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Instagram Famzing 101 + A GIVEAWAY |TIPS

Hello Fashionistas, Asides my usual Style, Blogging tips & Collaboration Post's once in a while I love to deviate and create something fun First it was "HOW TO BE AN INSTAGRAM BADDIE" then "HOW TO CAPTION YOUR INSTAGRAM PICTURES" Famzing is a Nigerian Slang formed from the English word "Familiar" It depicts the act of… Continue reading Instagram Famzing 101 + A GIVEAWAY |TIPS

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15 Random Facts about ME |FAQs

These fun facts about Me would have you laughing, Get to know what ...

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#TBPBLOGGERSBRUNCH2 LAGOS EDITION Being a Blogger in Nigeria can be quite overwhelming, its comforting to know there’s a growing community devoted to bloggers, helping bloggers grow and connecting us to brands. It is a great idea & they are doing it quite well & I appreciate that. Wondering who "they" are its The Blogger Point… Continue reading EVENT|TBP BLOGGERS BRUNCH 2 (All White Themed)

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OUTFIT|How to wear MOM JEANS in the 21st Century 

Today's post is all about the Look I put up on MY BIRTHDAY , which was also Bastille Day (As the French would call it) July 14th. Before I go into how to wear this late 80s/Early 90s trend. It's only right I share a few things about Mom Jeans. The Mom Jeans is a… Continue reading OUTFIT|How to wear MOM JEANS in the 21st Century 

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Now Playing: Always on time by Ja Rule ft Ashanti  If you don't know this song you too young to be following me Lol seriously tho! you definitely not a 90's/ Cool kid. This was the era when lip gloss was poppin'.   I never put up a post on Friday but for My Fashionistas… Continue reading STYLE| How to Style THE HARPER VINTAGE SET

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  Hello fashionistas, finally its the end of May and I still haven't achieved my goal of a 1000 followers on instagram but its fine anyways cause the amount of comments and love being shown to me on my blog as kept me going and willing to create better contents till I get to the… Continue reading TIPS| BUILDING SELF CONFIDENCE with Google

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Currently sad 😦 I wrote up this blog post a few hours back saved it and now I'm back can't seem to find in my draft. I have to start all overrrr. aarrghhhhh haven't even had dinner yet. First of all I actually forgot this post was meant to go up today, see me sitting… Continue reading STYLE|GOLDEN PERFECTION in DebsByDebby

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TIPS| Perfect Spots for Blog Pictures

Bonjour, its the end of April. Cheers to all the debit and credit alerts going in and out right now 🙂 Finally this is up, talking all things Location. Best spots to take the nicest blog pictures. Decided to share a few of the spots I know. Gave a general perspective but examples specific to… Continue reading TIPS| Perfect Spots for Blog Pictures

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REVIEW| SlayFestival

This is a review of the just concluded SlayFestival at Railway corporation, Yaba lagos held by SheLeadsAfrica on the 21st of January 2017. I'll be sharing my view on the event, the stands I loved and People I met. Before I go on anyone of my readers attend this event? I'd love to know if… Continue reading REVIEW| SlayFestival