OUTFIT|How to wear MOM JEANS in the 21st Century 

Today’s post is all about the Look I put up on MY BIRTHDAY , which was also Bastille Day (As the French would call it) July 14th. Before I go into how to wear this late 80s/Early 90s trend. It’s only right I share a few things about Mom Jeans. The Mom Jeans is aContinue reading “OUTFIT|How to wear MOM JEANS in the 21st Century “

MY CRAZY LITTLE PROJECTS|DIY Mini Sling Bag (How to turn your old Perfume box to a mini bag)

Hello Fashionistas, It’s the 13th day of July and Guess What? Tomorrow is My Birthday (Lol not so much of a surprise if you follow me on Instagram) and for some reason I’m excited, Already got presents coming in but what I pray for the Most is More healthy years ahead and a to findContinue reading “MY CRAZY LITTLE PROJECTS|DIY Mini Sling Bag (How to turn your old Perfume box to a mini bag)”

STYLE| Black Day Out x FishNet Trend

Its a New Week, time to come alive or walk like the undead Your Pick! But I have decided to see pass through all the lagos traffic and have a very positive week + It’s My Birthday Week Just incase you did not know :), So POSITIVE VIBES ONLY. Okay down to today’s look, NothingContinue reading “STYLE| Black Day Out x FishNet Trend”


Now Playing: Always on time by Ja Rule ft Ashanti  If you don’t know this song you too young to be following me Lol seriously tho! you definitely not a 90’s/ Cool kid. This was the era when lip gloss was poppin’.   I never put up a post on Friday but for My FashionistasContinue reading “STYLE| How to Style THE HARPER VINTAGE SET”

TIPS| THE MILLENNIAL LADY (How to be a Lady in the 21st Century)

Hello Fashionistas, Welcome to the 7th Month of the year. It’s funny how the year has gone by so fast. Guess what? Its My month and I can definitlely wait to be a Year Older, cause I mean who doesn’t want to stay young forever (Even Jayz does)  Lol. Before we go into what today’sContinue reading “TIPS| THE MILLENNIAL LADY (How to be a Lady in the 21st Century)”


Hello Lovelies, Sorry i’m posting this hours later. This should have gone up Wednesday 9pm Nigerian Time but due to a few setbacks it couldn’t happen.   A few people really wanted me to do this post and finally I have. Did my research, combined this with what I know and my journey as aContinue reading “TIPS| HOW TO TAKE THE BEST PHOTOS FOR YOUR FASHION BLOG”


  Hello fashionistas, finally its the end of May and I still haven’t achieved my goal of a 1000 followers on instagram but its fine anyways cause the amount of comments and love being shown to me on my blog as kept me going and willing to create better contents till I get to theContinue reading “TIPS| BUILDING SELF CONFIDENCE with Google”

STYLE| THE PURPLE HIBISCUS (5 ways to look Expensive in thrifted items)

I remember back in high school ‘The Purple Hibiscus’ was a must read for all literature students and as the science student I was I had no interest in reading it, though I had heard alot about how interesting it is. I have never been one to read books, I never got myself to readContinue reading “STYLE| THE PURPLE HIBISCUS (5 ways to look Expensive in thrifted items)”


On my playlist- We can hurt together by Sia Hello Fashionistas, it’s almost the end of May hope we’re all checking out to do’s from our goals for the month of May. Tbh I did not set any concrete goals, I did not write them down but I had a few in mind mostly aboutContinue reading “TIPS| HOW TO BE AN INSTAGRAM BADDIE 101”


Currently sad 😦 I wrote up this blog post a few hours back saved it and now I’m back can’t seem to find in my draft. I have to start all overrrr. aarrghhhhh haven’t even had dinner yet. First of all I actually forgot this post was meant to go up today, see me sittingContinue reading “STYLE|GOLDEN PERFECTION in DebsByDebby”