STYLE| Black Day Out x FishNet Trend

Its a New Week, time to come alive or walk like the undead Your Pick! But I have decided to see pass through all the lagos traffic and have a very positive week + It’s My Birthday Week Just incase you did not know :), So POSITIVE VIBES ONLY. Okay down to today’s look, NothingContinue reading “STYLE| Black Day Out x FishNet Trend”

STYLE| THIS IS ME (How to style a Full Skirt )

THIS IS ME Hello fashionistas, welcome to 06 of 12. Half the year is gone and I have no idea where it went. FYI your girls birthday is next month and she can’t wait 🙂 Okay down to today’s look titled ‘This is Me”. You know I thought long and hard what I should nameContinue reading “STYLE| THIS IS ME (How to style a Full Skirt )”

STYLE| THE PURPLE HIBISCUS (5 ways to look Expensive in thrifted items)

I remember back in high school ‘The Purple Hibiscus’ was a must read for all literature students and as the science student I was I had no interest in reading it, though I had heard alot about how interesting it is. I have never been one to read books, I never got myself to readContinue reading “STYLE| THE PURPLE HIBISCUS (5 ways to look Expensive in thrifted items)”