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How to Shop Fashionably on a Budget| TIPS

Do you ever get completely overwhelmed and have no idea where to start shopping? or Want to learn a few of my shopping tricks? Keep scrolling!

How to be a badass, Thisthingcalledfashionn
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How to be a Badass |Tips

Hello Fashionistas, This is My first Blog Post this month and I am so happy to kick start it with this topic "How to be a Bad ass". You might be thinking this has nothing to do with fashion hmm think again, to be honest (tbh) I deviate every once in a while to write up… Continue reading How to be a Badass |Tips

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Life of a Nigerian Blogger|Ep 2

Hello Fashionistas, I would say Previously on Ep 1 but this isn't an actual TV Series but it's an intriguing & a very relatable blog series for anyone in the blogging industry (mostly in Nigeria). Giving an insight to anyone who would love to take on blogging either as a profession, hobby or side job.… Continue reading Life of a Nigerian Blogger|Ep 2

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Black Friday Shopping like a Pro|Tips

Hola! Fashionistas, The end of the year seems to be catching up on us pretty fast and as much as I love the Christmas holiday, it's the sales I live for and it's the perfect excuse to add some new new to your closet. Jumpsuit:@Hallemcgreen Ever thought about snagging the best deals on Black Friday… Continue reading Black Friday Shopping like a Pro|Tips

My GTBank Fashion Weekend Experience, thisthingcalledfashionn
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My GTBank Fashion Weekend Experience

Hello Fashionistas, Welcome to a New Week Finally all the Fashion week/weekend buzz is over and i'm back to living my normal life(not like I was living an extra ordinary life then but..). You might ask what makes the GTBank Fashion Weekend different from The LFDW? Keep reading and you just might find out :)… Continue reading My GTBank Fashion Weekend Experience

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My Lagos Fashion Week Experience| LFDW2017

Hello Fashionistas, October might be over, so is The Lagos Fashion & Design Week but I guess its never too late to share your experience. Here's mine 🙂

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STYLE|Queens Slay in Maxi Dresses Can You? (4 Tips on how…)

Currently: Eating as I write up this post Have you ever noticed how Queens are noted for wearing Maxi dresses either with a free flow or snatched at the waist? Well I do, I also associate this particular shade of color "Royal blue" with Royalty (like dahhh Nonye thats why it has royal in front… Continue reading STYLE|Queens Slay in Maxi Dresses Can You? (4 Tips on how…)

My first ever skincare routine, thisthingcalledfashionn
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If you're looking for a skincare routine that's going to make you look as banging as JLO at 45 this post is so not for you. Why? Cause I'm a virgin when it comes to Skincare and this is my first attempt at documenting one. I felt this was necessary because I'd like to believe… Continue reading BEAUTY|MY FIRST EVER SKIN CARE ROUTINE

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Ever wondered what it takes to curate an alluring and very attractive instagram feed? Of course you have, that's why you're here reading this rolling your eyes right about now Lol. Okay for real tho It's serious business putting together a cohesive instagram feed. This is me laying out a few tips I ...