Hello Fashionistas, It’s been a while I shared knowledge via my experiences on here, the blogging streets been dry and empty for too long & we phasing out. Say hello to greener streets, flowing water and limitless content via my blog, newsletter (sign up here if you haven’t), my IG Page and Yess my YoutubeContinue reading “3 MISTAKES TO AVOID WHEN COLLABORATING WITH A BRAND”

The Complete Survival Guide for Long-Haul Flights

This should be a fun post to write for a young millennial who honestly has never …

Collaboration| Matching Snake prints with Uchaychy

Hello Fashionistas, Despite unpopular believe, I’m always happy starting a New Week and with this new week comes my first collaboration of 2019 an interview with a good friend Uchechi Ihuomah; Co-founder of YDT digital, Contributor on TheDigitalTinker & Lifestyle Blogger of Uchaychy. It’s quite insightful getting to know your friend on a more professionalContinue reading “Collaboration| Matching Snake prints with Uchaychy”

WE NAIL’D IT| MEET Sarah James: The nail artist changing the game.

Starting from a blog to owning her own nail academy…

Collaboration|Pink Finesses with The_real_chi

The Pink Finesse is here, making all your Pink Dreams come true while I share a few tips on “Blogger Collaboration”


Your Date Night Look just got hotter Introducing The Blogger Babes adding more spice to your style game The Cool Classy One & The Hot Sassy One