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STYLE| THIS IS ME (How to style a Full Skirt )

THIS IS ME Hello fashionistas, welcome to 06 of 12. Half the year is gone and I have no idea where it went. FYI your girls birthday is next month and she can't wait πŸ™‚ Okay down to today's look titled 'This is Me''. You know I thought long and hard what I should name… Continue reading STYLE| THIS IS ME (How to style a Full Skirt )

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  Hello fashionistas, finally its the end of May and I still haven't achieved my goal of a 1000 followers on instagram but its fine anyways cause the amount of comments and love being shown to me on my blog as kept me going and willing to create better contents till I get to the… Continue reading TIPS| BUILDING SELF CONFIDENCE with Google

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STYLE| THE PURPLE HIBISCUS (5 ways to look Expensive in thrifted items)

I remember back in high school 'The Purple Hibiscus' was a must read for all literature students and as the science student I was I had no interest in reading it, though I had heard alot about how interesting it is. I have never been one to read books, I never got myself to read… Continue reading STYLE| THE PURPLE HIBISCUS (5 ways to look Expensive in thrifted items)

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On my playlist- We can hurt together by Sia Hello Fashionistas, it's almost the end of May hope we're all checking out to do's from our goals for the month of May. Tbh I did not set any concrete goals, I did not write them down but I had a few in mind mostly about… Continue reading TIPS| HOW TO BE AN INSTAGRAM BADDIE 101

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Currently sad 😦 I wrote up this blog post a few hours back saved it and now I'm back can't seem to find in my draft. I have to start all overrrr. aarrghhhhh haven't even had dinner yet. First of all I actually forgot this post was meant to go up today, see me sitting… Continue reading STYLE|GOLDEN PERFECTION in DebsByDebby

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Currently listening to Despacito – luis, Daddy yankee & Justin Beiber and I’m so in love with it. Hello Fashionistas, hope we’ve had a lovely week? Well mine has been quite eventful I got a lot of free makeup at an event Yaay (Perks of where I work, we get invited to events like this… Continue reading STYLE| CASUALLY OVERDRESSED?

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Hello BlogNation, Cheers to me writing up atleast two blog posts each week. The first; a definite style/outfit post, The second; varies from Photography, beauty, reviews, diy etc. This Post is all about the beauty Nigerian bloggers I love and how relatable they are to me. Hope you Enjoy it! Some of you might know… Continue reading BEAUTY|MY TOP 3 NIGERIAN BEAUTY BLOGGERS + WHY YOU SHOULD LOVE THEM TOO

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An (ABF)All Black Fit is the easiest combination to pull off and most people term it 'Safe'. As safe as an ABF is, it can also be unsafe. Over the last weekend, rearranging my closet by color made me realize how much Black I have, I get that I’m Black and all Lol BUT I… Continue reading OUTFIT|CODE NAME: BLVCK

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TIPS| Perfect Spots for Blog Pictures

Bonjour, its the end of April. Cheers to all the debit and credit alerts going in and out right now πŸ™‚ Finally this is up, talking all things Location. Best spots to take the nicest blog pictures. Decided to share a few of the spots I know. Gave a general perspective but examples specific to… Continue reading TIPS| Perfect Spots for Blog Pictures

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Jamming up to Drakes New Album – More Life, My fav track on it? β€œBlem” go listen Bonsiour Mon amie πŸ™‚ Welcome to the month of April, spring time & a new quarter of the year, hopefully we are all starting to get ishhh done on our plans for the year. Mine isn’t going as… Continue reading #WEAREAFRICANS SERIES | THE NINA DRESS

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Bonsiour Mon amie πŸ™‚ Currently loving Kygo ft Selena- It aint me (the chorus is everything and Kygo is so darn good, you’d love it or not! but be warned I listen to the coolest ishhh out there) Thank you for always coming back for more I really appreciate your comments and likes regardless of… Continue reading #WEAREAFRICANS SERIES| THE KATIEWANG WAY

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Bonsiour πŸ™‚ Happy hump day, the weekend is almost here and I can't wait to go shopping on Saturday and shoot day on Sunday. What would you be doing over the weekend? Okay so to relief you of the midweek stress I will be starting a style series called #WEAREAFRICANS showcasing africanbrands who celebrate the… Continue reading #WEAREAFRICANS SERIES| THE OLORI WAY