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Instagram Famzing 101 + A GIVEAWAY |TIPS

Hello Fashionistas, Asides my usual Style, Blogging tips & Collaboration Post's once in a while I love to deviate and create something fun First it was "HOW TO BE AN INSTAGRAM BADDIE" then "HOW TO CAPTION YOUR INSTAGRAM PICTURES" Famzing is a Nigerian Slang formed from the English word "Familiar" It depicts the act of… Continue reading Instagram Famzing 101 + A GIVEAWAY |TIPS

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Collaboration| Tailor Made with TheAdaGirl

Hola Fashionistas, Officially my second post in February and it's a Collaboration Post with TheAdaGirl, You can tell I'm going fire on the Collaborations this year, cause I'd love to share Nigerian Bloggers I Love with you; either for their Style, Who they are or What they do. You know the saying "The Sky is… Continue reading Collaboration| Tailor Made with TheAdaGirl

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TOP 5|My Valentines Day Wishlist

I am so excited to be publishing a post on the first day of February. Happy New Month Fashionistas, it's been one long ass January 🙂 I was not sure if anyone would be interested in My Val's Day Wishlist but I took a Poll (via InstaStory) and the results say otherwise. STUN WITH PRIDE!… Continue reading TOP 5|My Valentines Day Wishlist

PRODUCT REVIEW| 365 thoughts on The CassieDavesBlogPlanner, Thisthingcalledfashionn
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PRODUCT REVIEW| 365 thoughts on The CassieDaves2018BlogPlanner

PRODUCT REVIEW| 365 thoughts on The CassieDaves2018BlogPlanner You know how you get A fine ass new clothing for work? And you wear and it makes you feel all sorta confident the first day cause you look hella cute and ready to take on the world? Well that’s how #TheCassieDavesBlogPlanner is for Me. What people don’t… Continue reading PRODUCT REVIEW| 365 thoughts on The CassieDaves2018BlogPlanner

How to be a badass, Thisthingcalledfashionn
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How to be a Badass |Tips

Hello Fashionistas, This is My first Blog Post this month and I am so happy to kick start it with this topic "How to be a Bad ass". You might be thinking this has nothing to do with fashion hmm think again, to be honest (tbh) I deviate every once in a while to write up… Continue reading How to be a Badass |Tips

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Black Friday Shopping like a Pro|Tips

Hola! Fashionistas, The end of the year seems to be catching up on us pretty fast and as much as I love the Christmas holiday, it's the sales I live for and it's the perfect excuse to add some new new to your closet. Jumpsuit:@Hallemcgreen Ever thought about snagging the best deals on Black Friday… Continue reading Black Friday Shopping like a Pro|Tips

My GTBank Fashion Weekend Experience, thisthingcalledfashionn
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My GTBank Fashion Weekend Experience

Hello Fashionistas, Welcome to a New Week Finally all the Fashion week/weekend buzz is over and i'm back to living my normal life(not like I was living an extra ordinary life then but..). You might ask what makes the GTBank Fashion Weekend different from The LFDW? Keep reading and you just might find out :)… Continue reading My GTBank Fashion Weekend Experience

My Lagos Fashion Week Experience, LFDW2017, thisthingcalledfashionn
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My Lagos Fashion Week Experience| LFDW2017

Hello Fashionistas, October might be over, so is The Lagos Fashion & Design Week but I guess its never too late to share your experience. Here's mine 🙂