Calling All Classics | CROCS EFFECT

Embrace The Crocs Effect and join in the CROCS Calling All Classicscampaign to celebrate inclusivity and self expression in 2021 People say it’s an obsession, that you’re crazy, when slowly, but surely, Crocsinfiltrates your life. We like to call it, ‘The Crocs Effect’. Once you’re in, there’s no way back. From the moment you slipContinue reading “Calling All Classics | CROCS EFFECT”

Getting your work mojo back after the holidays

Hello Fashionistas, It feels like forever since i’ve been on here and an ancient thing to write on a blog, I honestly feel like a lot of people are losing interest in written content and are more focused on fast consumption of content like videos which I may be tilting more to but I’ll definitelyContinue reading “Getting your work mojo back after the holidays”


Whether you are a freelance creative or side hustler here are a few important things you might be missing from not having a 9-5. Totally referring to a 9-5 with proper structure not a 9-5 with no structure or idea of where their business would be in the next 5 years. It’s funny i amongstContinue reading “3 REASONS WHY YOU MIGHT MISS HAVING A 9-5 AS A CREATIVE”


If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’ve been in ABJ for a short while but what most people don’t know is it wasn’t a holiday but an impromptu work trip so I really did not have time for my personal affairs but anyways was able to squeeze half a day for myselfContinue reading “3 THINGS TO DO IN ABUJA UNDER 24 hrs”

The Complete Survival Guide for Long-Haul Flights

This should be a fun post to write for a young millennial who honestly has never …

THE MENTAL EFFECT OF NOT HAVING A 9-5 |Thoughts shared by 10 creatives

Always thought to myself what life after university would be like, never thought I’d be working for myself. Okay I knew the normal jobs my parents expected of me was never going to happen, wanted something exciting rather than sitting on a desk with a resounding yes sir/ma echoing in the background, knew I wantedContinue reading “THE MENTAL EFFECT OF NOT HAVING A 9-5 |Thoughts shared by 10 creatives”


Decluttering a closet doesn’t have to be so intimidating. At least that’s the idea most people have towards cleansing & detoxing your closet from a decade of piled up things you do not need or probably forgotten you had (guilty!) Evaluate & Purge Evaluate your closet by asking the tough questions. Go beyond the basicContinue reading “DECLUTTER YOUR CLOSET LIKE A BOSS”

Collaboration| Matching Snake prints with Uchaychy

Hello Fashionistas, Despite unpopular believe, I’m always happy starting a New Week and with this new week comes my first collaboration of 2019 an interview with a good friend Uchechi Ihuomah; Co-founder of YDT digital, Contributor on TheDigitalTinker & Lifestyle Blogger of Uchaychy. It’s quite insightful getting to know your friend on a more professionalContinue reading “Collaboration| Matching Snake prints with Uchaychy”