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Is it just me or is January moving too slowly or am I just anxious for that end of the month credit alert? Lol I am definitely not alone on this one.

Okay so it’s been a week and I haven’t posted anything up on the blog it’s not due to lack of inspiration or ideas (oh! I’m full of it) but I want my next style post to be as Lit as possible and for that I need high quality images for you guys. Hence, this is not an outfit/style post it’s just one of those days OOTD as the name implies.


There’s this perception about bloggers living the lush life well I’m not there yet but tbh (to be honest) they are all just human beings who are working towards what they want. So if you have a vision, go after it. No matter how little you have start from somewhere and with time things would fall in place. Let me use myself as an example

I always wanted to have a fashion blog but I kept pushing it with little excuses like; oh when I can afford an Iphone 6s+, okay maybe when I get a camera, then it was I need a makeup artist, finally it was I need a photographer. I got to a point and I told myself Nonye if you do not start now just forget about it. I had none of the above but I started anyways. Had my first shoot thanks to my lovely friends (Tosin and Faith) I love you guys.


My first shoot was 3 months before I finally started my blog. It’s still a work in progress, working my way up. Lol guys TTCF isn’t even one month yet and I already got a job and collaboration. I’m currently loving this job.  These days I am always anxious for Mondays and weekends seem like a drag Awkward right? That’s what happens when you go after what you love. My Goal in Life is “Never settle for less” and I am just laying the foundation for my Mansion.

What’s that saying “Slow and steady wins the race”? Or “Patience is a virtue?




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Till next time Fashionistas



What is the current situation in your life right now that you are loving?

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Hey there Fashionistas


Hope we all had a lovely day? well mine was good but trust Lagos with all the hustle and sun to spice it up.

Okay so this morning on my social media I came across an upcoming event on @fashionbydaisy’s Instagram page called the #SLAYFESTIVAL by SheLeadsAfrica holding on the 21st of January, 2017 at Ebute metta, Lagos Nigeria. For more details on activities and tickets (Click Here)

I felt an instant attraction to this event Can you guess what it was? Well it’s the word “SLAY” I love anything that has Slay in it (slay is a verb an action word, it’s a way of life) Like if it has slay then the event gonna be bomb! And I can’t wait to be there and if you gonna be there you have to Slayyyy from head to toe like literally from your hair to your toenails (Insert LOL smiley)

Have no ideas what to wear?  I got you girl, isn’t that the main reason for this post anyways?

As the style creative I believe I am I put together a quick look book on 5 styles you could rock to this event and SLAY hard.

LOOK 1: Exaggerated sleeves x Stripes

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

This look is casual well I tried to make all the looks as casual as possible. This style has a girly, cool and edgy thing to it. The skirt makes it girly, the sneakers make it cool and the exaggerated sleeves give it a bit of an edge while looking classy. Personally I love Tote bags and I think there are pretty cool and quite comfortable to carry around with enough room for your daily essentials. And when stepping out of your house  an outfit is never complete without sunglasses.


LOOK 2: Good girls slay too

In the first look the skirt’s quite short so I decided to create a look for my fellow sister’s who can’t leave the house with short outfits or are just not comfortable in short skirts, dresses e.t.c  and still want to slayy regardless.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

You can go for this pretty skirts either the metallic gold pleated skirt or the maxi denim. You could actually rock the two skirts with a white basic tee and still kill it but I decided to switch it up a bit with the croppie crop and Gafa gladiator sandals(Click Here to Buy) which I lovee. I paired the gold pleated skirt with a basic tee and you could either go for white sneakers or an embellished gold cap flat with a chain bag and of course a pair of sunglass.

Remember you have to smell as nice as you look.

LOOK 3: Printastic dresses

This right here is for all the dress lovers who love to stand out in prints or who don’t like prints atall but love a little dress action I dare you to leave your comfort zone and try something different Its 2017 Stand out!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

My sources tell me bold florals would be one of the trendy trends in fashion this year and I’m so ready to embrace it. Are you?

I paired these dresses with flat gladiator sandals and you also have an option of white sneakers cause they go with almost anything and I love them.

LOOK 4: Shorts x Kimono

What’s a festival without shorts, crops and kimonos? (I don’t mean new yam festival or eyo LOL)

Processed with VSCO

I made these looks stylish, cool, edgy and classy. The ripped shorts makes it edgy, the turtle neck makes it classy, All together a stylish ensemble and Like I always say keep your bag close and your shades closer

Btw(By the way) there are actually 3 looks in this picture

  1. Bralet x kimono x shorts with any of the shoes you desire
  2. Turtle neck crop x kimono x shorts
  3. Turtle neck x shorts x boots

Not so much of me tho but It’s still lovely and I could always slay in it.

LOOK 5: Very laid back look

First of all I want to acknowledge the irrelevance of the umbrella in this picture I just loved how it looked.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Okay so this was one of the first outfit I put together on polyvore, the very laid back look which has me all overrr it. This is so I and I would definitely rock this look starting from the crop top to the tailored highwaist pants, to the cap down to the slides.

The choker and ear cuff gives it an edge and if you know me you know I love my ear cuffs yes ear cuffs with an‘s’ (Lol)

This is the final look for this look book I hope you have an idea on what to slay in. I am working on links on how to get these looks might not be exactly but similar looks.

Ps: You’d notice for all the looks with sunglasses I went for the all black shades because I believe it’s classy and goes with everything and in this recession we can manage a pair of sunglass

All looks curated and styled by me (Nayonde) and of course Polyvore (App used)

Had a lot of fun doing these I practically did it everywhere while I was eating, walking, in traffic (Lol)

Like the saying goes “Slay or Be Slayed”

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Till next time, sit pretty



What do you think of the looks? Would you be trying any? Which is your fav look?

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TRAVEL |COAL CITY LOVIN'(Part 1): Driving down

2017-01-11 10.35.33 1.jpg

It’s been a week since I got back from my holiday trip to my hometown, spending time with family and folks I hardly ever get to see in years and it was lovely. Hope we all had an AMAZING holiday. Well I did! (Had to keep an open mind before this happened) and now it’s back to reality and wish I could go back….

Travel blogging isn’t really something I do but in order to make the most of my holiday I decided to share my just concluded holiday vacation at my “Home away from home” The Coal City State (ENUGU)

I was quite reluctant to travel back home this year due to the distance, deadly traffic along the Onitsha Bridge and off course the scourging heat that comes with it, oh yes! I also get car sick. But this year was different Shocker! It was so much better than the previous year’s guess that’s what happens when you keep an open mind

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
The famous Onitsha Bridge

But some things never change like the unending police checkpoints, the determined hawkers and the notorious clans always trying to fix something in your car that wasn’t even broken in the first place.

What are Nigerian highways without police checkpoints with their popular sayings “Oga no chop alone oo” or “Oga, anything for the boys” the most annoying ones are those who decide to over check all the credentials of your car pointing at everything because they do not  want to directly make use of their usually sayings. Also the unwavering hawkers of the highways who never fail to shove their goods in your face regardless of which you stop, they all cling like bees but I’m loyal to them for their constant supply of chops that make the trip worthwhile.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Police on the highway

One thing I find most fascinating about a road trip is the change in language and culture one minute all I hear is Yoruba then comes Igbo ringing in and the shouts from Okpa sellers like a national anthem reminding you that you are approaching Enugu.


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

  • The refurbished/new roads: It was a delight to see the major roads/highways causing traffic and slowing down movement had been done for example the epe road, the Onitsha highway
  • The changing variety of food hawkers as you pass through different states, from plantain chips to banana and then okpa (a local food sadly I do not know the English name)
  • The opportunity to sightsee other places before getting to your final destination. I got to see Delta airport, as always the Onitsha Bridge, udi hill e.t.c.

T I P S | if you planning on a road trip in Nigeria anytime soon:

2016-12-19 05.25.12 1.jpg

  • Set out change (slang for 100/200naira notes) for the unending police check points
  • The traffic, depending on what time of the year festive periods is always busy but eyy! You might get lucky I did!
  • Beware of the notorious clan of the highways, attempting to fix your car
  • If you need help with directions ask questions or better still lookout for luxurious buses/travel transporters they always know the way.
  • Heard the new speed limit for highways in Nigeria 80km personally think it’s too slow for a highway 100km would suffice. Funny thing though  who monitors this ?  No one! Ps: Speed kills at the same time don’t be a grandma night time awaits you.
  • Lastly try your best not to drive at night, it’s never safe, Remember FASHIONISTAS Safety comes first.

To be continued…

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Till next time, Keep sitting Pretty/Handsome



What do you think of this travel post? Have you ever been on a road trip in Nigeria?

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I am currently…loving mad over you by Runtown

Hey Fashionistas,

It’s been a week into 2017 and I feel very optimistic about this year, it’s going to be a year of self discovery, fun and a lot of hard work for me and I’m ready for the grind. What’s your year saying?

Okay now let’s go into today’s style post Plaids x flannels; I have always had a soft spot for plaid flannel shirts for as long as I can remember. It might not be trendy trend right now but I believe everyone should have one of this in their closet ;The Plaid flannel shirts are definitely a surefire way to add pops of color and intriguing prints to your shirt collection.

Here’s how I wore mine:



Plaid flannel shirt- Thrifted

Bootcut Jeans- Asos (also Thrifted)

Cuff earrings- Diva accessories

White Sneakers- NYSC (Lol I had to put it to use y’know)

Instead of the regular tucked in shirt look I went for something more revealing and edgy which I came across on a few Fashionistas on Instagram who mostly implemented the style on a white cotton shirt.


I noticed most people usually mix up both terms ‘Plaid’ and ‘flannel’ (I used to be one of them). I remember arguing with a couple of friends over which was the right term then I got fed up (I’m not much of an arguer) so decided to have a little Google time and beep beep Pop! I got the answer to all the time consuming unfruitful arguments.                   (Moral lesson: If you don’t know something Google it!)


Going on, Plaid and flannel are two things that go perfectly well together. They have been coupled with each other for such a long time and this has been a source of confusion to many people.

Plaid is a fabric pattern with vertical and horizontal stripes which intersect and are at a right angle from each other. Red and black are the usual colors of the pattern, but they also come in several different colors while Flannel is a soft cloth made of wool or cotton (simply put Flannel is the fabric used)


This is so me and I would definitely rock this out. Is this your style? If not I dare you to leave your comfort zone and try something different.

Salute to a new week of endless possibilities

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Till next time fashionistas, be creative and stylish



What do you think of this style post? and how would you be styling your Plaid shirts?

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Hey Fashionistas

It’s the 3rd day in January, the holidays are over and it’s back to the hustle and bustle of Lagos city for me (where are my fashionistas headed back to?).

In my previous post (link here) you would notice I was in an off the shoulder blown out dress. To be honest most of the outfits I rocked during the holidays were either off the shoulder or cut outs and I slayed the whole way through (what outfits did you slay-in during the holidays?)

So it’s safe to conclude the off shoulder was a hit trend last year, It was one of the ‘IT’ things in fashion atleast where I’m from (Nigeria), I could hardly go out and not see at least 2 in 5 people rocking this style and I don’t even go out much.


The off shoulder is a very in vogue versatile style which can be infused into so many pieces  from tops, dresses to sweaters I have seen it all (well apart from an off shoulder hoodie).


In today’s look I went for an edgy yet classy casual look with this blue pin-striped off the shoulder top paired with ripped jeans, white comfy sneakers, I have a thing for minimal accessorizing so I rocked a black velvet choker and a dainty heart shaped neckpiece topping the look off with my tan fedora hat which I adoreee.

This is just one of the many ways I rocked mine; don’t limit you to this try something different, Be Creative and Stylish.

Most Importantly be YOU! – N


You can get similar looks from the links below:s

TOP- Shein official      BOTTOM-New Look , Mrp Nigeria

HAT- Romwe , Asos     SHOE- NikeShein official


Hey Fashionistas,

Apart from the obvious dining and wining this Christmas season what else were you up to?

Had a little reading party over here with a few of my fav fashion sites and style blogs, In the spirit of the coming new year in a few hours I will be sharing a few fashion tips I picked out from my little party, oh here they are:

  1. Removing odors from Vintage/thrift clothingWho doesn’t love a good vintage/thrift clothing? Looking stylish in the most affordable way ( Nobody!) I have a little trick on this one, to remove odors from vintage or thrift clothing by spraying them with a mixture of one part vodka, two parts water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle for easy use.
  2. DIY bra strap concealerThis is one clever clothing trick, it keeps your bra strap concealed and at the same time keeps your wide necked shirts from falling off the shoulder. All you need are a few strips of fabric and a sew –on press studs and yes its that easy
  3. The Clever zipper solutionThis is one trick I was really pumped I stumbled upon cause I have a pair of thrifted jeans that does this (might be too tight or the zipper just doesn’t hold, who knows?). Anyways here’s an easy trick to help keep that nosy zipper up! Put in a key chain ring onto the loop of your zipper, and then loop it around the button. Don’t worry about the ring poppin out, it stays concealed under the denim.
  4. Removing deodorant stainsAm I the only one this happens too?  I hope not. Unfortunately this happens to me all the time and not so unfortunate I got a solution to this, “baby wipes” is the trick to removing those evil white deodorant marks
  5. Removing yellow sweat stainsI would really love to try this out I wonder if it only works on white shirts; guess I’ll have to find out. An easy hack to prevent/remove that nasty yellow sweat stains of your shirt, spray the  underarms of your shirt with lemon juice before you wash them. Be sure to keep a spray bottle handy in your laundry room.

Hope you find one or two tricks helpful cause I did,  If you have ever tried out any of these would love to hear what you think about it or you have a few tips of your own to share?  Feel free to leave a comment below.

|Thanks for reading|

Till next time Fashionistas, Sit Pretty




Sources: Stylecaster.com, refinery29, listotic.com

Would you love to see more fashion tips and tricks on TTCF ?

MY FIRST BLOG POST |Fashionistas Meet Nayonde|

Hey Fashionistas,

Welcome to ThisThingCalledFashion

I am Anne ‘Nayonde‘ Nonye Udeogu, The Fashion, Style and sometimes Lifestyle blogger for TTCF. This is my first blog post  and I really just want to introduce myself to MyFashionistas. Here goes nothing

Nayonde is an original I came up with, ‘NAY‘ from my first two names Nonye Anne. I was going with this at first then realized I wanted something more African hence the addition ‘ONDE’ I did not get this from anywhere It sorta just popped up as I was trying to get the perfect fit to NAY and it stuck with it-. The full Ensemble is “NAYONDE A’RESA” My future brand name (hopefully *fingerscrossed) but for now just call me NAYONDE 🙂

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Nayonde is a Fashion Enthusiast and Style Creative who loves shopping, designing, food, art, books (more of a book collector than reader Lol ), music, movies, philanthropy and most importantly Fashion. I will be bringing to you the most stylish and classy looks with a little edge and a dash of ME.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Nayonde serving shoulders in @lemodclothing (Instagram)

Silver Sparkly Slides -From the famous market at my hometown (Mgbowo, Enugu Nigeria)

Ear cuffs – Diva Accessories ( ThePalms or NovareMall Lagos, Nigeria)

Looking forward to a génial(Awesome) blogging experience with my Fashionistas

Lots of love



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