Getting your work mojo back after the holidays

Hello Fashionistas, It feels like forever since i’ve been on here and an ancient thing to write on a blog, I honestly feel like a lot of people are losing interest in written content and are more focused on fast consumption of content like videos which I may be tilting more to but I’ll definitelyContinue reading “Getting your work mojo back after the holidays”


Whether you are a freelance creative or side hustler here are a few important things you might be missing from not having a 9-5. Totally referring to a 9-5 with proper structure not a 9-5 with no structure or idea of where their business would be in the next 5 years. It’s funny i amongstContinue reading “3 REASONS WHY YOU MIGHT MISS HAVING A 9-5 AS A CREATIVE”

The Complete Survival Guide for Long-Haul Flights

This should be a fun post to write for a young millennial who honestly has never …

2 Ways to Wear the Green Leaf Vacation Maxi Dress | STYLE

It’s always fun switching up a piece in your closet, it makes every piece more of an investment than a one off purchase. The ability to …


Hello Fashionistas, Welcome to my blog; It’s another Monday in Lagos city, Nigeria which usually means a New Blog Post Today’s post is centered around the “Polka Dot” trend. Earlier this year I spotted the polka dot as an incoming trend and I vividly remember a friend asking me “Oh! Nonye Polka dot is aContinue reading “3 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD JUMP ON THE “Polka Dot” TREND”

Protect your Sanity | Lifestyle

“Nigeria is a mad house, Lagos a madder house but Life? Life can be tough” What does Protecting your Sanity mean to you? Sanity is maintaining a good state of mental health. Protecting your Sanity is finding ways to help keep your mental health in check and with the growing suicide rate I thought IContinue reading “Protect your Sanity | Lifestyle”

How to stay consistent in Blogging | FAQs

It’s been a year and a few months since I published my first post. In this short period of time I have learnt how to build a consistent blog flow and here’s how ….

STYLE | How to Slay the “ONE TONE TREND”

Hello Fashionistas, For the longest Time I have wanted to try out the One Tone Trend (Which means wearing a particular color from head to toe) asides black which I wear most times, I had it all planned in my head to either wear an all blush pink look or red and I’m sure youContinue reading “STYLE | How to Slay the “ONE TONE TREND””