LOOK 2| Wear with a Denim jacket draped over your shoulders Two major stylish factors here; Denim x Draping. Denim isn’t just a piece of clothing it’s a way of life and you gotta ask yourself, are you living it right? First I want to apologize for the late post I lost my blogging vibeContinue reading “HOW TO WEAR A 200NGN WHITE SHIRT| LOOK 2”


Hey there Fashionistas Hope we all had a lovely day? well mine was good but trust Lagos with all the hustle and sun to spice it up. Okay so this morning on my social media I came across an upcoming event on @fashionbydaisy’s Instagram page called the #SLAYFESTIVAL by SheLeadsAfrica holding on the 21st ofContinue reading “STYLE| SLAYFESTIVAL LOOK BOOK”

TRAVEL |COAL CITY LOVIN'(Part 1): Driving down

It’s been a week since I got back from my holiday trip to my hometown, spending time with family and folks I hardly ever get to see in years and it was lovely. Hope we all had an AMAZING holiday. Well I did! (Had to keep an open mind before this happened) and now it’sContinue reading “TRAVEL |COAL CITY LOVIN'(Part 1): Driving down”


‘IT’ JUST HAD TO BE MY FIRST STYLE POST Hey Fashionistas It’s the 3rd day in January, the holidays are over and it’s back to the hustle and bustle of Lagos city for me (where are my fashionistas headed back to?). In my previous post (link here) you would notice I was in an offContinue reading “STYLE |OFF-SHOULDER THE ‘IT’ THING?”


Hey Fashionistas, Apart from the obvious dining and wining this Christmas season what else were you up to? Had a little reading party over here with a few of my fav fashion sites and style blogs, In the spirit of the coming new year in a few hours I will be sharing a few fashionContinue reading “FASHION |TIPS & TRICKS vol 1”

MY FIRST BLOG POST |Fashionistas Meet Nayonde|

Hey Fashionistas, Welcome to ThisThingCalledFashion I am Anne ‘Nayonde‘ Nonye Udeogu, The Fashion, Style and sometimes Lifestyle blogger for TTCF. This is my first blog post  and I really just want to introduce myself to MyFashionistas. Here goes nothing Nayonde is an original I came up with, ‘NAY‘ from my first two names Nonye Anne. IContinue reading “MY FIRST BLOG POST |Fashionistas Meet Nayonde|”