Thoughts in MAJU: A Year of blogging, Lessons Learnt

Thoughts in MAJU: A Year of blogging, Lessons Learnt, thisthingcalledfashionn

Thoughts in MAJU: A Year of blogging, Lessons Learnt & lessons thought

Thoughts in MAJU: A Year of blogging, Lessons Learnt, thisthingcalledfashionn

Slaying in My make shift MAJU Kimono as I reminisce through a year of blogging 

A year since blogging became my baby and like any other thing in life you reflect back on how the journey has been, what you learnt, what you dint do right, what you want to do better, how to go about it. Etc. These are all the thoughts I’ll be going through right here and NOW!

Your Values: Are you still maintaining your values as you pursue your blogging goals?

Ans:I’ll like to think I did a great job here. Going through my pictures I could see I maintained My Kind of Style & what I want to be known for that is, “She’s pretty cool” & “She looks stylish rocking both thrifted & luxury pieces”.

This isn’t as easy as it looks cause sometimes in the lust of getting freebies from brands you might just accept any brand collaboration that comes your way but the truth is I never said yes to all the brands that approached me which isn’t a bad thing. I always took my time to go through and see what it is that they offer, I also ask the brands question and yhhh I’ve gone as far as giving advice to a few on why I won’t suite their brand.


What have I really learnt from blogging?

1) I’ve learnt that to stand out what you need is right there staring at you in the face, all you need to do is take advantage of it. For eg when you get a new app take your time and explore every button, find out what it does and with time you’ll find ways to use those features to make your blog stand out.


2) Google is your friend! USE IT! Don’t always wait for someone else to do something and you’ll be all up in their DMs asking how you did it!

3) Never Compare: it’s so easy to see other bloggers doing so good, getting packages from A & Y brands and you as a newbie blogger might just get depressed feeding off this but for me it was a motivator. I told myself why can’t I also get packages?

4) Work on yourself & your brand. As long as you’re doing great work the brands would come running

5) In Nigeria, Some Brands if not a lot do not yet recognize the power of “Influencer Marketing” or maybe it’s just the inability to spend money on what you don’t see as viable 🤷🏼‍♀️. I mean if you choose the right Influencer for your brand & you are producing good work you’ll see the reward for your money spent.

“Having a problem choosing the right Influencer for your brand”? -Send an Email/Reach out to me I could help you with that 🙂


6) Taking Pictures is never easy especially when you lack the luxury of a good transportation, camera, money etc to put a WOW look together but I learnt to work with what you have and planning a look ahead helps, save to buy that extra thing you need to complete the look.

7) This is Important! When you are Collaborating with a Brand make sure it’s stated clearly what it is you’re both getting to avoid any future misunderstandings. Because let’s face it some brands just want to use you. Can never forget how a brand reached out to me

8) Do Not Settle for Average: Most of us especially Nigerians the country we live in has built up the idea of “we can manage” or “This one is okay”, Strive to make your work a little more extra or atleast beyond okay.

9) You never stop learning, it’s a continuous process & you keep discovering great bloggers who stay inspiring!

10) Know how each social media platform works, through my first year I focused mostly on Instagram & My website oh yhh! Pinterest; i’ve always loved pinterest, tumblr, weheartit cute spaces you find dope pictures & creativity but I never knew how to grow my pinterest in terms of my blog and I learnt a few Tips & Tricks Last year (If you’ll love me to share Please leave a comment below)


Most Important Lesson out there?

Growth comes with time.

Please do not forget this, just like any genuine hustle/career in life, Growth comes with time and you’ll move at your own pace.

Do not compare yourself to Blogger A or B! Be consistent! Produce quality work! and DO YOU!

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Published by Nayonde

Creative Genius, Fashion Enthusiast, Digital Marketer, Personal Shopper, Economist and Philanthropist living in Lagos, Nigeria.

35 thoughts on “Thoughts in MAJU: A Year of blogging, Lessons Learnt

  1. Hy nayonde
    Blogging is a very technical thing that needs alot of directions from those that have been there before. Me as an upcoming blogger I still find it very difficult understanding somethings but what I have really learnt from you is that uniqueness matters in everything we do and I thank u for that.
    OK my favorite of all your blog post is how u edit your pictures.I am using vsco now and am so loving it because it has really helped my pictures.tho for facetune am still finding it very difficult downloading it and I need help with that.
    Thanks nayonde
    P.s your pictures are very good and sweet love them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your blog post about Breast cancer. It’s my fav because it’s a blend of awareness of breast cancer and you also made sure to make a fashion statement at the same time. Absolutely nice ❤
    Ig : @dupeolaa_

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your blog post about the life of a blogger. It’s my fav because it tells us that we can be anything once we set our hearts to it irrespective of challenges. It doesn’t paint us a perfect picture of life but your ability to rise above everything is what makes it so beautiful. I love your journey and how much you’ve grown. ❤️🌝 @pam_andiee

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh Lawdd, I have to go back and check; but the very first post I liked of you is probably my favorite for obvious reasons. The date night look with Oma because it was fun and very relatable.
    I really enjoy reading what goes on in a blogger’s life and that helped immensely. But I also liked the tips you gave for black friday, I literally used those tips then, lol. Wish you’ll upload more because you really help fashionista amateurs like me, lol.
    I entered the giveaway, btw. Hope to win”””

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Nice post and yh we would like to see the tricks about pinterest…
    My favourite of your blog post is “How to shop fashionably on a budget…It has really given me the mentality that you don’t have to break the bank before looking fashionably and it has saved cash,all the tips you shared were quite helpful and I applied some of the tips,and it really helped when I went thrift shopping ,especially the one you talked about closet inspection, knowing what exactly you have n what you need,and also the tip about taking advantage of sales (not dropping what you like cos a sec after it might be gone)cos that used to be my bad habit when it comes to shopping and it can be so painful😑

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  6. wait wait wait!!! I just read ‘tips on how to grow blog for beginners’ I think that is my favorite. Can I do that? lol. That was really helpful. I have been blogging for months and I seem stagnated.
    These tips are actionable and promising….Can’t wait to try them all. Especially the Instagram one, I just followed you with @_shabish

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Hiii..Ok so honestly i have so many favorites(about 2-3 lol) But right now this is my favorite post, mainly because of late I’ve been having issues with my blog, comparing myself to others and I was even starting to think blogging isn’t my calling but reading this has somehow put me back on my feet. Comparison is something I do a lot and I’m going to stop now and focus on what makes me happy and move at my own pace. Thanks to you.
    my Instagram is @Ore_K

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  8. Hey Nayonde,
    To start with your blog is amazing and super relatable. I mean I always come back for more juicy posts and amazing content.
    Well choosing my favorite post is super hard as I’ve come to have absolute faves from editing photos to curating content but my Favorite is WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A FASHION BLOGGER IN 2017 & MY CONFESSIONS.
    I’m planning to start off a blog soon and it was absolutely insightful. It has helped be weigh the pros and cons of blogging , standing out and staying consistent
    Thanks for always putting your best foot forward

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Hi!!!😊😊
    Your blog post on how to be a bad ass was my best and I love it cause it inspired me to radiate confidence in all I do and to be unapologetically myself all day everyday!!
    Thank you so much!!!
    My instagram handle is @piwuna_peace

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  10. I Love love your blogpost about Travel photography Do’s and Dont’s. I was really able to connect with it as I am someone who enjoys taking pictures of stuff any where I am. I don’t have a good phone or a camera but I tried out the tips on the angles and not exposing the image so much and it has so far been working well for me. Thanks so much Nayonde. Really hope to win one of your giveaways. Just want you to know you actually have a fan over here❤❤🙋. My ig handle- @the_brownieeeee

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I love your post on breast cancer and tips on how to grow blog for beginners. I find your blog helpful dear and congrats on your blogversary, you really growing.
    I asked you for a follow back on instagram (@nifemis_world) I hope you do. Am madly in love with what you do and I’m tapping the anointing…lol

    Liked by 1 person

  12. My fave post has to be what it takes to be a fashion blogger. I could totally relate with that content cos on any given day I’m usually out in my Dunlop slippers, no makeup, Jeans and a top. People expect that because I’m a fashion blogger I have to look like I’ve got it under control at every point in time but it’s actually the opposite. Sometimes I go weeks without “slaying” cos I’m not just in a right place. One of blogging has definitely taught me to go at my own pace, contrast and not compare (I like that). I’m striving to be better based in my own style and not someone else. You’re an inspiration because I’ve seen how well you’ve grown and are still growing and it’s a motivation to me. Btw please check out my blog and YouTube channel!
    IG: @uzzymami

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  13. Hi, my favourite post from you is ‘How to be a bad ass. It takes a lot for someone to be a bad ass in the sense or dressing or facial look. You taught me to be confident, be bold, be classy, and never settle for less.
    You inspire a lot of people with you blog.
    My instragram handle is @__omoh

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  14. A lot of your posts are my favorites, so it’s hard to choose. I really loved the tips on how to grow your blog post because it has helped me understand how I can be a successful blogger. I have always wanted a blog but couldn’t take the bold step because I thought I couldn’t do it but after that post I will finally start my blog by February.😊😊
    IG: @ceejay_lyon

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