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STYLE|Queens Slay in Maxi Dresses Can You? (4 Tips on how…)

Currently: Eating as I write up this post Have you ever noticed how Queens are noted for wearing Maxi dresses either with a free flow or snatched at the waist? Well I do, I also associate this particular shade of color “Royal blue” with Royalty (like dahhh Nonye thats why it has royal in frontContinue reading “STYLE|Queens Slay in Maxi Dresses Can You? (4 Tips on how…)”

Life of A Nigerian Blogger| Ep 1

Hello Fashionistas, Welcome to a New Month sorry I’m about a week late but you know what they say “It’s better late than never”. Apologies for not posting anything new last-week on here I was a tad sick, nothing I hate more than feeling weak, bitter mouth and constant headache arghhh thank God that’s overContinue reading “Life of A Nigerian Blogger| Ep 1”


Don’t follow Me, I’m Lost too but I have something you might not and that’s Faith & Hope.

If you know me then you should have noticed One Quote I live by is…

OUTFIT|How to wear MOM JEANS in the 21st Century 

Today’s post is all about the Look I put up on MY BIRTHDAY , which was also Bastille Day (As the French would call it) July 14th. Before I go into how to wear this late 80s/Early 90s trend. It’s only right I share a few things about Mom Jeans. The Mom Jeans is aContinue reading “OUTFIT|How to wear MOM JEANS in the 21st Century “

STYLE| Black Day Out x FishNet Trend

Its a New Week, time to come alive or walk like the undead Your Pick! But I have decided to see pass through all the lagos traffic and have a very positive week + It’s My Birthday Week Just incase you did not know :), So POSITIVE VIBES ONLY. Okay down to today’s look, NothingContinue reading “STYLE| Black Day Out x FishNet Trend”

TIPS| THE MILLENNIAL LADY (How to be a Lady in the 21st Century)

Hello Fashionistas, Welcome to the 7th Month of the year. It’s funny how the year has gone by so fast. Guess what? Its My month and I can definitlely wait to be a Year Older, cause I mean who doesn’t want to stay young forever (Even Jayz does)  Lol. Before we go into what today’sContinue reading “TIPS| THE MILLENNIAL LADY (How to be a Lady in the 21st Century)”

STYLE| THIS IS ME (How to style a Full Skirt )

THIS IS ME Hello fashionistas, welcome to 06 of 12. Half the year is gone and I have no idea where it went. FYI your girls birthday is next month and she can’t wait 🙂 Okay down to today’s look titled ‘This is Me”. You know I thought long and hard what I should nameContinue reading “STYLE| THIS IS ME (How to style a Full Skirt )”