know the power of positive self affirmations?

Try it, if you don’t know any checkout my pinterest for tons.

Getting your work mojo back after the holidays, Thisthingcalledfashion

LEARN A NEW SKILL OR UPDATE YOURSELF ON NEW INDUSTRY NEWS: This is a tad easier if you’re already subscribed to newsletters related to your industry which I am, i’m hooked on “girlboss, later, crello, smceo, hubspot, co-schedule and a few more” they keep ,e informed on new courses, trends and happenings in my industry.

CREATE A VISION BOARD: You can either do this with a group of friends or acquaintances it helps set the pace for the new year. You are heads up looking at a visual board of the goals you want to achieve this releases some form of excitement cause you can either not wait to take that trip, start a new job or fitness journey. Its the excitement and nervous twitch of trying something new.

ASK FOR HELP & SUPPORT: The idea that asking for help is for the weak is a facade, if you do not know where to start from or what to do ask someone you see as a thought leader in your industry or it could be a friend you know that has done this before. The worst thing you can get is a No and it beats not asking atall.

THE FEELING OF WANTING MORE: At this point if the desire of living your best life and feeling of wanting/making more money isn’t making you get out of bed into work mode then I don’t what will Lool. On a serious note stop whining GET UP! do the damn work no need crying over milk that isn’t spilt yet.

Matthew 21:22 “And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”

Getting your work mojo back after the holidays, Thisthingcalledfashion

ENGAGE YOUR SENSES: You can easily engaged your senses by reading and listening.  By taking time to read novels and listen to audiobooks (like me cause I honestly cannot read books) that lifted me up I gave myself space, but also creative stimulation in a different part of my brain. You should try it.

If you talk about it, it’s a dream, If you envision it, it’s possible, If you schedule it, its REAL

PS: Working on an E-book for Entrepreneurs, Content Creators, Freelancers on “Building a Content Marketing Strategy/Plan” to help with their B2B & B2C business. Its a practical approach with a lot of time invested into creating it and can be used all year round.

To be the first to know SIGN UP !

Getting your work mojo back after the holidays, Thisthingcalledfashion

Happy New Year,

Welcome to a decade of possibilities & blessings


Whether you are a freelance creative or side hustler here are a few important things you might be missing from not having a 9-5.


Totally referring to a 9-5 with proper structure not a 9-5 with no structure or idea of where their business would be in the next 5 years. It’s funny i amongst a whole lot would not give into a 9 to 5 which isn’t a good or a bad thing but we miss out on a few important things which I’ll be listing below:

  1. Health Insurance: one reason is health care which becomes more and more important as you get older. The 9-5 businesses help their employees build a structure around this so you’re not missing out on this but as a creative there’s no one telling you why you need this hence we don’t plan for this in our payment structure or monthly budget,
  2. Pay on leave/holiday allowance: I’m not saying every 9-5 has this but if I were to be working at any company they’d definitely have this. Some creatives might beg to differ on this (2) simply put the whole point of working from home is the ability to work from anywhere without being around and getting paid; okay you’re right but does anyone give you that extra holiday allowance ? Well I thought so too.
  3. Pension: The word might sound a tad bit boring to a bunch of millennial creatives but trust me its just as important. Start investing in your retirement no one wants to be a liability to their kids lol you’re probably thinking like I am “Sis chill still got 30 years to go”

I guess we all started this creative journey to build a long lasting business out of it and with time build a solid structure around it.


Green Maxi Dress: Shop Here

The whole point of this post is to simply create awareness that as a creative, freelancer, side hustler etc. we do “EVERYTHING” ourselves including trying to figure out important things (the points above) no job is easy you only enjoy it more doing what you love even if it’s a 9-5 be the best at it. Don’t be hung up on being a Creative Entrepreneur to be crowned successful.

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Exploring Tarkwa Bay, Thisthingcalledfashion


If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’ve been in ABJ for a short while but what most people don’t know is it wasn’t a holiday but an impromptu work trip so I really did not have time for my personal affairs but anyways was able to squeeze half a day for myself and here are the few things I got up to & you should to whenever you’re in the BUJ


3 things to do in Abuja IN A DAY, Thisthingcalledfashion

It’s a great opportunity to meet up with people who do what you do interact with them learn more about your industry outside your comfort zone what they do differently, share yours too and be open-minded about your conversations. No gossiping please because the truth is you don’t want to give off the wrong vibe. Just be yourself, make sure to at least have fun & learn something new from a different perspective.


3 things to do in Abuja IN A DAY, Thisthingcalledfashion3 things to do in Abuja IN A DAY, Thisthingcalledfashion3 things to do in Abuja IN A DAY, Thisthingcalledfashion3 things to do in Abuja IN A DAY, Thisthingcalledfashion

For me it was Nordic Hotel trust we took tons of pictures which I’d end up posting 2 or 3 🤣🤣. This really is an opportunity to create content or if you’re lodging at a picturesque hotel make sure you take pictures/videos of the room & environment; post and tag the hotel cause you never know who’s viewing your stories + your next trip’s hotel staycation might just get sponsored for free.


3 things to do in Abuja IN A DAY, Thisthingcalledfashion

From a foodies perspective you better have a taste of what BUJ has to offer in terms of good food & you can find this just about any place through a friend; mine was through Rhoda (@adohrspeaks) she ordered the famous “Spin Rice” by Chef Taylor (@chefTaylor_o) at the colony fusion restaurant & bar (@thecolony.ng)

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Have you ever visited Abuja before? If yes what did you get up to? I’d love to know for my next visit 🙂


Hello Fashionistas,

It’s been a while I shared knowledge via my experiences on here, the blogging streets been dry and empty for too long & we phasing out. Say hello to greener streets, flowing water and limitless content via my blog, newsletter (sign up here if you haven’t), my IG Page and Yess my Youtube Channel is coming soon.


Today’s blog post is something I learnt as an Influencer & blogger living in Lagos, Nigeria and honestly believe this applies to anyone collaborating with any brand in whatever part of the world. However these are more tailored to my own experiences I mean isn’t that why it’s called a ‘personal blog’?

Spending the money before the collaboration happens

This is easier said that done. You may be running low on your monthly expense budget then a savior comes to rescue you from your gloomy looking account balance. ‘Savior’ being a collaboration deal you just signed for your brand. DO NOT be tempted to spend all of the money before delivering the content intended for the collaboration. The first thing should be your ‘cost analysis’ for carrying out the collaboration be sure to transfer the ‘cost’ out of your account ASAP, get the supplies you need and also transfer a % to your business account (or another account) you can use either to pay maintenance fee for your website (if you have one) or maintenance fee for yourself (makeup, data etc.) basically costs for running your business. Also, there’s no feeling like having to deliver work you’ve long spent the money for because then the work feels like a drag & you feel less motivated to pull through or even worse realize you do not have enough money to cover the cost of the content creation process.


Set: @belangelique_store Shoes: Zara (Shop similar)

Using the product before creating content

I honestly learnt this the hard way.

Lets say you decided to work with a brand in exchange for a product because you’ve either reached your monthly target for paid collaborations (not to say money is ever enough dahhh) but you can spare that free spot or the brand logo would look good on your media kit either ways you agree to the terms, get the product (which is worth 50,000 – 70,000 NGN) and decide its officially yours, you start slaying in it on a daily basis or even just once and you are yet to deliver the content agreed on with the brand here’s something you do not know ‘that product isn’t yours until you’ve delivered the content fully‘ well no one told me this earlier until the product worth (50,000 – 70,000 NGN) got misplaced/stolen, had to replace it with my own money because the content most be delivered you can’t go back and send an email saying ‘oh hi, the item got stolen hence can’t deliver’ the least you can do is let them know they’ll be a delay due to a reason.

Not having a signed contract or at least a written evidence of posting and payment agreement.

I’ll say this once, when it comes to life & business ‘No one is to be trusted by word of mouth‘ please get that collaboration deal sent to you via email with what they want, what you want, payment agreement etc. I mean you can obviously communicate with another platform via phone call, WhatsApp but after all said & agreed request politely for the agreement sent to your business email and feel free to follow up with an email stating what you are to deliver, time frame etc. From experience most times no contracts are signed but a trial of email with an invoice, agreement clearly stated WORKS!

These are all from my experiences and not ‘googled’ as I learn more this blog post would be updated but for now this is all the juice I have.


|Thanks for reading|

Love & Light

What have you learnt as an Influencer/blogger in your short/long time frame working with brands? Please share I’d love to learn and sure others would love to read yours too.

The Complete Survival Guide for Long-Haul Flights

This should be a fun post to write for a young millennial who honestly has never been on long haul flights before just inter-state short flights (honestly if you’d ask me why I’m not certain cause I’ve had the opportunity of going to Germany to meet the pope, vacation in London & Dubai but for some weird reason something always happened ever since I told myself “hey Nayonde, when the right time comes no one can stop it”) So after seeing a few affordable flight deals on Travelstart I am currently safe-locking my coins using PiggyBank knowing I’d definitely take on a long flight before the year runs out.

Curious to make the best out of it I asked a few of my favorite creatives who are constantly on the move either exploring new opportunities or just for the love of adventure and here’s what they have to say (you’ll want to screenshot these fashionistas)

Jessica Ufuoma @theufuoma – Travel Blogger

The Complete Survival Guide for Long-Haul Flights, Thisthingcalledfashion

Jessica is a travel blogger, she’s a lover of adventure, discovering new cities on her own terms and creating her own experiences. She has visited over 30 countries and lived in 4 continents that equals a lot of long-haul flights hence it’s only right I learn & share from the experienced. Here are a few tips Jessica has to share with us:

1.) Try to reserve a great seat before your flight. If you like window seats, snag them up before it’s time to fly.

2.) Wear comfortable clothes – airplanes can be quite chilly so make sure to wear comfortable and warm clothes.

3.) Stay hydrated. Get your own bottle. Usually airlines give water anyway but doesn’t hurt to take yours with you.

4.) In flight entertainment – I usually download my favorite shows on Netflix so I can watch online. Carry a good book too if you can.

5.) Every once in a while, get up and move around the plane. Nothing worse than sitting in one position for a long time. Muscle cramps is real!

Adebayo Okelawal @theorangenerd

The Complete Survival Guide for Long-Haul Flights, Thisthingcalledfashion

Bayo is the CEO & Creative Director of Orange Culture NG. He is a lover of the finer things in life & discovering/taking up new opportunities from showcasing his works at different fashion shows around the world to taking short breaks. I can definitely say Bayo has experience when it comes to surviving long-haul flights. Here are the tips he uses to survive long-haul flights:

  1. Definitely wear comfortable clothes
  2. Charge your laptop lol and load up on series
  3. Carry a tooth brush and tooth paste in your hand luggage so you can brush and a little night lotion
  4. Get a neck pillow

From the above we can tell what’s most common between these tips shared by the two creatives on surviving long-haul flights and that’s:

Wearing Comfortable clothes: I believe comfort defers amongst different people actually scrap that because when it comes to long flights what might seem comfortable to you for a 30 mins trip can fast become uncomfortable


In-flight entertainment: I mean what’s a long-haul flight without entertainment? A long-ass boring flight, no one wants that so play it safe charge your laptops, have an extra battery, remember you might not have the luxury of using WiFi so be sure to download your series, movies, Ted talks, tv shows etc. If you love reading books take one with you too.

A few survival tips via Travelstart

The Complete Survival Guide for Long-Haul Flights, Thisthingcalledfashion

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Have you ever been on a long-haul flight ? Where were you headed too? And what tips do you use to survive ? Do let us know by leaving a comment below 👇🏽