If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’ve been in ABJ for a short while but what most people don’t know is it wasn’t a holiday but an impromptu work trip so I really did not have time for my personal affairs but anyways was able to squeeze half a day for myselfContinue reading “3 THINGS TO DO IN ABUJA UNDER 24 hrs”

IF I HAD MONEY, WHERE WOULD I SHOP ? (A Fashion Narrative)

I was having a conversation with my newest IG friend via DM and of courseee….

Travel photography – Do’s and Don’ts

I’m not a Photography expert but these Do’s & Dont’s would definitely make your next trip a whole lot FUN & keeps you busy.

TIPS| Perfect Spots for Blog Pictures

Bonjour, its the end of April. Cheers to all the debit and credit alerts going in and out right now 🙂 Finally this is up, talking all things Location. Best spots to take the nicest blog pictures. Decided to share a few of the spots I know. Gave a general perspective but examples specific toContinue reading “TIPS| Perfect Spots for Blog Pictures”


|Let your pants do the talking| Hello, New day, new week, new vibes, Wake up! And Slay! make every outfit count. If you are in Lagos, Nigeria you’d know it’s been quite chilly for a while and I am not complaining keyword guys “not” Lol but the dryness gets to me and today is noContinue reading “STYLE|HOW TO STYLE ‘THE KITO PANTS’”