TIPS| How to Grow your Blog in 6 Easy Steps for Beginners

How to, Grow your blog, Tips, Thisthingalledfashionn

Currently locked my room door so no one disturbs me Lol.


How to, Grow your blog, Tips, Thisthingalledfashionn

So today’s post is all about growing your blog I mean i’m still a beginner and i still have a lot to do/learn but for some reason I get requests about how I curate my instagram page, how I blog and how they have noticed the growth of my blog, how I do it and get collaborations with brand. To be honest I’m not so sure HOW! but last night I got a DM and I was like “You know what I’ll help you out, i’d put together a blog post specially for you (@Jiksmia )” And this is me trying to scribble the little I know coupled with a bit of research.

Hence, this Post is for My bloggers who are just starting out and feel lost one way or another. Or Maybe a blogger who has been at it for more than a year and you feel there’s this certain stagnation with your blog. I hope this helps 🙂


How to, Grow your blog, Tips, Thisthingalledfashionn

The Six Tips to growing your blog as a beginner

In no order whatsoever here are my six tips to growing your blog and getting noticed by brands:


“Stay Consistent, Stay Relevant”

I’m sure you hear this ‘ALL’ the time, of course! Its major key not just in blogging but Life in general. From research I read that by blogging consistently,  you have a way to potentially generate 67% more leads. i.e more traffic to your blog.

How to, Grow your blog, Tips, Thisthingalledfashionn

Truth be told: It’s never easy staying consistent but when you have a goal with well laid out plans it makes it easier to follow. Blogging requires commitment & passion, It also needs promotion.

How to, Grow your blog, Tips, Thisthingalledfashionnconsistent action



Whenever we embark on a project or even a day out with friends I’d like to assume we all set out a goal even if its simply ‘having fun’ or ‘Eating out’ or ‘Talking about the latest episode of Game of Thrones”. As with any project or endeavour, setting defined goals will give you a vision and purpose and making short term plans to achieve this goals is even better.

How to, Grow your blog, Tips, Thisthingalledfashionn

Think about these few things( I took out of my research) to establish your goals:

Can you determine your “why” for writing?

Who will your content focus on and specifically target?

What value will your content bring to readers?

Is there a specific tone or voice you’ll deliver your information with?

Tbh none of these is easy to answer but as time goes by you’d find your place. So hun trust your instincts.



It’s one thing to drive traffic to your blog its another to keep them coming back for more. Your blog design is important. It’s like the cover of a book. If it’s boring, or cluttered, it will drive some people away even if your content is great.

For bloggers still on a ‘’ like ME its safe to use free themes, you do not need to go extra but when you decide to finally move to your own official ‘.com’ its okay to purchase a premium theme that suites you just make sure its clean.

A few of my fave blog designs

How to, Grow your blog, Tips, ThisthingalledfashionnHow to, Grow your blog, Tips, ThisthingalledfashionnHow to, Grow your blog, Tips, ThisthingalledfashionnHow to, Grow your blog, Tips, ThisthingalledfashionnHow to, Grow your blog, Tips, ThisthingalledfashionnHow to, Grow your blog, Tips, Thisthingalledfashionn



When I first started my blog, I honestly didn’t know what direction I wanted it to go in or what my “blogging voice” was. I wrote a few posts and then along the way I found it. I’m not one to use big words (you’d have to google) I’m more of a narrative writer. Its okay to ask a few good friends to read and give an honest feed back.  Depending on what you want for your blog you work towards that.

Leave a comment on other blogs: This would help but your blog out there and noticed  

PS: Pleaseee for the love of God Be sincere, write more than a sentence. And you know what? If you’re really sweet and motivating, OTHER readers from that person’s blog will click over to view your blog.



Instead of those funny names “2017hmn.JPG” Name your photos something that has to do with your post. Also, add a keyword to your post and try using it in your post’s title, content, meta description, etc. Use relevant tags, and add a meta description (the description that shows up under your post title in a search engine). At work we use a plug-in called Yoast WordPress SEO it’s quite easy to use and extremely helpful. 

For Me; My Personal Blog, I still use a “” this limits my SEO to a few features, I have control over just my photo titles and alt text.

Very little things that matter about your blog?

  • Proof reading every blog to ensure your spelling and grammar are correct before publishing.
  • Checking that your site navigation and links all work properly, when you share a link be sure to always check it from another device.
  • Ensuring you have an About page that tells people who you are and what your blog is about.



Yess! It’s the sixth for a reason, This is so important and what brands notice the most asides your following and engagement. As a Fashion/Style Blogger its advisable you take quality pictures & videos (My secret weapon, most brands like that), we all love looking at good images so why not give the best you can?.

how to style, The harper vintage set, ShopMaju, Thisthingcalledfashionnclose up

+ A well coordinated instagram page would go a long way. Let it be clean and have a theme to it. Go through your fave bloggers or even style influencers who have a clean instagram and learn a few things. Is it a white theme you want? or Dark? or maybe with a lot of colors? You decide! Just stay consistent and go for something you know you can commit to.

About having pictures to post?

If you have a 9-5? Pick a weekend in a month and take pictures for the month both your style edits and your flatlays ( this helps in staying consistent ). If you do not have a camera you’d definitely have to reach out to a photographer who would be willing to help. In some cases you might have to pay (Take it as an investment). For flatlays no camera needed a good phone camera + perfect lightning + editing would do the trick.

Its always advisable to go through a few of your favorite bloggers, see what they have on their site , how they curate their instagram feeds, take a cue from them it would help guide you. Don’t copy just take a note of what they have or what you liked on their page and make it yours.

IG Page (@Thisthingcalledfashionn )


IG Page (@Tostos_)



IG Page (@Alealimay)

How to, Grow your blog, Tips, Thisthingalledfashionn

IG Page (@FindingPaola)

How to, Grow your blog, Tips, Thisthingalledfashionn

Research/ Read Up on your Niche

Researching is always good you learn, take time out to read about the niche you are blogging about, It’s an amazing way to gain insight on the latest style trends or blogging tips! Sites such as and are great for learning how to grow your style and blog!

You might not be growing your following or reader base with this tip but you are doing is taking the time to learn the best ways to style looks or the best ways to grow your blog and that’s Important 




I haven’t tried any of these tips out, came across it while researching but i plan on trying the tips out, i’ll let you know how it goes or better still you can follow me here and see how they both work out for me:

Get Social On Twitter: I’m sure by now we all have an online presence on all the social media (Facebook, instagram, pinterest, Google+, twitter, snapchat etc.). For Me anytime a post goes up on my site it goes on twitter too, it’s automatically linked. But apparently you can do more than that.

-Start by following your favorite bloggers (Check their sites for username or link to their twitter). Click here to follow your fave blogger 🙂

-If they tweet something you like, Join the conversation or Get it started. And if you come across a blog post that you really like, share it and tag that blogger’s username. Not only are you doing them a favor that they will remember, you’re also giving your followers something new to read.

How to, Grow your blog, Tips, Thisthingalledfashionn


Schedule your posts: Oh Yess guys its totally possible, there are tons of free and paid programs that can help you do this, such as BufferHootsuite, and CoSchedule.  I haven’t tried any, been meaning to though. It makes it easy to stay consistent.

-Schedule your posts so that they are sent through your social media outlets at varying times, several times a day. Why? Because your readers are all very different. Perhaps they live in different time zones or work at night as opposed to in the morning but you can always check your Instagram Stats to know where most of your followers reside, not so sure of facebook and twitter.

How to, Grow your blog, Tips, Thisthingalledfashionn

via Pinterest


In all you do it’s important to put yourself out there and NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK! Funny i’m still learning how to do this. I’m one who believes that if you do a good job people would be forced to notice regardless of you going up to them but still its important to network and make friends in the blogging world you can share moments with.


That’s all from Me


|Thanks for reading|

Till next time




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50 thoughts on “TIPS| How to Grow your Blog in 6 Easy Steps for Beginners

    1. Yess dear, there’s actually a lot takes time and devotion. I know sometimes I just think to myself “Nonye who sent you to be a blogger” but yknow I just keep pushing regardless. I did not know how to use SEO either but if you have time research on it and put it to use with time you’d get better


  1. For someone who just started, I definitely agree to all these! I’ve had to be so consistent in my posting and be I have also had to take so many webinars to research but it’s all worth it in the end! Thank you for the relatable and well written list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here, staying consistent hasn’t been easy tbh there was a month I was very inactive on my blog. Thank you so much dear


  2. Blogging takes a whole lot and most people don’t realize it. As a blogger, you are both a content writer and a digital marketer and only determination can make it easy. I agree with you that scheduling your post is one way to remain Consistent I have adopted that option and it’s paying off for me. Thanks again for sharing.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I don’t really make use of scheduling so much but I plan on. Would make my life easier. Always keep sharing as long as it helps someone out there.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Blogging takes time
    Need commitment too
    Investment also
    Nice writeup.
    Also getting your target audience aren’t easy especially for me who deals with ladies health issues
    But your points were vital

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Everyone needs a break once in a while. I still struggle with consistency myself. Oh Yesss you do, people are attracted to Lit!! Pictures.


    1. 💃🏽 that makes me really happy, knowing what I wrote is helping people I’m glad I could. Thank you for taking out time to read 💛


  4. started blogging about a month or so ago and my blog is powered by blogger. pls i dont know how to get good themes and templates for my blog i don’t like the one i’m using currently. Any ideas on how to get a nice one that would work on my blog? thanks for the post by the way,really helpful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Err I don’t use Blogger I’m not so sure what step to tell you to take there but here on wordpress I have various themes to look for but I think you should search “themes for my blog” or “themes for my blog that are compatible on blogger” on Google and see where it leads


    2. Thanks for the tips Nonye, they ‘re going to go a long way for me , but apart from the themes on WordPress for blog designs , what other theme app can u recommend for me to make my Instagram page more arranged and fun.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome , theme app for Instagram? Do you mean where you can find more themes for your blog ? Check but before you buy a theme you must make sure your wordpress plan is business and not premium cause a premium plan won’t let you download an external theme


  5. Wow! this tips were very useful, thank you so much. Please could you do a blog post on what WordPress themes to use for beginners like me in blogging?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You said it all, having a blog isn’t a problem but staying consistent is the problem. Another problem I’m having is photographers taking my pictures, it’s so sad. Thanks for the tips, very useful.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Honestly you have to make the Photographers want you. So find a way to take and edit your pictures nicely use a phone an iPhone get a friend to take you if you don’t have one just make it happen and with time they’ll come or better still reach out to them (don’t go for the big ones that won’t have time )

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