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It’s the 3rd day in January, the holidays are over and it’s back to the hustle and bustle of Lagos city for me (where are my fashionistas headed back to?).

In my previous post (link here) you would notice I was in an off the shoulder blown out dress. To be honest most of the outfits I rocked during the holidays were either off the shoulder or cut outs and I slayed the whole way through (what outfits did you slay-in during the holidays?)

So it’s safe to conclude the off shoulder was a hit trend last year, It was one of the ‘IT’ things in fashion atleast where I’m from (Nigeria), I could hardly go out and not see at least 2 in 5 people rocking this style and I don’t even go out much.


The off shoulder is a very in vogue versatile style which can be infused into so many pieces  from tops, dresses to sweaters I have seen it all (well apart from an off shoulder hoodie).


In today’s look I went for an edgy yet classy casual look with this blue pin-striped off the shoulder top paired with ripped jeans, white comfy sneakers, I have a thing for minimal accessorizing so I rocked a black velvet choker and a dainty heart shaped neckpiece topping the look off with my tan fedora hat which I adoreee.

This is just one of the many ways I rocked mine; don’t limit you to this try something different, Be Creative and Stylish.

Most Importantly be YOU! – N


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HAT- Romwe , Asos     SHOE- NikeShein official


Hey Fashionistas,

Apart from the obvious dining and wining this Christmas season what else were you up to?

Had a little reading party over here with a few of my fav fashion sites and style blogs, In the spirit of the coming new year in a few hours I will be sharing a few fashion tips I picked out from my little party, oh here they are:

  1. Removing odors from Vintage/thrift clothingWho doesn’t love a good vintage/thrift clothing? Looking stylish in the most affordable way ( Nobody!) I have a little trick on this one, to remove odors from vintage or thrift clothing by spraying them with a mixture of one part vodka, two parts water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle for easy use.
  2. DIY bra strap concealerThis is one clever clothing trick, it keeps your bra strap concealed and at the same time keeps your wide necked shirts from falling off the shoulder. All you need are a few strips of fabric and a sew –on press studs and yes its that easy
  3. The Clever zipper solutionThis is one trick I was really pumped I stumbled upon cause I have a pair of thrifted jeans that does this (might be too tight or the zipper just doesn’t hold, who knows?). Anyways here’s an easy trick to help keep that nosy zipper up! Put in a key chain ring onto the loop of your zipper, and then loop it around the button. Don’t worry about the ring poppin out, it stays concealed under the denim.
  4. Removing deodorant stainsAm I the only one this happens too?  I hope not. Unfortunately this happens to me all the time and not so unfortunate I got a solution to this, “baby wipes” is the trick to removing those evil white deodorant marks
  5. Removing yellow sweat stainsI would really love to try this out I wonder if it only works on white shirts; guess I’ll have to find out. An easy hack to prevent/remove that nasty yellow sweat stains of your shirt, spray the  underarms of your shirt with lemon juice before you wash them. Be sure to keep a spray bottle handy in your laundry room.

Hope you find one or two tricks helpful cause I did,  If you have ever tried out any of these would love to hear what you think about it or you have a few tips of your own to share?  Feel free to leave a comment below.

|Thanks for reading|

Till next time Fashionistas, Sit Pretty




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MY FIRST BLOG POST |Fashionistas Meet Nayonde|

Hey Fashionistas,

Welcome to ThisThingCalledFashion

I am Anne ‘Nayonde‘ Nonye Udeogu, The Fashion, Style and sometimes Lifestyle blogger for TTCF. This is my first blog post  and I really just want to introduce myself to MyFashionistas. Here goes nothing

Nayonde is an original I came up with, ‘NAY‘ from my first two names Nonye Anne. I was going with this at first then realized I wanted something more African hence the addition ‘ONDE’ I did not get this from anywhere It sorta just popped up as I was trying to get the perfect fit to NAY and it stuck with it-. The full Ensemble is “NAYONDE A’RESA” My future brand name (hopefully *fingerscrossed) but for now just call me NAYONDE 🙂

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Nayonde is a Fashion Enthusiast and Style Creative who loves shopping, designing, food, art, books (more of a book collector than reader Lol ), music, movies, philanthropy and most importantly Fashion. I will be bringing to you the most stylish and classy looks with a little edge and a dash of ME.

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Nayonde serving shoulders in @lemodclothing (Instagram)

Silver Sparkly Slides -From the famous market at my hometown (Mgbowo, Enugu Nigeria)

Ear cuffs – Diva Accessories ( ThePalms or NovareMall Lagos, Nigeria)

Looking forward to a génial(Awesome) blogging experience with my Fashionistas

Lots of love



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