How I Edit My Instagram Pictures |FAQs

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures My Fashionistas My World! Welcome to the second week in August. Time goes by so fast and i’m slowly realising 24hours isn’t enough for me anymore. Am I the only one who feels this way?   Starting My Blog a few months back, Todays Blog Post has to beContinue reading “How I Edit My Instagram Pictures |FAQs”


Welcome to the last day in July. I’ve got something special for brands out there (it might be a little more bias to fashion brands). If you follow me on Instagram you can spot that line in My Bio which states “New Age Digital Marketer”. Basically thats what I do & hence I have experienceContinue reading “TIPS| INFLUENCER MARKTING FOR BRANDS”

TIPS| How to Grow your Blog in 6 Easy Steps for Beginners

Currently locked my room door so no one disturbs me Lol.   So today’s post is all about growing your blog I mean i’m still a beginner and i still have a lot to do/learn but for some reason I get requests about how I curate my instagram page, how I blog and how theyContinue reading “TIPS| How to Grow your Blog in 6 Easy Steps for Beginners”

TIPS| THE MILLENNIAL LADY (How to be a Lady in the 21st Century)

Hello Fashionistas, Welcome to the 7th Month of the year. It’s funny how the year has gone by so fast. Guess what? Its My month and I can definitlely wait to be a Year Older, cause I mean who doesn’t want to stay young forever (Even Jayz does)  Lol. Before we go into what today’sContinue reading “TIPS| THE MILLENNIAL LADY (How to be a Lady in the 21st Century)”


Hello Lovelies, Sorry i’m posting this hours later. This should have gone up Wednesday 9pm Nigerian Time but due to a few setbacks it couldn’t happen.   A few people really wanted me to do this post and finally I have. Did my research, combined this with what I know and my journey as aContinue reading “TIPS| HOW TO TAKE THE BEST PHOTOS FOR YOUR FASHION BLOG”


  Hello fashionistas, finally its the end of May and I still haven’t achieved my goal of a 1000 followers on instagram but its fine anyways cause the amount of comments and love being shown to me on my blog as kept me going and willing to create better contents till I get to theContinue reading “TIPS| BUILDING SELF CONFIDENCE with Google”


On my playlist- We can hurt together by Sia Hello Fashionistas, it’s almost the end of May hope we’re all checking out to do’s from our goals for the month of May. Tbh I did not set any concrete goals, I did not write them down but I had a few in mind mostly aboutContinue reading “TIPS| HOW TO BE AN INSTAGRAM BADDIE 101”

TIPS| Perfect Spots for Blog Pictures

Bonjour, its the end of April. Cheers to all the debit and credit alerts going in and out right now 🙂 Finally this is up, talking all things Location. Best spots to take the nicest blog pictures. Decided to share a few of the spots I know. Gave a general perspective but examples specific toContinue reading “TIPS| Perfect Spots for Blog Pictures”