THE MENTAL EFFECT OF NOT HAVING A 9-5 |Thoughts shared by 10 creatives

Always thought to myself what life after university would be like, never thought I’d be working for myself. Okay I knew the normal jobs my parents expected of me was never going to happen, wanted something exciting rather than sitting on a desk with a resounding yes sir/ma echoing in the background, knew I wantedContinue reading “THE MENTAL EFFECT OF NOT HAVING A 9-5 |Thoughts shared by 10 creatives”

Protect your Sanity | Lifestyle

“Nigeria is a mad house, Lagos a madder house but Life? Life can be tough” What does Protecting your Sanity mean to you? Sanity is maintaining a good state of mental health. Protecting your Sanity is finding ways to help keep your mental health in check and with the growing suicide rate I thought IContinue reading “Protect your Sanity | Lifestyle”