For these past years I’ve always seen a lot of people relishing in their success which is a good thing if I might add but Here I am sharing a few failures I had this year and trying to analyze why, trust me this post is for myself too. Decided to write this post forContinue reading “MY 2018 FAILURES + WHAT’s NEXT”


Brunch outfit ideas in Spazio Label by ThisthingcalledFashion With the holiday season comes the need to shop & look stylish for events. Well I’ll be making it easier this week by sharing a few ideas of what you can wear, where you can wear it to and who to shop from & get your money’sContinue reading “BRUNCH OUT IN SPAZIO LABEL | STYLE”


What is Jumia? Jumia is your number one online shopping site in Nigeria. Think AliExpress but for Africans, Yes Jumia might have been founded in Nigeria but is available in 14 African countries. The month of November is “Jumia Black Friday” with interesting deals going up every Friday and Treasure hunts which I found fun becauseContinue reading “WHY YOU MAY OR MAY NOT WANT TO SHOP ON JUMIA”

WE NAIL’D IT| MEET Sarah James: The nail artist changing the game.

Starting from a blog to owning her own nail academy…

The Retail Store stocking the most stylish pieces from your favorite Nigerian Brands

Based in Lagos, Nigeria ‘The Republic Retail hub” is a nucleus for both known & emerging Nigerian fashion brands paying attention to trends, basics and stocking ‘ONLY’ pieces meant for the stylish community. The store stocks everything needed for a complete outfit from dresses, scarves, bags, earrings e.t.c. Designer: DENIKE retailed at THE REPUBLIC Sandals:Continue reading “The Retail Store stocking the most stylish pieces from your favorite Nigerian Brands”

An insiders guide to standing out during Lagos Fashion Week (LFDW)

Lagos Fashion week is well around the corner, and with it comes a lot of drama on what to wear and how to get the best out of it. For the most part Fashion week comes with  all the craziness of street style spotting the chicest shoes to the most standout looks and I’m allContinue reading “An insiders guide to standing out during Lagos Fashion Week (LFDW)”

Mini Research on Shopping in Nigeria

When you live in Nigeria, integrating fast fashion into your wardrobe can be a tad stressful— so while multitasking on my phone on a very calm Saturday I stopped to think about ways to help make shopping in Nigeria easier for people over here and it occurred to me I needed to confirm a fewContinue reading “Mini Research on Shopping in Nigeria”

Frills x Middle Eastern Cuisine|Lifestyle

I finally went to the Middle East for a day, If you’re thinking “Finally she left the shores of Nigeria”? Think again. It was a lunch made in Nigeria but felt different; the scenery, the music, my outfit not excluded had me feeling like I was on a vacation in the Middle East with aContinue reading “Frills x Middle Eastern Cuisine|Lifestyle”


Hello Fashionistas, Welcome to my blog; It’s another Monday in Lagos city, Nigeria which usually means a New Blog Post Today’s post is centered around the “Polka Dot” trend. Earlier this year I spotted the polka dot as an incoming trend and I vividly remember a friend asking me “Oh! Nonye Polka dot is aContinue reading “3 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD JUMP ON THE “Polka Dot” TREND”

An Alluring 4-Course Brunch at Circa Lagos | Lifestyle

What is an event without food? Most people would call it “a Lagos event” but beyond popular belief and mine I was astounded by the four course meal served to us over brunch hours at The Launch of Luxury Model Search Nigeria. It was a Thursday morning and as always I was running late butContinue reading “An Alluring 4-Course Brunch at Circa Lagos | Lifestyle”